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Top Keyword Premium Domains for Sale
Welcome to We are offering our Premium domains for sale. They include category defining .coms and top single keyword domains including Money, Registration, Television and Pastas. A brief history and analysis is included with each domain. Kindly submit your offers using the form on the website. All transactions will ...
For Sale - Sunday, July 27, 2014 - 22:55
Domain Holdings Q2 Report - Almost $10,000,000 in Sales
View the Domain Holdings quarterly report for Q2 2014 - Almost $10,000,000 in domain sales. View % of end users, breakdown of domain types and more. - 21 hr 2 min ago Premium Domain Name Auctions-Current Auction: 7/30 – 8/7 &
Register Now to Bid! is a premium domain name online auction platform created by Hilco Streambank exclusively for the sale of domain names. If you are interested in buying or selling domain names become a member today! Visit Now! Follow us on Twitter @HilcoDomains
Auction - 14 hr 17 min ago
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Google beats Microsoft to .docs
Google and Microsoft seem to have settled their contention set for the .docs new gTLD, with Google emerging the victor. Microsoft withdrew its application for .docs this week. It’s not clear how the deal was made, but Google is known to have participated in private auctions for other strings. Google Docs is of course GoogleR... - 28 min ago
ICM buys .sex for up to $3 million
ICM Registry, the .xxx domain name registry, may have paid as much as $3 million for the .sex gTLD. Internet Marketing Solutions Limited, the only other applicant for .sex, withdrew its application this week. Word is that ICM forked out somewhere between $2 million and $3 million for exclusive rights to the string. I hear […] ... - 34 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 7-29-14 closes at $57,000 on Go Daddy Auctions
Daily Sales Recap 7-29-14 Big day on Go Daddy Auctions as closed at $57,000 and a name that I thought would close over $50,000, closed at $20,250. I thought was one of the best names this year on Go Daddy Auctions. A lot of ways to go with the name and a […] - 2 hr 28 min ago
Using Email Templates When Replying to End Users
Some end users don’t understand the concept of buying a premium domain, so you will occasionally have to educate them. Sometimes, they don’t even know how the transfer process works, so it will once again be time to help them and so on. You will without a doubt deal with certain situations more than once, so
Domaining Tips - 4 hr 41 min ago
ICM Registry Operator of .XXX Wins Rights to The New gTLD .Sex
ICM Registry the operator of the .XXX registry has won the right to operate the .Sex new gTLD. The other applicant for .Sex, Internet Marketing Solutions Limited has withdrawn their application, leaving ICM’s the lone applicant for .Sex. ICM also is the only applicant for the new gTLD’s .adult and .porn The only caveat on...
The Domains - 5 hr 53 min ago
Frank Schilling turns 45 and Google knows it!
You know you are an important person, when you type your name in Google adding “birthday” and you get the correct date. Frank Schilling turned 45 yesterday, and here is the Google search screenshot below to prove just that. Tweeting on his own birthday, Frank posted a picture of himself aged 25, and a selfie […] Cop... - 6 hr 47 min ago
Facebook’s Bolt Faces Challenges Over Its Name Before It’s Even Before Launch
PLUS: Google’’s $1B purchase of Twitch confirmed, Gold Bugs Meet Bitcoin Believers to Supplant the Dollar, Google- an island of misfit toys, Ford ditches BlackBerry for Apple, will deploy 9,300 iPhones, Online travel services Airbnb, Uber court corporate clients & Tim Cook Reveals Apple’’s Plan for World Domination (aapl!!)
The Frager factor - 6 hr 53 min ago

