Oreos! Greek registrant wins domain at auction
A few days ago we indicated the roots of the word “Oreos” to be a phonetic representation of the Greek word for “handsome” or “beautiful“, ΩΡΑΙΟΣ. The domain Oreos.com was auctioned off yesterday, and the winner paid $1,650 to acquire the domain, which – depending on use – might have so...
DomainGang.com - 11 min ago
Domaining.com : Francois pulls the plug at midnight on Friday
It’s often a good idea to refresh one’s business, and Domaining.com, the active project of French domain entrepreneur Francois Carrillo, is not an exception. Despite recent rumors on a sale, the buyer disappeared into thin air, sending Francois off in a quest for a business partner. As of today, there has been no official...
DomainGang.com - 53 min ago
LeadPages is a Reverse Domain Name Hijacker
WIPO panel finds that lead generation technology company abused UDRP. A three person World Intellectual Property Organization panel has found the company behind LeadPages.net to have engaged in reverse domain name hijacking in a cybersquatting complaint. Avenue 81, Inc., which offers lead generation software and tools at LeadPages.ne...
Domain Name Wire - 1 hr 4 min ago
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This Is The Buyer Of ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com For $85,000
The domain name ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com and accompanying website sold at Flippa for $85,000. This was one of Flippa’s most popular sales ever and today Flippa has an exclusive buyer interview with Peter Boychuk, the new owner of ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com – purchased via … Continue reading →
OnlineDomain.com - 2 hr 7 min ago
Lego Buddies: KickStarter project owner loses LEGO UDRP
A KickStarter project owner has just lost a UDRP over the domain LegoBuddies.com, after the toy maker took them to the WIPO over the use of the domain. Blessed Factory of Deland, Florida, used the domain to forward to the company’s KickStarter project, titled “Blessed Buddies“. According to the project, “Bless...
DomainGang.com - 2 hr 20 min ago
EnCirca Approved as First .Bank-Accredited Registrar
EnCirca has been closely involved in .Bank as a member of the community-based Security Standards Working Group. These standards were developed for financial-related domain extensions and are intended to mitigate malicious activities including, cybersquatting, typosquatting and phishing in the financial services system.
Encirca.com - 2 hr 34 min ago
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Revision Legal: Law Firm recovered $3.5 million in stolen domain assets in 12 months
Revision Legal, a law firm based in Michigan, has announced its track record for the past 12 months, regarding the recovery of stolen domains. Acknowledging that domain theft has become rampant, the statement opens thus: “Domain name theft is an ever-increasing reality for any individual or business that owns a domain name. And...
DomainGang.com - 2 hr 58 min ago
My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 1-29-2015
We celbebrated Dominique’s birthday yesterday by treating ourselves to a great steak dinner at STK Steakhouse here in Los Angeles. I haven’t been to that place in years and they
JasonThompson - 3 hr 5 min ago
Five figures: One of Sedo’s largest sales is a .CO domain
Sedo reports of domain sales have been averaging $2,000 to $3,000 over the course of more than a year; the domain venue generates its sizable revenue by selling vast quantities of domains. Then again, exceptions do happen; yesterday, domain broker Dave Evanson revealed the brokerage of KHC.com for $120,000 dollars. Surprisingly, one ...
DomainGang.com - 3 hr 17 min ago
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Verisign Celebrates 30th Anniversary with #InternetOfficial Giveaway
This is pretty cool.  Verisign is giving away $100,000 in cash prizes in the next three months for contestants that: * Register the most descriptive, memorable and original .COM domain name(s) * Submit your newly registered .COM name(s) HERE with a description of why it’s so awesome * Promote the new domain on your social [R...
NameTalent.com - 3 hr 26 min ago
27 End User Domain Name Sales
A weekly run-down of end user domain name sales at Sedo. Sedo’s top reported sale last week was SuperSeats.com, which Michael Berkens sold for a staggering $48,888. With Sedo still in possession of the domain, I can’t confirm my hunch that SuperSeats.net was the buyer. Some other large sales are in the same boat, includin...
Domain Name Wire - 3 hr 33 min ago
New gTLD 1st Day Domains: .Space 1784, .Band 776, .RIP 348, .How 250, .Ryukyu 143
Here are the 1st day domain name registration results from last week's 5 New gTLD launches: Rightside had 2 New gTLDs out of EAP and into General Availability on the 28th of January 2015: .Band and .RIP. According to NameStat.org .Band … Continue reading →
OnlineDomain.com - 4 hr 10 min ago
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Champs.com Domain Acquired By Foot Locker
Foot Locker has acquired the premium domain name Champs.com from P. A. Gordon, who has owned the domain name since at least 2001 (oldest whois history record) but likely longer. The domain name has been registered  since June 26, 1997. Foot Locker Retail Inc. owns Champs Sports, which is a sports retail company and uses the domain na...
