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Caution, This Domain Has Not Been Evaluated By the FDA
Watch this animated video to observe how the average internet user will react to your brand name when you tell them it is Very entertaining.
Auction - 14 hr 2 min ago
Sedo Transactions Total $1.2 Million
Sedo just listed its transactions report for the past week and in all 556 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.2 Million. 50% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .coms: at 18,000 USD · Top ccTLD: at 15,750 […]
The Domains - 16 min ago
DOMAINX Domain Conference in One Week
After visiting a few international Domain Conferences like TRAFFIC, NamesCon etc, I am pretty excited to participate in what will be the largest Indian Domain Conference. There is a lot of pent up demand in the Indian Domain space for quality knowledge, know-how and networking with fellow domainers. An average domainer who has just s... - 54 min ago
Uniregistry Starts Integration With With ‘Uniregistry Tracker’
Uniregistry is working on the first phase of integration between the platform and the Uniregistry registrar. A new utility called Uniregistry Tracker where you can track your domain names for free was introduced yesterday. Using the Uniregistry Tracker you … Continue reading → - 1 hr 31 min ago
Minds + Machines Landrush Auctions Start Tomorrow
Over the weekend I got notice that the landrush auctions for Minds + Machines for  its first new gTLD’s go live tomorrow. We got notice over the weekend that we are in the landrush auction for the following domain names: The auctions are being handled by Each landrus...
The Domains - 1 hr 55 min ago web address: 180 lbs of ice left marks on Jared’s head!
Jared Ewy of is a remarkable individual, and that’s not only because he is a stand up comedian. When took the ice bucket challenge, Jared volunteered, receiving 180 lbs of ice on his shaved head! Damn! This insane amount of solidified and liquid water apparently left lots of bruises on Jared’s head, but ... - 2 hr 14 min ago
The Million Dollar Available Domain Name
Back in the mid 80′s and early 1990′s there were “available to register” domain names that have now some 20+ years later have become million dollar domain names all by themselves. These are likely still taking place as the world changes and new terms become more popular, but that will take some time. That is o...
DotWeekly - 2 hr 59 min ago
NameCheap for NetNeutrality: FCC, don’t flush our rights down the toilet [video]
NameCheap Released a video today for Net Neutrality:     Find out more here: posts: NameCheap Steals Spotlight Amidst GoDaddy Elephant Hunt Outrage NameCheap Giving Away More Free Domains With Twitter Trivia Challenge GoDaddy Launches Video Sharing Site NameCheap Twitter Trivia Contestants Raking in Free Domain Nam...
Domain Name News - 3 hr 21 min ago
ICA-Endorsed Session on ICANN Accountability Scheduled for September Third at IGF Istanbul
Although ICA is not in attendance at the Internet Governance Forum meeting currently taking place in Istanbul, Turkey an ICA-endorsed session on “Accountability in Multistakeholder Governance Regime ICANN” will be taking place on the morning of September 3rd. ICA was one of several host organizations that endorsed the proposal for th...
Internet Commerce Association - 3 hr 27 min ago
Epic Domainer video: Your Destiny Revealed in a Domain Name!
Your destiny, is about to be revealed in a domain name. This is the name of a new, animated movie about the life-changing effect of domain names. The critics called it “a masterpiece“, an “epic slap in the face of Hollywood’s multi-billion industry” and “a gripping documentary of life’s strug... - 4 hr 3 min ago
Why Apple Stock is Trading Higher and Why The Negative PR From Nude Hack Won’t Matter
Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL_) are up 0.72% to $103.24 in pre-market trade after it was reported that the company plans to turn its next iPhone into a mobile wallet through a partnership with major payment networks, banks and retailers
The Frager factor - 4 hr 4 min ago
Five Character .COM’s 100+ Items and Another Few Dozen Four Characters as Well As Some People...
Five Character .COM’s 100+ Items and Another Few Dozen Four Characters also in .COM As Well As Some People’s Names Available for Reg Fee… Add Me on Twitter @DropGrabs - 4 hr 20 min ago
Lawsuit filed over .email domain names files lawsuit after barrage of URS and UDRP complaints. Last month I wrote about Ltd, a company that has found itself in legal hot water after registering over 4,000 .email domain names. Many of the domain names match well known brands, such as, and As a result, Yoyo has...
Domain Name Wire - 4 hr 49 min ago
New gTLD Weekly Review: .Audio, .Digital, .Finance, .Credit, .Cologne, .Koeln
This week 9 New gTLDs enter General Availability, another 4 New gTLDs enter the EAP General Availability and 1 New gTLD enters a landrush phase. Uniregistry is launching 3 strings on the 3rd of September: .hiphop, .audio and .juegos (games … Continue reading → - 4 hr 58 min ago
Russian hackers breaking in to NameCheap accounts
If you have an account at NameCheap, now might be a good time to think about changing your password. According to the registrar, hackers based in Russia are using a haul of a reported 4.5 billion username/password combinations to attempt to break into its customers’ accounts. Some attempts have been successful, NameCheap warned... - 5 hr 21 min ago
Calzone: What you missed this weekend.
Fourteen new TLD Delegations have been published on Calzone. Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.   If you subscribe to Calzone, you will receive tailored alerts in your mailbox.  Free subscriptions also include calendar updates automatically sent to your personal calendar on your computer, smart pho... - 5 hr 43 min ago
Sedo’s Numeric Domain Auction Starting Tomorrow
I know some of you guys love numerics, so at least following the Sedo numeric domain auction that will start tomorrow might be a good idea. 264 domains are being auctioned and some of them are definitely amazing. However, those with a “lightweight” wallet need not apply, as the reserves are obviously very high. The “...
Domaining Tips - 6 hr 2 min ago
Why Domain Name Theft Matters to You
On occasion, I blog about security issues and phishing attempts that I spot or that are reported by domain name registrars. For instance, yesterday I wrote about Namecheap’s urgent warning, a week ago I wrote about a phishing email, and a while back I wrote about a GoDaddy phishing email. Security is important for ... - 6 hr 31 min ago
Uniregistry releases domain tracker to Hoover up domain names
System shows you which of your domains are about to expire and lets you transfer them to Uniregistry. Over the weekend, Uniregistry (the registrar, not registry) launched a new dashboard called “Domain Tracker”. It’s the first integration between Frank Schilling’s registrar and his domain sales/parking platfor...
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 6 min ago
New TLDs this week: Schilling launches .hiphop, Donuts charges your .creditcard
Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry joins Donuts with new TLD releases this week. Shortened holiday week be damned: new TLD operators are launching a bunch of domain names this week. And by this week, I really mean this Wednesday. Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry and Donuts all get in on the action on September 3. Uniregistry Unir...
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 31 min ago
Daily Domain Sales And Auctions (9-1-2014): $5,000, $1,725
I am starting a new daily post today. I am going to list all domain name sales and auctions I can find in most of the aftermarkets and auction houses. I hope you will enjoy it. It is also a … Continue reading → - 7 hr 33 min ago

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