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If you have valuable domains or web sites to put as collateral it’s easy and fast to get a cash advance. Submit your application now at no charge. - 19 hr 32 min ago
Webfair virtual opens this Thursday 11 CET
50 exhibitors and over 1000 attendees from 51 countries will come together in a virtual environment at the first ever event of this kind in our industry. Registration to the event is still open and tickets are free.
Reporter - 5 hr 18 min ago
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.Tokyo Has 9,598 Domain Registrations After Its 1st Day
Yesterday 22th of July the .Tokyo new domain name extension entered general availability. Tokyo has a metropolitan population of over 35 million people. This was one of the big geo New gTLDs but it didn’t do as well as I … Continue reading → - 34 min ago
Company Domain Movers From Nokia, Pepsi & More - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Here we go with the latest movers from large companies and the domain names they recently purchased or registered and some info along with each if I was able to find something. These article are fun to make and share, so I hope you keep enjoying them as much as I like sharing! Nokia Corpora...
DotWeekly - 43 min ago
Netflix Now Has 50 Million Subscribers & Record Profits
PLUS: Register With AEI-- Cable companies are famous for high prices and poor service. Several rank as the most hated companies in America. Now, they're attacking the Internet–their one competitor and our only refuge–with plans to charge websites...5 Reasons Peer Advisory Groups Can Work For CEOs;  How brands can optimize their prese...
The Frager factor - 3 hr 53 min ago
3rd Heritage Auctions Domain Names & Intellectual Property Auction Will Be Held Thursday
As word of mainstream auction house Heritage Auctions's commitment to domain names has spread, the firm has been able to offer increasingly impressive sales catalogs. HA has assembled an exceptionally large group of high end domains for their 3rd event coming up Thursday.
DNJournal - 4 hr 13 min ago
Staples Buys Domain - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Staples, Inc has purchased the call to action domain name on or about 2/4/2014 for an undisclosed amount (I tried). The domain name was under the generic “DnSinations Inc and Matt Serlin” whois data until recently. Prior to that, the domain was under privacy p...
DotWeekly - 4 hr 30 min ago
The Sedo GreatDomains Paradox
Sedo’s monthly GreatDomains event used to be awesome. Great inventory priced to sell (good for buyers), bidding wars (good for sellers) and so on. I hope Sedo can manage to bring back the magic because unfortunately, things aren’t exactly rosy at this point and I don’t understand why. I mean it’s not like orga...
Domaining Tips - 4 hr 35 min ago
NameJet released iPhone App
Hello and Assalamo Alaikum, I just received an email from NameJet which surely is a good news and would like to share with you. They have come up with new app for iOS which makes thing easier in bidding for any domain name auction.         NameJet’s new App for iOS gives you more […] - 5 hr 8 min ago
New NameJet iOS App Available For Download
NameJet announced the release of it’s new iOS app. NameJet’s new App for iOS gives you more control when bidding in domain name auctions while on the go. This is how Namejet describes the iOS app: “The app has an easy-to-use … Continue reading → - 5 hr 16 min ago
Domain Picks Dropping on July 23rd 2014
I was thinking about the $50k sale, I wonder if the buyer tried to buy luxuryestate or luxuryestates dot com first? They are both sites so maybe they are not for sale or if they are they probably want more than $50k, I don’t think it was... - 5 hr 22 min ago
I Bid A Dollar and Raise You Some Intelligence
Contrary to what you see on at some domain auctions, there is some strategy/skill behind a listing. I read through the auctions over at Flippa and see countless auctions that have starting bids of $500, $5000, even $10,000. There is absolutely no point to starting an auction for more than a $1. I get it why people may do it at other... - 6 hr 28 min ago
Amazon Settles a New gTLD Contention Set By Private Auction As Donuts Wins .Group
        Amazon has apparently participated in its 1st new gTLD private auction losing .Group to Donuts. There were 5 applicants for the new gTLD .Group Amazon (AMZN) Donuts Top Level Design, LLC (Raymond King .Wiki & .ink) (related to former owner of the .Co Registry) (TCX) All application...
The Domains - 6 hr 29 min ago
.moe available now, others in sunrise at EnCirca
General Availability: first-come, first serve .moe – $20 Sunrise – for Trademark Owners only .black .deals .desi .hiv - 6 hr 33 min ago
Business Insider India: Squatted domains and “a man named Rick”
Leave it up to business journals to ruin the fun for everyone else, as far as domain name investing goes. A new article on the Indian edition of Business Insider attempts to list the top domain sales over $1,000,000 dollars. Citing DNJournal as its primary resource is hardly a surprise, but then the article, written ... - 6 hr 46 min ago
Three Domain Auctions Ending Soon
There are three domain name auction events currently accepting bids that are ending soon. Sedo is running its monthly Great Domains auction, Snapnames is running its Summer auction, and Heritage Auctions is running its big live auction with some high profile domain names up for sale. I thought I would share a list of 5 domain names f... - 7 hr 22 min ago
This is Global: British radio behemoth behind acquisition of
Mike Mann‘s recent sale of the domain name for $40,000 dollars made some speculate about the buyer. Some pondered about existing trademarks for the phrase “Make Some Noise”, the most recent application of which is related to financial services; meanwhile, the usual trolls took low blows against the... - 8 hr 7 min ago
I Share Because I Care! - DotWeekly Internet Ventures When I write stories on DotWeekly, I share them because I care about the domain industry! I care about helping others learn! I share because it helps ME learn. Knowledge is power and knowledge often comes from DOING! Physics: for every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction! I am...
DotWeekly - 9 hr 11 min ago
Go Daddy Customer Complains About 2 Domains That Were Removed From His Account
A Go Daddy customer is complaining that he registered 2 .xyz domains in June and Go Daddy removed the 2 domains from his account in July and registered the domains under some other name. I am not sure what happened … Continue reading → - 9 hr 32 min ago
GoDaddy buys data center in the Cayman Islands
GoDaddy is gearing up for a future face-off with Google, the numero uno domain registrar in the world wants to ensure it remains at the top of the list. The recent acquisition of a high tech data center in the Cayman Islands is a significant indication that GoDaddy plans to move a large part of […] - 9 hr 39 min ago
Geezer Growl – Hand Picked — 100+ COM Drops Keyword Sampling: Trading Cards - Basement Make...
Drops - Hand Selected More than 100+ items – Available – Grab for Reg Fee MORE on - 9 hr 56 min ago
An update on Moniker
I’ve transferred many of my domain names out. I’m working on the rest. It’s been 7 weeks since domain name registrar Moniker switched to a new platform. 7 weeks since Moniker broke. The company has fixed a lot of the problems, even if confirmation messages were clearly written by a coder. But as I’ve written [...
Domain Name Wire - 10 hr 15 min ago

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