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- Your site will be listed with your logo, title, description and an indexable link.
- No recurring fee, we only charge a $1,000 submission fee per site, and $500 for each additional category.

- Your site should be related to the category you want to list it, be live and have original content.
- Your site homepage must show a award/badge/gadget/link (we may accept to cancel this requirement in exchange of an additional $600 annual fee).

Want better rankings?
All the new listings are placed behind the existing ones (first come first served).
The top listing of each category may get extra exposure with a listing on our homepage.
At anytime, you may pay the outrank fee of the site just over you to move one position up (normally $100).
You will maintain your new ranking unless the site after you pays your outrank fee to get your position.
The last outrank payment done will become your own outrank fee, so maximize it to discourage competitors from outranking you.
If the category lists a site we own, we reserve the right to outrank the site over our rank if this site did not pay to outrank for 180 days.

Want to start now?
Then provide us your web site address, the category you would like to get listed and we will review your site.