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Call For Submissions - Sell your premium domains
DailyDomains sold over $90,000 worth of domains in our first week of running. To continue the momentum, we need your submissions! Our subscribers are eager to buy your premium domains - get in touch today! - Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 13:17,,,,, and More,,,,,,,, and More.
Auction - 6 hr 20 min ago
What Makes a Great Brandable Domain Name – With Margot Busnaq
What is a brandable domain name and why is the average selling price between $2,000 and $4,000 on Founder Margot Bushnaq shares her knowledge about what makes a great brandable domain name and how – if you’re a domain name investor – you can list them for sale on - 3 hr 7 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 9-21-14 closes at $14,000 on Go Daddy Auctions
Daily Sales Recap 9-21-14 closed at $14,000 on Go Daddy Auctions, this was a public auction and not expired, just the one bid. closed at $3,660, Go Daddy showed some decent traffic for the four year old domain and assigned their own value of $864. sold for $1,005 on NameJet. NameJet thetile.... - 33 min ago
Accent wins .tickets auction after $1.6m CentralNic investment
Accent Media, one of four applicants for .tickets, has won the new gTLD at auction after receiving a $1.62 million investment from CentralNic. As part of the deal, Accent has dumped Afilias as its back-end provider and will switch to CentralNic instead. Competing applicants Donuts, Famous Four Media, Shubert Internet and Tickets TLD ... - 1 hr 34 min ago
.BUILD Internet Domain Registry Announces It is Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments from Its Customers
The new top level domain is the first registry in the domain name ecosystem to accept a crypto-currency. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2014 .Build, the new Top Level Domain (TLD) for internet domain names announced it will now … Continue reading → - 1 hr 42 min ago

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dream Team – 50+ .COM Drops — Keyword Sampling: Copper - Foam - Fitness Club - Foodies - ...
Dream Team – 50+ .COM Drops — Keyword Sampling: Copper - Foam - Fitness Club - Foodies - Flash Mob - Reel - Water - Limobs Reg Fee Opportunities Add Me On Twitter @DropGrabs ... - 6 hr 42 min ago
Blog Updates and Housekeeping Issues
I hope that you are finishing up a nice weekend. I spent mine with friends, family, and football :-). I want to share a couple of blog updates with you. For some reason, I have been noticing a TON of spam over the course of the past couple of months. It seems like a massive influx lately. Luckily, the spam filter seems to catch most ... - 10 hr 3 min ago
Daily Domain Sales (9-20-2014): $4,500, $2,466, $1,500
I have a fever and a case of “too many lost Go Daddy auctions” today. I tried 3 domains and lost all 3 auctions. I guess my bidding was too sensible for Go Daddy. Well anyway… I had some problems … Continue reading → - 10 hr 47 min ago
Dot .CN domain names : Less control by the Chinese government
Apparently, the Chinese government has once again eliminated the need for special paperwork in order to register dot .CN domain names. Confused? So are we. Here’s a timeline of events: Several years ago, when the dot .CN ccTLD opened up for business, only Chinese registrants could register .CN domains. Later on, these restricti... - 10 hr 56 min ago
Guilty Blogger Sentenced to Death, 10 Facts About Infidelity
PLUS: One surprising fact: 35% of billionaires didn’’t graduate from college, Peter Thiel: Google Will Outlast Them All, Be A Leader Who Can Bounce Back, Jamie Dimon’s $13 Billion Secret than earned him $20 Million, The Bechdel test is only a small part of Alison Bechdel’’s genius, found a name you love. the .com isn’’t available. wh...
The Frager factor - 12 hr 27 min ago
DomainTools planned downtime causes stress, anxiety to domainers
The planned downtime of the popular destination for domain investors, DomainTools, is causing unnecessary duress on a Sunday. Thousands of visitors to receive a message citing the planned downtime, and clearly this notice isn’t enough to calm down the spirits. “It’s suffocating me, I cannot breathe, ... - 14 hr 10 min ago
My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 9-21-2014
I was looking at my CJ stats earlier this morning and I noticed that on September 18th I had $4,904.93 in sales. It looks like three domains were purchased. This
JasonThompson - 17 hr 37 min ago
Sedo Sells 543 Domains For $1 Million: Baltic.Cruises $25,000, 19,500 EUR
In the past week 543 (525 last week) transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1 million ($1.4m last week). Only 154 (144 last week) domains from the 543 were reported by Sedo. The other domains were either private sales or domains that … Continue reading → - 17 hr 44 min ago
Domain Brokers: Make Me an Offer
I received an email from a domain broker I do not know (and have never even heard of before) asking me if a domain name I own is for sale, and if so, what the price is. The broker indicated she was inquiring on behalf of a client who wanted to buy my domain name. My message to her was make an offer and she said she would need to get ... - 18 hr 11 min ago
Verisign Ranked #1 By Z-Score Which Predicts Companies Heading Into Serious Financial Distress”
USA, just covered something called The Altman Z-Score ” a financial indicator that predicts when companies are careening toward serious financial distress, which the article says  is commonly used by investment professionals. “The Z-Score is a single number that summarizes the financial strength of companies in ...
The Domains - 18 hr 48 min ago
What 1997 Aged Gems Frank Schilling Sold to Target, Kenco, Genie Air Conditioning and MORE...
"At the end of the day we are selling dreams, and hope for prosperity. The majority of sales havebeen to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Today, most businesses, products or brands start with a domain and I want our brokers to capture this exciteme..."
The Frager factor - 18 hr 59 min ago
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday 9/21
No chit chat today.  At some point I actually have to pay attention to the family and since I’m working all day, I’m going to have to move quickly through the lists. Enjoy the day. Here are today’s names.   I’m smart enough to not say anything about what makes a good wife.  I’ll just say it&... - 22 hr 24 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 9-20-14 sells on Flippa for $7,000
Daily Sales Recap 9-20-14 To all those that emailed, called and texted I want to thank you for the kind words and taking time out of your weekend to offer your condolences on the passing of my Mom. Very kind of all you and appreciated. NameJet $665 $1,766 $2,466 $4,437 Flippa [̷... - Sunday, September 21, 2014 - 5:7

Saturday, September 20, 2014

4chan crashed as Domainfest keynote speaker’s nude pics were leaked
The scandal-hounding web site 4chan has been down for the past couple of hours, following the alleged release of stolen pictures, depicting Kim Kardashian in the nude. A former Domainfest keynote speaker, Kim Kardashian appears to be the target of the same hacking incident that took advantage of an iCloud vulnerability to expose ... - Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 22:35
Citrix Purchases South Florida Startup; Swype Debuts For Ios 8 For Iphone, Ipad And Ipod Touch
PLUS: 24 hours with a super rich family's concierge; 6 must-have apps for the iPhone 6; While SEO can make your business, it can also break your business. Fast!  3 Strategies for Dealing With Toxic People; 32 Tech IPOs Are Currently Pending … and Alibaba… Within 20 minutes, the price jumped 40% to around $95 per shares. Th...
The Frager factor - Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 21:26
Domain Picks Dropping on Sep 21st 2014
One down eleven to go, I talked alot of something about DNS yesterday, I am happy to report today that one of the offers is going through, nothing huge but a $2500 sale, that is about all I have time for on this... - Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 20:25
Daily Domain Sales (9-19-2014): $12,450, $7,099, $7,000 sold for $355 at Go Daddy auctions. Are you kidding me? Does anyone check the spelling of domain names? These prices are ridiculous at Go Daddy. And if these misspellings are sold for this kind of money then you … Continue reading → - Saturday, September 20, 2014 - 19:22

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