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Auction - 14 hr 23 min ago
What Makes a Great Brandable Domain Name – With Margot Bushnaq
What is a brandable domain name and why is the average selling price between $2,000 and $4,000 on Founder Margot Bushnaq shares her knowledge about what makes a great brandable domain name and how – if you’re a domain name investor – you can list them for sale on - 11 hr 10 min ago
Domain Investor Prakhar Bindal Featured Stoy: How To Make Millions Trading Domains”, just published a story entitled “How To Make Millions Trading Domains. The story features Domain Investor Prakhar Bindal which must have come out of the recent domain conferences held in India. “”It is not just bullion and shares that can be traded to make millions. Now, trading Internet do...
The Domains - 28 min ago
Shale Fracking Is a “Ponzi Scheme" “Reminds You of Dot-Coms”; Kindest Thing to Say to a Widow
PLUS: Have you been "drive by doctored"?; Don’t Let iOS 8’s Accidental Selfie Feature Ruin Your Life; 25 Other Names Google Considered for Android; Cisco Buys Metacloud As Big Companies Suddenly Hot For Cloud; The Hundred Monkeys dot com versus G debate continues… join in! and ... For all the accolades Apple receives for being innova...
The Frager factor - 42 min ago
10 Churches Using .Church Domain Name
I’ve seen some press regarding the recently introduced .Church domain names. This morning, Hover reported that .Church “has debuted at no.8 on this week’s Top 20 gTLDs.” I wanted to have a look to see if any .Church domain names were being used by churches, and I shared some of what I found below. Based on a G... - 1 hr 8 min ago
Sedo and .Club at DMEXCO 2014 (video)
The .CLUB team joined the SEDO team at the huge DMEXCO conference in Cologne, Germany to introduce new domain names to leading digital marketers and brands from all over Europe. .CLUB CMO Jeff Sass had his trusty GoPro Hero camera … Continue reading → - 1 hr 31 min ago
Over 80% of 2 number .com ( under Chinese control
Due to the rising pricing, yesterday I took a look at all 2 Number .com domains form all the way up to From the whois information, I […] Related posts: The Best Generic Domain Portfolio Sale in Years – The Multi-Million Domain Auction That No One Knew About – Part 5 The Reason Why Sold For...
Direct Navigation - 1 hr 39 min ago
A much slower week ahead for new TLDs
A slower week, but still a lot of TLDs will hit the market. After an incredibly busy week with 16 new TLD launches last week, this week slows down quite a bit. Scotland didn’t vote to break off from the United Kingdom, but it does launch its .scot domain name on Tuesday. So ‘yes’ voters […]
Domain Name Wire - 2 hr 2 min ago
HuntingMoon’s Auction Is Live: 675 Domains: Adult, Dating, Gambling & New gTLD’s is holding an online auction of over 675 domain names including in conjunction with the Webmaster Access conference which is being held in Amsterdam. The auction ends Oct 1, 2014 in staggered fashion starting around 4PM EST/1PM PST There are also couple of small portfolios and two businesses for sale. While the domain...
The Domains - 2 hr 8 min ago
Domain Obituary: Nepali Kusal Shrestha is a dead(beat) domainer – RIP
This is a Domain Obituary for Kusal Shrestha, using the email addresses and and a phone number from Japan 080-4334-7288, logging in from the IP in Tokyo, Japan. On September 1st, after placing an offer of $2,100 which was accepted on Domain Name Sales, Kusal Shrestha agreed ... - 2 hr 9 min ago
CentralNic Invests $1.62 Million In .Tickets New Top-Level Domain
CentralNic plc, “the internet platform business which derives revenues from the global sale of domain names”, today announced that further to the announcement on 18 September 2014, the Group is investing US$ 1.62 million in Accent Media Ltd (“Accent Media”), the … Continue reading → - 3 hr 25 min ago
New gTLDs: Events over the Weekend
Two new Delegations and one Start-up Plan were published over the weekend. Calzone has also published the start and end dates for all Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability periods detailed in the new Start-up Plan. Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.   If you subscribe to Calzone, you will rece... - 3 hr 35 min ago
CentralNic invests in .Tickets TLD winner, valuing it at $13.5 million
Registry pumps money into .tickets auction victor. Domain name registry CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) has invested $1.62 million in Accent Media Ltd, which the latter used to help acquired the .Tickets TLD in a private auction. Accent Media Ltd beat Donuts, Famous Four Media, Tickets TLD LLC and Shubert Internet in the auction. CentralNic&#...
Domain Name Wire - 3 hr 37 min ago
Bahamas bound: Elliot celebrates birthday with ‘Silver Airways’ sponsorship!
It’s domain investor Elliot Silver’s birthday today, and the big news isn’t that Elliot finally turned 30 years old. “The big three-oh is an important milestone for all domain investors, but I have better news today,” said Elliot Silver, unveiling his sponsorship agreement with a major airline, Silver Ai... - 3 hr 42 min ago
Alibaba To Truncate Brand to Baba (.com), Brokers Converge on Zen Master Floor Finisher
Word on the street is that Alibaba, flush with $8 billion to spend improving the company’’s global outlook, may be considering truncating their brand to to fight negative connotations of the word Alibaba in the US
The Frager factor - 3 hr 45 min ago
SeekingAlpha”: Even After Marchex Stock Droped More Than 45%, Last Week Its Still Overvalued just covered Marchex and noted even though shares were down 45% last week and is down over 66% since July since July its still overvalued. The post was written by Ariana Research: “On September 18th, 2014, Marchex Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX) (“Marchex”, “MCHX”, or the “Company”) relea...
The Domains - 4 hr 9 min ago Sells for $100k
I recently learned about an excellent domain name sale that I am permitted to share publicly. Last week, was sold privately for a little over $100,000. The deal did not include a non disclosure agreement, so the seller was willing to share news of the sale as well as the sale price. I understand that the buyer contacted the ... - 4 hr 37 min ago
Accent Media Limited Win Private Auction For .Tickets Beating Donuts, Famous Four 2 Others
According to a press release we received overnight, a British company, Accent Media Limited, won the private auction for the new gTLD .Tickets beating Donuts, Famous Four Media, Shubert Internet, Inc., and Afilias According to the PR, “The company will offer domain names to approved organisations to provide safer online ticket ...
The Domains - 5 hr 16 min ago
Flippa Latest Sales: $14,100, $2,050
Highest sale this week at Flippa was the domain name that was sold for $14,100. Post-Auction Negotiation was the method of sale for 7 domains of this week’s list. These Flippa post-auction negotiations are working very well. “Buy It … Continue reading → - 6 hr 11 min ago
Verisign plans TLD standards group
Verisign is trying to form a new industry standards-setting association for domain name registries and registrars. To be called the Registration Operations AssociationTM (yes, according to its web site it is apparently already trademarked), Verisign wants potential members of the group to meeting in October to figure out whether such... - 6 hr 14 min ago
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday 9/22
Want to buy ?  It’s for sale over at for just under $700K at BIN price.  I am going to admit it.  I don’t have $700K to spend on a domain name but for those companies that have huge marketing budgets this is just a drop in the bucket and is one of the best names in the world.  All for under a million.  Anyo... - 6 hr 32 min ago
New gTLDs – September 2014 Week Four
New gTLDs – Week of 9/22 -9/26/14 The following are the New gTLD extensions being launched for the week.  One brings back icky memories from elementary school…soy.  We were being fed soy burgers before it was the trendy thing to latch onto these days.  blaaaah   These days I would have … Continue reading → The post New gT... - 7 hr 12 min ago

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