Generic 1-word domains including:,,,,,, ...
For a limited time buy any of our top-tier 1-word generic keyword domains for $500 each.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more... Please visit for the full list.
For Sale - 8 hr 28 min ago Jumps On #GodaddyPuppy Outrage With PUPPYLOVE $3.98 Transfer w/$1.50 To Human Society has jumped on the outrage from Godaddy’s Super Bowl commercial and is offering a $3.98 special using the transfer code of  PUPPYLOVE to anyone to transfer in any .com, .net .org or .info and Namecheap will contribute $1.50 to the Humane Society for each domain name transferred. As we noted earlier today people are...
The Domains - 8 min ago
Rightside New gTLD Domain Name Renewals Are Much LOWER Than Registration Prices!
This must be one of the most surprising things I have discovered about New gTLDs. I have been following New gTLD launches for a year now, and even before than, and this somehow escaped my attention. I have not seen … Continue reading → - 16 min ago
Howard Lefkowitz Shares Insight About His New Company
Howard Lefkowitz is something of an icon in Las Vegas. As the former CEO of, Lefkowitz has tremendous experience building and managing a great brand, and he has a massive rolodex of contacts in Las Vegas and in the travel industry. While attending NamesCon, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Lefkowitz, and we chatted... - 42 min ago
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Efty Beta Survey Offers Chance to Win a Free Lifetime Subscription
Efty offering a chance for survey participants to win lifetime subscription Doron over at published a note yesterday that as the company works its way through public beta, they would like some feedback as to get a handle on whether or not users will actually pay to use their service. 10 particpants will be […] - 51 min ago
Frederick Schiwek Interview at NamesCon 2015 [Video]
Frederick Schiwek is the co-founder and CEO of DomainInvest with over 15 years of experience in internet marketing, international business development, and of course, domain names. In fact, he has over 50,000 domain names in his portfolio. According to his biography on DomainInvest, "He is widely known as the former EVP of EuroDNS . ... - 1 hr 0 min ago
The Negotiator Agency: Corporate proxy buyers for high value domains
Large corporations do not want their branding plans exposed to the public outright. When billions of dollars are at stake, Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft utilize third party “proxy” buyers to acquire domain assets from their registrants. The case of is a great example of how Wall Street operates; jus... - 1 hr 17 min ago
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Domain Name Research Tools: Using the Global Brand Database
By Zak Muscovitch. Did you know there is a helpful and free online tool to search across multiple national trademark office databases? The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides a free online search tool called the Global Brand Database, that searches across 12 national databases, including the entire USPTO collect... - 1 hr 29 min ago
Isn’t This The Controversy Go Daddy Wanted With Its Superbowl Ad? (video)
I don't believe that the people at Go Daddy didn't know that this would happen. No way. Go Daddy's Superbowl 2015 ad was published today and it is causing a bit of a controversy. The video at already has … Continue reading → - 1 hr 31 min ago
2015 GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial Causing Controversy
For a while, GoDaddy has been sharing hints about the company’s Super Bowl commercial and Buddy the dog’s appearance. It seemed pretty evident that the company was not going to go the “sexy” route as it had done in years past, but the concept behind this year’s Super Bowl commercial had not been shared. ... - 1 hr 59 min ago
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Dating Site Hacked for 20 Million User Names; Keeping your personal life personal
How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) quickly – {Experience Based Guide}; Traditional Media No Longer Most Trusted For News and Information; Never Stop Lifelong Learning; In Business, Love Means Having to Say You’re Sorry; Why We're Removing Comments on Copyblogger; An Analyst Says Everybody Thinks Marissa Mayer Is An Idiot — She Isn...
The Frager factor - 2 hr 1 min ago
Web Werks Launches Online Platform for Domain Registrars, Registries, Web ... - Ping! Zine Web Ho...
Web Werks Launches Online Platform for Domain Registrars, Registries, Web ... Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine Domain Registration: With over 150 top level domains from across the globe to choose from, customers can find a name that suits their business, the countries that they do business in. Premium Domains: Allow customers to get t...
Reporter - 2 hr 10 min ago
My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 1-27-2015
Domain investors are certainly wiser these days. I know for myself, being picky has helped out quite a bit. With that said, I recently received an offer on a name.