DotWeekly - 4 hr 14 min ago
Poll: What is 8.CO Worth?
Tech Cocktail published an extensive article about the 8.CO domain name that is now up for auction via Heritage Auctions. You’ll notice that Tech Cocktail uses Tech.CO for its website, so it isn’t a surprise that the author wrote that 8.CO “may just be the luckiest domain on the Web.” I think the auction is go...
DomainInvesting.com - 4 hr 19 min ago
Just Added: Two New TLD Start-up Plans
Two new Top Level Domain Start-up Plans have been published on Calzone. Both Start-up Plans are for Specification 13 Brand TLDs.  They will not have Sunrise Periods. Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.  If you subscribe to Calzone, you will receive tailored alerts in your mailbox.  Free subscription...
Calzone.org - 4 hr 53 min ago
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Whoops: Mayor Of New York Fails To Register His Own .NYC Domain: Billdeblasio.NYC
This goes right to the you can’t make this stuff up file. Crainsnewyork.com,  published a post today chatting about how the the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who has been touting “the new .nyc domain names as “a unique opportunity” for New Yorkers “to own who they are online,” did not buy...
The Domains - 4 hr 55 min ago
Proving Common Law Trademark Rights in a UDRP Complaint
By Zak Muscovitch. UDRP Complainants often fail to adequately demonstrate common law trademark rights. Sometimes the Panelists catch this and refuse to transfer the disputed domain name. At other times, the Complainant gets away with it. It is well established that in order to succeed in a UDRP Complaint, a Complainant must establi...
DNattorney.com - 4 hr 59 min ago
GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad switcheroo: planned or not?
GoDaddy, once again, is getting a lot of press for its Super Bowl ad. How much of it was planned? If you pay for a Super Bowl commercial and no one talks about it before or after the big game, you got ripped off. GoDaddy discovered this many years ago and has mastered the art […]
Domain Name Wire - 5 hr 6 min ago
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Legal Marijuana Blooms Into the Fastest-Growing Industry in America; Facebook Profit, Revenue Bea...
Techstars Closes $150 Million Fund for Early-Stage Investments; How I sold A website for 150k that I couldn’t for 25k; Facebook's Mobile Revenue Climbs to $2.5 Billion as Ad Prices Soar; Obama could be final jumbo jet customer; What Uber Could Teach the American Economy; Yahoo is spinning off its stake in Alibaba to avoid taxes and.....
The Frager factor - 5 hr 24 min ago
RG.com and JO.com for Sale at Igloo.com - PR Web (press release)
RG.com and JO.com for Sale at Igloo.com PR Web (press release) Igloo.com, a leading broker of ultra premium domain names and websites announced today that RG.com and JO.com are now listed exclusively for sale with their firm. Two-letter (LL) .com domains have seen an unprecedented growth in value in recent years ... and more&nbs...
Reporter - 5 hr 35 min ago
.Space wins this week’s new TLD releases
.Space tops in registrations with about 1,700 on first day. When it comes to most registrations, .space appears to have topped the list of this week’s new top level domain name launches. That doesn’t come as a big surprise since it’s the most generic (and lowest priced) domain of the lot. Here’s a run down [&#...
Domain Name Wire - 5 hr 44 min ago
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1st Day New gTLD Totals .Space 1,784; .Band 776: .Rip 348; .How 250; .Ryukyu 143
Five new gTLD’s had their first day of general availability yesterday. Here the total number of domain registrations after the first day. These total all domains registered in Sunrise by trademark holders as well as any domains registered during an Early Access Program or Landrush where people paid extra money to get early acce...
The Domains - 5 hr 45 min ago
Brandable domain name sales week 5.
It was a slow week for brandable domain name sales with not a single five-figure deal reported which meant I had to branch out from my usual sources to compile the weekly list of 20. Leading the chart this week is Suoni.com which is Pinyin for Sony. It changed hands on Chinese domain marketplace 4.cn for ¥58,198 ($9,314) and the [...
DNGeek.com - 6 hr 13 min ago
Bruce Marler, Give him some Credit.Club.
Give him some Credit.Club.  Q&A with Bruce Marler This past week news broke that Credit.Club had been hand registered by domain investor Bruce Marler while headed home from NamesCon. Soon after the registration a knowledge base of credit information was launched causing many to wonder how this happened so quickly. … Continu...
DotWhatever.com - 6 hr 14 min ago
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Typosquatting In .UK Domain Names Is Booming
Typosquatting in .UK domain names is going crazy and few companies have noticed. Most of the top 120 UK websites have had their domain names registered in .uk by typosquatters. Companies such as Google, Amazon or the National Rail have … Continue reading →
OnlineDomain.com - 7 hr 10 min ago

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