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Secure a $4,000 domain sale costs just $65 at ECOP. Competition charges up to $250 and they do not even escrow the domain at this price. So why do not try it for your next sale? - Saturday, September 27, 2014 - 6:29
Daily Sales Recap 9-29-14 Busy Day of Five Figure Sales Led by at $28,555
Daily Sales Recap 9-29-14 Busy day with five figure sales everywhere you look, from NameJet to Go Daddy to Sedo there was a lot of action. The highest reported sale was at 22,500 Euros or $28,555. The seller was longtime Namepros .tv sub forum member Montechristos, congrats to him on a great sale. […] - 4 hr 21 min ago

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ad Buying to Reach $21 Billion; Einstein Nets $364.5 Million; $400 billion "Gross Loss"
Too many new companies and products have names that look like the results of a drunken Scrabble® game (Xobni, Svbtle, Doostang). Join ace naming consultant Alexandra Watkins for a free “ask me anything” session and get live advice... Is Elon Musk a Greater CEO Than Even Steve Jobs? The One Reason I Still Use Facebook and Why It's Wor...
The Frager factor - 10 hr 9 min ago
Two Articles Every Founder Should Read About Burn Rate
Startup burn rates are always a hot topic and over the last week some very big names in the startup world have weighed-in to share their opinions. Since I know my blog is read by more than just startup founders I guess now would be a good time to explain what burn rate is. Burn […] - 10 hr 47 min ago
Daily Domain Sales (9-28-2014): $2,444, $2,025
Not much to talk about today. I have been pretty busy on a new project and I sold another domain that is not in English and the buyer is from Europe. One domain on Friday and one today. Can’t be … Continue reading → - 11 hr 2 min ago
Watch out Silicon Valley – Washington, DC is the new high tech hotspot says
Driving through DC, I noticed new maroon flags waving from lampposts promoting something called “DigitalDC”. In small print on the flag was a web address. At first I couldn’t tell if I was having trouble reading the domain name, but then I got a good look. Yes, the URL for innovation in DC is […] - 11 hr 14 min ago
HuffingtonPost highlights stolen domain in story about the problem of domain theft
Last year, I received an email offering for sale. DomainTools showed that the domain had been held for years by Michael Lee and Associates in Illinois. Yet the seller was from Russia. I contacted Michael Lee who confirmed that the domain had been stolen. Today the Huffington Post published an article on the difficulties [R... - 13 hr 9 min ago
How a Double Dose of Good News Made a Memorable Beach Vacation Even Better
Last week my wife Diana and I were spending a week on vacation at one of our favorite places, Florida's Siesta Key, when we got a call about a big acquisition as well as word that one of our favorite people in the industry was moving to a new job in our hometown.
DNJournal - 13 hr 39 min ago
Is the dot-Lawyer domain a good idea?
Is the dot-Lawyer domain a good idea? In ‘Law Times’ today, there’s an article discussing the pros and cons of the .Lawyer extension, now in Priority Placement for Early Access, and the later to be released .Law and .Legal extensions. Noting the opinions and views of a few attorney’s and … Continue reading → The post Is t... - 13 hr 49 min ago
Frank Schilling has sold $12 million in domain names this year
Schilling says his domain aftermarket sales have hit $12 million for the year. Frank Schilling has sold $12 million worth of his own domain names this year, already surpassing his total from 2013. Schilling disclosed this number in an update to (DNS) clients. He said his sales platform has been the engine behind h...
Domain Name Wire - 16 hr 4 min ago Integration With Uniregistry And New issued an announcement to inform users of upcoming changes between now and Q1 2015. Frank Schilling has had more than 12 million in sales up to now in 2014. With the completion of Uniregistry the development team has turned … Continue reading → - 16 hr 7 min ago
Uniregistry: Lots of new domain features arriving in Q1 of 2015
An email update from Frank Schilling’s Domain Name Sales, hints of changes, updates and other improvements to take place on the popular domain parking platform and Registry. The intended timeline spans the present and into the first quarter of 2015. The email reads as follows, in part: Your friends at would ... - 16 hr 30 min ago
Oroskopos: Horoscope war between two Greeks – Who won the UDRP ?
A war of “horoscopes” erupted between two Greeks, over the domain name In rather dated Greek, the word “oroskopos” means “observer of the hours” and it’s the source for modern day horoscopes. A UDRP filed at the WIPO by Newsphone Hellas SA of Greece, was targeting the ownership ... - 17 hr 34 min ago
Huffington Post: “When Hackers Steal A Web Address, Few Owners Ever Get It Back”
The Huffington Post did an article today called “When Hackers Steal A Web Address, Few Owners Ever Get It Back”. The article mentions the theft of and the popular blog Domain theft has been happening since the dawn … Continue reading → - 18 hr 20 min ago
Phishers prefer free ccTLDs to new gTLDs
Domains in free and cheap ccTLDs are much more likely to host phishing attacks than new gTLDs. That’s one of the conclusions of the latest report of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, which found that Freenom’s re-purposed African ccTLDs were particularly risky. The first-half 2014 report found 22,679 “maliciously reg... - 18 hr 33 min ago
Will Facebook Buy
Last year, Facebook acquired a company called Atlas, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the goal is for the company to “Challenge Google’s Dominance of the Online Ad Space.” With a mainstream advertising platform that will have extensive reach, I think it would be important for the company to own ju... - 19 hr 14 min ago
Fast-Growing Always Ad-Free Ello a Facebook Killer? Facebook Atlas A Google AdSense Killer? Too L...
Likely the biggest product release the internet has ever seen, Atlas is the new AdSense; 200 exact match category killer domains redirected to one = Wayfair values itself at over $2 billion; A 3D Printed, Wifi Enabled Medical Marijuana Inhaler; Mark Cuban: 'Failure is Part of the Success...hellshock superbug: Can anything stop the ha...
The Frager factor - 19 hr 16 min ago
EscrowHill: Handled the Escrow + Agreed deal expertly
The recent acquisition of domain escrow newcomers,, by industry giant generated an interesting situation. When two escrow companies “collide”, who will manage the transaction in an expert, unbiased, and trust-worthy manner? Enter, the company formed by industry veteran, Andee Hill. Kno... - 19 hr 28 min ago
Discoveries Exclusive Find Radio Related Items Available in Eight Extensions and Other Thing...
Discoveries Exclusive Find Radio Related Items Available in Eight Extensions and Other Things Along With Some People’s Names in .COM Exclusive Research Project Results ONLY Available on Add Me on Twitter @DropGrabs - 19 hr 55 min ago
New gTLD Weekly Launch Review: .Bayern, .Deals, , OVH, .City
This week 3 New gTLDs enter General Availability, another one New gTLD enters the EAP General Availability and 1 enters the landrush phase. .BAYERN is launching tomorrow the 30th of September. Donuts enters EAP General Availability for the following 1 New … Continue reading → - 20 hr 6 min ago
Rise of the Dragon: Domain theft in China is gaining momentum
China is a technological giant and a rapidly developing economy; the country is changing at unprecedented rates, unknown to most western economies. Facing this extreme financial growth, the Chinese have acquired a lethal attraction to consumerism and luxury. The ability to spend creates the desire to want and seek goods, services and... - 20 hr 13 min ago

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