JasonThompson - 2 hr 21 min ago
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Godaddy Looks Like They Have A Disaster On Its Hands; People Hate It’s Super Bowl Ad
Its been less than an hour since we posted Godaddy’s new Super Bowl Ad and social media is already weighting in on what might go down as one of the worst marketing blunders of all time. Just go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #GoDaddyPuppy and you will see that the vast majority of […]
The Domains - 2 hr 25 min ago
Why Bruce Marler Can Keep
Because he’s smart, and a developer.  Almost as soon as was registered, a great looking site went up on the formerly registry reserved domain name.  If you have questions about how to increase your credit score, p2p lending or any other credit topics, it’s worth checking out. If you haven’t already heard... - 2 hr 28 min ago
123 Expired Domains
The following 123 domain names are expired and available to register at the time of writing this. As usual, all names are linked to the Godaddy buy screen for quick access as the names are usually gone quickly. Read more →Other posts you might like:DomainingLists Now Features .Org and .Net Domain NamesNew Lists and New Features At Do... - 2 hr 35 min ago
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Non-Traditional Deals May Not Make Sense
I have this idea in my head that I will sell one of my domain names for cash plus equity, and the equity stake will become worth a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately for most of us, this is simply a pipe dream, and I think the likelihood of it happening is very slim. That being said, I have spent time negotiating deals like t... - 3 hr 19 min ago
GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercial will be its most controversial yet [Watch]
Here’s proof you can have controversy without nudity. GoDaddy made a name for itself with controversial Super Bowl commercials. If you thought its move from sexy commercials to one featuring a puppy dog meant the company was shying away from controversy, you’re in for a bit of a surprise. This year’s commercial (emb...
Domain Name Wire - 3 hr 47 min ago
This week’s new TLDs: .Space, Google’s .How and .RIP
5 new top level domain names will be released on Wednesday. A number of new top level domain names are being launched in general availability this week, all on Wednesday. Radix’s .Space hits registrars’ shelves at a price of about $10. It’s a generic domain, but also conjures up the idea of your “space” ...
Domain Name Wire - 3 hr 57 min ago
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Here Is the Godaddy Super Bowl Commercial; Not Risque But Downright Risky
The Super Bowl commercial has been released and as promised for the first time features a dog, name buddy, with a VERY brief appearance by Danica Patrick Although there are no sexy, barely clothed women, I would say this commercial is as risky a commercial as the company has ever run on the Super […]
The Domains - 4 hr 11 min ago
Super Bowl 2015 commercials: 11 ads to watch for -
Super Bowl 2015 commercials: 11 ads to watch for The web domain company returns with a furry, new friend: a golden retriever puppy named Buddy, says AdAge. The dog will join NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in telling the story "of the journey of a business owner." GoDaddy usually ... MCDONALD'S ... and more &ra...
Reporter - 4 hr 13 min ago
.FR In 2014: 2,853,406 Domain Names With A 5.06% Growth
The January 2015 edition of the Afnic Industry Report on Domain Names reviews the developments and trends in the French domain name market in 2014 after the opening of the new gTLDs. The .fr TLD represented 2,853,406 domain names as … Continue reading → - 4 hr 50 min ago
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Donuts Win Another New gTLD .Express Beating Out No ICANN Last Resort Auctions For J...
Donuts has won yet another new gTLD string ahead winning .Express. The only other applicant was submitted by who has now withdrawn their application. This domain was scheduled for an ICANN Last Resort Auction. There are now 11 new gTLD scheduled to go to an ICANN in February and 19 more for March. As […]
The Domains - 5 hr 27 min ago
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
I was very happy with the amount of newsletter signups we had yesterday.  I’d love to get it to the point where the newsletter goes out to enough people that I can really have some fun with it so sign up if you haven’t.  On another note, I realize there are problems with all our auction services.  But we also need to be t... - 7 hr 0 min ago
Where abandoned websites go to get a second chance - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Where abandoned websites go to get a second chance Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, a site launched in 2009 as a competitor to Tweetmeme, sold for $250,000 in 2010 and is now both blank and up for sale again. (The site's seller did not respond to requests for comment.), the domain name of Mark Zuckerberg's...
Reporter - 7 hr 37 min ago
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Russian Dating Site Hacked: 20 Million Members Info Released: email of Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo
Russian Dating Site Hacked Jennifer LeClaire over at CIO-Today published an article on the Russian dating site Topface being hacked by someone known as Mastermind. The website reports to have over 90 million members. From the article: “A hacker calling himself ‘Mastermind’ is claiming to be in possession of over 20 million credential...
The Domains - 8 hr 5 min ago

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