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

5 Ways New gTLDs Can Reduce The Risk Of Failure
The information in this post, could be the difference between failure and and a hugely successful launch. Here are my top tips...
Domainer Income - 9 hr 17 min ago
My Bad With Regards to an Earlier Post on
I want to apologize for jumping the gun on a story done earlier today,we have noticed some traffic from a new site and when we covered it, I noticed our feed and a few others where the whole post was in the thread. After speaking to DNPost this afternoon they informed me that was […] - 11 hr 34 min ago
List of 6 cities where ICANN won’t be holding its conference any time soon
A long, long time ago we published a list of cities that ICANN should not be holding a meeting at. The list, published before the ICANN meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, made light of crime in various locations; some participants were eventually mugged or otherwise scammed at the time. Four years later, we’re now publishing an [&... - 11 hr 46 min ago
10 Opinionated Jumblings on a Tuesday Afternoon
It’s Tuesday.  Since I work the weekends at the nursery I try and get some stuff done at home but I never actually do.  I usually catch up on my sleep do a little pondering.  Here are a few of those thoughts 1. Sahar Sarid believes his portfolio has grown in value over the last 5 years and is now worth over $100 million.  I hav... - 12 hr 38 min ago
Domain Sales Heat Up - Domain Holdings Reports 2Q-2014 Sales 3X Higher Than Previous Quarter:
After a long recession, we've been seeing reported domain sales rebound nicely in 2014 and further evidence came today when Domain Holdings reported their 2Q-2014 domain sales nearly tripled from the previous quarter.
DNJournal - 12 hr 47 min ago
Discoveries db Researched of Words and Things in Eight Extension – Discovered 100+ Items Avai...
Discoveries Words and Things in Eight Extensions and 100+ Four Characters LLLL items as a treat at the bottom of the list… Research Exclusively By More than 100+ items – Available – Grab for Reg Fee List Posted Over on - 14 hr 23 min ago
A Parody Video on New gTLDs and every Domain Blogger has joined a site they probably didn’t know put out a little parody video mocking the new gtlds, is a newer site that actually made every domain blogger on the feed a member, not sure how everyone is going to feel about that. It is one thing to be an aggregator but if you go to you will see […] - 16 hr 21 min ago
What If Facebook and Twitter Paid You To Post (I'd Be VERY Rich!) Exciting News...
PLUS: Dear CEO… Why Are Your Frightened Of Social Media? ave $9, Here Are The TechCrunch Staff’s Email Addresses; Scottsdale's Maracay Homes parent acquired in $2.8B merger; The Family Dollar deal embodies everything wrong with American... and Google Pigeon Algorithm Update and a Job (maybe for you) Your network's talking about: ...
The Frager factor - 16 hr 25 min ago
ICANN Seeks to Hire Registrant Advocate – While Seeking Volunteers for Second Round New gTLDs Dis...
Two recent ICANN announcements caught our eye because of their relevance to domain investors. The first was ICANN’s placement of a notice that it was seeking to hire its first ever Registrant Services Director-Consumer Advocate. The Job Description states that the position “involves participation in a number of cross-organizational p...
Internet Commerce Association - 16 hr 34 min ago
.attorney, .city, .lawyer, .melbourne sunrises start today
Sunrises are for Trademark Holders only, and require special documentation. .city .melbourne Also, two of the sunrise TLDs are highly regulated, which means they have additional info that needs to be provided. Click the links below for more information. .attorney .lawyer Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general availabil... - 17 hr 4 min ago
My Business is Always Evolving
I’ve been writing this blog for over seven years, and nearly 5,000 articles have been published in that time. Many of the articles would be considered “news” rather than opinion, but there is a large percentage of articles that would be considered personal opinion or advice. These articles are generally based on lea... - 17 hr 28 min ago
Company wants to trademark the term “Domain Auction”
New domain listings site wants a trademark on descriptive term. From the merely descriptive file… A Florida company has filed two trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for “Domain Auction” and “Domains Auction”. The applications, filed by Coracao LLC, claim a first use date of ...
Domain Name Wire - 17 hr 33 min ago
Wikipedia domain UDRP respondent cites
The Respondent to a recently decided UDRP at the WIPO used a novel way to attempt to extract unreasonable fees from the Complainant. In a UDRP case involving the domain name, the Complainant – Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. – was sent back this response from the domain’s registrant: “What is this e... - 17 hr 44 min ago

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