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Domain Holdings Q3 Report 2014 - Another $10M in Sales
Domain Holdings is extremely proud to announce our Q3 sales report showing another quarter with almost $10,000,000 USD in sales. View the full report showing a 300% increase in Sales to the China market, an insight into our top sales and more. - Wednesday, October 29, 2014 - 8:36
Research Shows Strong SEO Value for Keyword Domain Names Despite Search Engine Modifications
There was a study conducted by Can I Rank, the company is run by former Sedo CEO Matt Bentley, the study looked at the effect keyword domains have on organic ... Read More - 50 min ago
Google Voice Alternative Release Exclusive Perk for GoDaddy Members
In a press release announced a program for Go Daddy customers called, “Vonjour for Go Daddy” Go Daddy members will receive a discount of 15 % on Vonjour related services. As Go Daddy continues to focus on small business under Blake Irving this is another step in providing a comprehensive small business suite o...
The Domains - 58 min ago
.OOO Registry Talking Nonsense & Confusing 34,000 With 34 .ooo!
The .OOO registry is talking nonsense once again on an interview with the “Infibeam’s chief executive Vishal Mehta told ET that the company, being the sole owner of the global top level domain (gTLD), has seen massive interest from … Continue reading → - 1 hr 0 min ago
.ooo owner Infinibeam isn’t just crazy, it’s a misinformation machine
Company is spreading a lot of incorrect information about domain names. I was rather amused when Infibeam, the Indian ecommerce company behind .ooo, announced its bold ambitions for the domain name last month. I figured it was just a publicity stunt. Kevin Murphy called the company’s sales targets including millions of first ye...
Domain Name Wire - 1 hr 50 min ago
Cyber-catcall: Shoshana B. Roberts missed out on the dot .com
We’ve said it before: if you plan to be part of a viral campaign, make sure you already own your name as a dot .com, maybe even a variation of it. Shoshana B. Roberts, a New York based actress, made national news recently over her role as a naturally beautiful, casually dressed female walking in […] Copyright DomainGang - 2 hr 12 min ago
“Creepy” .Com videos get 600k watches, here are 2 more [Watch]
If you thought “Fish on a Bus” was weird, wait until you see “Bee in a Bar”. Last week Verisign released videos under its new marketing campaign “Make Your Idea Internet Official”. The videos have been described in a number of ways, with “creepy” being one of them. Yeah, “Fish on ...
Domain Name Wire - 3 hr 3 min ago
Poll: .Net vs. New gTLD
Yesterday, I read Kevin Murphy’s article, “Is the free ride over for Verisign’s .net?” In the article, cited comments from Verisign CEO Jim Bidzos and Verisign CFO George Kilguss regarding the current state of .net domain names and their future. After sharing public comments made by Bidzos and Kilguss, Murphy wrote,... - 3 hr 4 min ago
Sedo’s Website Gets A New Look
Sedo announced today that it has equipped its homepage with a revamped design. “Our goal with this new look is to put buyers first and to make it even easier for both existing and new clients to find the right … Continue reading → - 3 hr 8 min ago
Real Estate agent does not want to be a dot .Realtor
In a brutally honest essay on the dot .Realtor availability, Real Estate agent, Teresa Boardman, states that she will stick to dot .com for now. “I think I’ll just stick with my .com domains. I can have domain names like and and and several others that don’t include ... - 4 hr 7 min ago
Nominet’s Domain Dispute Resolution Service Passes 10,000th Case
Aston Merrygold, former member of boyband JLS, has been awarded the domain name following a complaint to Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). The decision marks the 10,000th domain dispute to pass through the DRS since it was established over … Continue reading → - 4 hr 12 min ago
New gTLD’s Top 3 Million Domain Names As .Realtor Moves Into #5 With 78K Free Registrations
New gTLD domain name registrations passed the 3 million mark today. According to, the total number of new gTLD domain name registrations sits at 3,026,376. The good news is that in less than 8 months new gTLD registrations went from zero to over 3 Milli 1&action=...
The Domains - 4 hr 18 min ago
.ee Domain Price To Drop From 12 To 9 Euros
On 1 January 2015, the Estonian Internet Foundation will bring the price of an .ee domain down from 12 to 9 euros. An .ee domain can be registered for one, two or three years. The domain name registration fee in … Continue reading → - 4 hr 21 min ago
DigikaPart: Iranian domain lost in UDRP due to copycat content
When your brand copies off another business’s name, making claims about the name’s origin won’t work if you also copy their content. A UDRP filed at the WIPO against the domain name by DigiKey Electronics, was met by a surprising claim by the Respondent. DigikaPart was registered in Iran and appears t... - 4 hr 38 min ago
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Thursday 10/30
Today is a special day in the Cultra household.  My daughter turns 15 years old.  She starts working on her permit in a few months. I say it only so all those of you who live or pass through Illinois can stay off the roads for a few years to save yourself.  Also Aaron and I have an ad spot available on the top right.  We’ll giv... - 4 hr 54 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 10-29-14 gartenmö sells for 20,000 Euros on Sedo
Daily Sales Recap 10-29-14 Garden furniture in German (gartenmöbel) sold for 20,000 Euros on Sedo, the .org sold for $5,748 back in 2011. sold for $4,200 the name was regged in 2005. Flippa saw close at $2,500 there was just one bid for the domain. Sedo Sales mrrent .com 4,200 USD relatify .com […... - 9 hr 12 min ago
FBI Created Fake Seattle Times Domains; Are Your URLs Optimized For The Search Engines?
3D printing and patents: IP law and the next disruptive technology; Manuel Noriega's lawsuit against 'Call of Duty' maker is tossed ("Call of Duty: Black Ops II” was released in November 2012 and netted more than $1 billion in sales in just two weeks.” if you are wondering where the real money is in tech!) and Wealthfront CEO Adam Na...
The Frager factor - 11 hr 26 min ago

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Discoveries – Research Project — Words — Names — and Some LLLL – Availablity in Ten Extensions...
Discoveries – Research Project — Words — Names — and Some LLLL – Availablity in Ten Extensions — Sharing Results 100+ Items ALSO ADD Me on Twitter @DropGrabs ................ Waving Hello to the Traffic Gang - 13 hr 10 min ago
Basic Math: Facebook’s $21.8 Billion WhatsApp Acquisition Lost $138 Million
PLUS… Mobile Ad Growth Helps Facebook Revenue Rise 59% yet Mark Zuckerberg Talks of Spending, and Facebook Stock Drops, Pentagon urges industry to innovate, take risks to meet threats, Peyton Manning Wants You to Eat a Pizza Topped With Fritos
The Frager factor - 14 hr 33 min ago
Photos & Highlights from the First Day of Pre-Show Networking at TRAFFIC East on Miami Beach
On a picture perfect day on Florida's Miami Beach the 10th anniversary edition of the pioneering T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference unofficially opened today when early birds enjoyed the first of two days of pre-show cabana networking at the fabulous Fontainebleau Hotel.
DNJournal - 14 hr 42 min ago
Domain Picks Dropping on Oct 30th 2014
I have been on sick leave, I promised my doc I would take it easy with my arm and I hated doing the left hand only typing thing so I just took the week off, it still hurts a bunch but it is healing... - 15 hr 25 min ago

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