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BankRate Insurance Updates Their "Shady" Obamacare Website!
BankRate Insurance apparently got word that was receiving some negatively publicity and criticism for its misleading and intentionally consumer confusing design. The website now features a tiny disclaimer disclosing to consumers that it is not in fact a government website, nor - 16 hr 44 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 11-25-14 Claude Dauman Does it again Sold for $6,999
Daily Sales Recap 11-25-14 sold for $5,000 on Sedo, regged since 2002, the io suffix has been popular attached to keywords over the last 18 months, Brand Bucket had 17 sales ending with “io” in their completed sales list up until July 2013. Claude Dauman continues to sell .tv domains at his sweet spot […] - 4 min ago

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hundreds of Thousands – Number of Collision Names Being Released
When a Collision Becomes Positive – Awesome New gTLDs Being Released Over 500 new generic Top Level Domains (TLDs) are being released in methodical process over a two year period. So far, over 250 of them, TLDs like .BIKE and .NYC, are working and available. More are being released week by week. One of the […] - 6 hr 21 min ago
Daily Domain Sales (11-24-2014): $20,000, 10,000 GBP, $10,000
I have decided I am not taking any insults any more. Anyone being disrespectful or an asshole will get my wrath from now on. Here is the a reply I got to a quote I send for a 1997 .com … Continue reading → - 7 hr 3 min ago
Difficult Offer to Accept
When I agree to buy a domain name in the aftermarket, I typically have a value in my mind for that domain name. This value assumes the right buyer wants (or needs) to buy it, and they will be willing to pay what I believe is a fair price for the domain name. Oftentimes with my domain names, I will reach out to prospective buyers to g... - 9 hr 3 min ago
Market Recap 11-25-14 off 1.47%
Market Recap 11-25-14 Quiet day across the board for the most part.  Neustar was mentioned with regards to their short interest. The short interest has accumulated to 36.49% of the floated shares. NSR closed up a few pennies to $27.46. (WWWW) was down 1.47% to $17.39, the stock has bounced off a low of […] - 9 hr 38 min ago
Do you own your own name? 10 People who do.
I don’t own the dot com version of my name, or any variation.  I do own thanks to someone dropping it.  I was able to pick it up in a domain auction a couple years ago.  I’ve always told my friends and family that owning their name is important, even if they can’t see it right […] The post Do ... - 12 hr 40 min ago
Headliners added to NamesCon: Atallah, Alexander
Akram Atallah and Fiona Alexander have been added to the NamesCon agenda. NamesCon, taking place in Las Vegas January 11-14, has added a couple big names to its agenda for the first full day of the conference. On Monday, July 12, I will have a fireside chat with the president of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, […]
Domain Name Wire - 14 hr 35 min ago
Holy Whois, Batman! Beware Phony Domain Registrants
If you’ve spent much time looking at domain records to hunt down or characterize cybercriminals, you have almost certainly encountered some clearly falsified domain registrations. We decided to have a little fun by digging into some (ahem) unlikely domain registrants showcased below, with some more serious points about domain registr... - 14 hr 39 min ago
Sites where I find out the historical and past domain sales
Hello and Assalamo Alaikum, It’s always good to research before buying or selling your domains. One of the helping tool is to find out relevant past domain sales. If you are at the buying side, you will need to look at what similar domains sold for, the venue, extension, the year, etc. There could be […] - 15 hr 13 min ago
Uniregistry Now Accepts Paypal As A Payment Option
Cayman Islands based registrar Uniregistry announced that it now accepts Paypal as a payment option. Uniregistry is a registrar owned by domain name investor Frank Schilling. Not being able to pay by Paypal was a deal breaker for me and … Continue reading → - 16 hr 32 min ago
Morgan’s Top 3 Domain Extensions Launching This Week
Another exciting week of new domain extensions is upon us and this week six new extensions are going live five of which are from Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry. One of the new extensions .CLICK is also breaking new ground as Uniregistry has decided not to push premium pricing on all but 100 domains which means that […] - 16 hr 51 min ago
.click, .diet, .help, .hosting, .property available now
General Registration at EnCirca: open to all, first-come, first serve: .click – $7  .diet – $20  .help – $20  .hosting – $30  .property – $30 And don’t forget our holiday-related domain options:  .blackfriday – $40 .holiday – $50 Find out more about our sunrise, landrush and general ava... - 16 hr 53 min ago
Put On Your Leotards and Make Some Biscuits Mixture Today 225+ .COM’s Names and Keywords Four ...
Put on You Leotards and Make Some Biscuits Mixture Today People’s Names in .COM Four Characters in .COM Five Characters in .COM Handful of Longtails in .COM 225+ Items Hand Selected - For Sale ... - 17 hr 27 min ago
HARO Publicity Can Help Your Website
If you operate a website and have become an expert in a particular field, you should consider signing up for the HARO email newsletters. HARO, which stands for “Help A Reporter Out,” is a daily newsletter that lists interview and comment requests from reporters and publications that cover just about every industry and fie... - 17 hr 43 min ago
Just Added: One New TLD Start-up Plan
One new Top Level Domain Start-up Plan has been published on Calzone.  Calzone has also published the start and end dates for all Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods detailed in the new Start-up Plan. Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.   If you subscribe to Calzone, you will receive ... - 17 hr 44 min ago
Almost 20,000 .XYZ Collision Domains To Be Released On Dec 2nd: Here Is The List
On December 2, 2014 at 2pm (London Time), .XYZ will be releasing thousands of domain names to the public to register which were held back due to ICANN’s name collision list. The new domain name extension .XYZ, is the new gTLD’s with the most domain name registrations with over 725,000 according to Almost 20,...
The Domains - 17 hr 45 min ago
HomeAdvisor’s costly name change is paying off
HomeAdvisor spent a lot of money on its rebrand, and saw a sharp drop in traffic initially, but it has paid off. A couple weeks ago Quebec announced a decision to opt-out of switching its web presence over to the new .quebec domain name, citing a price tag north of $10 million. Just how much […]
Domain Name Wire - 18 hr 0 min ago
SEO or PPC: Which Is The Best Driver Of Website Traffic?
Tesla Has Discussed Sharing Electric Car Tech With BMW; OS X Yosemite Has A Secret Packet Sniffer; Comcast, Stop Scamming Me So I Can Stop Scamming You; ops! Twitter's CFO misfires with a private tweet; The 6 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan for Your Business; Google's HR Chief: The Two Minutes That Can Make You Happier at W...
The Frager factor - 18 hr 13 min ago
Uniregistry Launches 5 New gTLD’s Today
Uniregistry is launching 5 new gTLD’s today the 25th of November 2014: .click which will have no reserved domains except for the 100 domains registered by the registry and domain names on the ICANN collision list .Click is priced at $5.99 at Godaddy The other four extensions of  Uniregistry  have quite a few reserved domains [&...
The Domains - 18 hr 18 min ago sells for $31,200 as owner loses the domain due to bad registrant info and a few others have been buzzing about being auctioned off on Netfleet. Cazalla at wrote the best explanation of what happened, this was the second time sold this year. From the article: has been inadvertently sold at auction via the Australian domain name drop c...
The Domains - 19 hr 29 min ago

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