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NameSilo offers 33% com/net savings off already ultra-low pricing
To celebrate reaching our goal of doubling domains under management in 2014, we are very pleased to offer coupon code 33OFF2014. This coupon will discount 33% off of any .com or .net registration order up to $20! This results in .com registrations for only $6.00 and .net registrations for just $5.80. There is a limit of 15,000 total ...
For Sale - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 5:26
Happy Holidays 30% off all Domains until 12/31!
Over 500 Top level financial services domain names now 30% off with discount code BULK. All names are 10+ years old and hand registered.
For Sale - Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 9:51
Bebo Founders Buy Back for $1M
Launched in 2005, Bebo (which stands for ‘Blog Early, Blog Often”) use to be one of the biggest social networks in the UK, rising to 10 million unique users and at its peak Bebo saw over 1 billion page views per week! In 2008 AOL bought Bebo from the original founders Michael and Xochi Birch - 55 min ago
Daily Domain Sales (12-16-2014): $15,300, $14,999
I now own the 2 domains name I bought from the 3M Company. I waited for more than 2 months to get them. Here is my latest .NYC Report: 3% Of Registrants Own 37% Of .NYC Domains, 36 Registrants Own … Continue reading → - 1 hr 11 min ago
Alert: Several valuable domains have been stolen from eNom accounts
Several premium numeric and three letter .com domains have been stolen from eNom accounts, and were moved to GoDaddy. According to their owner, when these domains were acquired in the past, they were assigned individual passwords via the reseller portal. Somehow, a Chinese domain thief managed to guess those allegedly... - 1 hr 29 min ago
Another 3-Letter .Com Clears the 6-Figure Bar to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
The thirst for short .com domains remains unquenched - a point underscored again this week with another 3-letter .com heading our all extension Top 20 Sales Chart after ringing the 6-figure bell. The top 3 sales on the elite list were all .coms with 4 letters or less.
DNJournal - 2 hr 4 min ago
Market Recap 12-17-14 and Rightside both up over 4 %
Market Recap 12-17-14 The overall market bounced back on Wednesday and the domain related stocks followed suit. (WWWW) was up 4.49% on the day and hit a high on the day of $18.50. Rightside (NAME) which was down 8.85% down yesterday, got half of that loss back today and closed at $7.54. Minds + […] - 2 hr 16 min ago
Bargains Galore at December 17 .CA TBR Drop + Two .CA Domain Sales Today's .ca domain drop featured a total of 93 .ca domains that were caught.  That is a little lower than recent drops, but I think the name quality was better this week than last. Here are a couple of recent .ca domain sales I'm aware of:  -  $950 US  - sold at Sedo  -  $2,599 US  -  sold at Sedo ...
Dot CA Domains - 3 hr 18 min ago
Owner of Wins .Baby For $3.1 Million Dollars.
Johnson & Johnson which has owned and advertised for many years, just won the ICANN Last Resort Auction for the new gTLD .Baby for 3,088,888 Google, Minds + Machines, Donuts, Radix and Famous Four lost in the auction and unlike private auctions will not get any share of the winning bid. In the other […]
The Domains - 3 hr 44 min ago
UDRP Round Up:; Viagra.Ninja; Minnesota.Life; Landshark.Beer;
A few UDRP/URS case caught my eye over the last day or so. F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG the makers of Valium filed a UDRP on Doesn’t everyone? The domain name was just registered back in June Pfizer Inc just won two separate UDRP on the domain names and Viagra.Ninja Now that those are […]
The Domains - 3 hr 55 min ago
Johnson & Johnson Wins .Baby For $3.09m & Canadian Real Estate Association Wins .MLS For $3.36m
Today the 17th of December 2014, an Auction conducted by ICANN’s authorized Auction service provider, Power Auctions LLC, was held to resolve string contention sets for two new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) strings; .MLS, and .BABY. String contention occurs when … Continue reading → - 4 hr 8 min ago
From GoDaddy to Certegy collections over a $13.17 ‘debt’
Payment processor Certegy does not hold back; when it comes down to collecting a $25 dollar fee over a debt of $13.17 at GoDaddy, they will either get their money or report you to the credit bureaus, affecting your credit score in the process. A DomainGang reader and GoDaddy customer that wants to remain anonymous, […] Copyrigh... - 4 hr 22 min ago
Johnson & Johnson pays $3.1M for .Baby, CREA $3.4M for .MLS
.Baby and .MLS new TLDs awarded. Two new top level domain names contention sets were resolved at auction today. The auction with six participants ended with a lower price than the one with just two. Consumer products company Johnson & Johnson won .Baby with a $3,088,888 bid. It beat out Google, Minds + Machines, Donuts, […...
Domain Name Wire - 4 hr 33 min ago
Tucows Acquires Fiber Network and ISP
Light Reading is reporting today that Tucows has acquired the assets of Blue Ridge InternetWorks, which provides high speed Internet access and hosting to more than 3,000 customers in Central Virginia. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Tucows offers everything from domain name registration to mobile service… Tucows CEO Elliot ... - 5 hr 29 min ago
Hacked Sony eMails Reveal Scan (.ME) (good one btw) Goes for $50 Million!
developing over HERE   Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel On Leaked Plans: "I Felt Like I Was Going To Cry": The 24-year-old CEO is not happy 
The Frager factor - 5 hr 41 min ago
Years After I Sold, Streaming Names are Hotter Than Hell
The first promise of anywhere, anytime TV came from a fantastic broadband promise commercial in 2000. Any movie anytime any where! Today one can look back at a $$$ billion dollars for YouTube as so cheap@! In 2000-20009 it was Broadband that changed anything. As recounted in the book “Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom He...
The Frager factor - 5 hr 47 min ago
The Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) 1 Year Later
It was just one year ago that The National Arbitration Forum (Forum), an international provider of dispute resolution services, announced that Facebook was the first brand owner to file a dispute under the new Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS). The URS is a new dispute resolution mechanism created as part of the Internet Corporat... - 6 hr 19 min ago
Domain investors cashing in on the upcoming lifting of the embargo against Cuba
President Obama’s announcement of improved relationships with Cuba was welcomed with applause today, the half a century long embargo will eventually be lifted. Domain investors that have long believed in such a change in the US-Cuban relationships, should be excited, Rob Sequin‘s domain portfolio consists of several thous... - 6 hr 40 min ago
At Last! I Now Own The 2 Domains I Bought From 3M
At last, I now own the 2 domain names I bought from the 3M Company. I say ‘at last’ because the whole transaction lasted for more than 2 months. The “agreement” was reached on the 14th of October and that … Continue reading → - 6 hr 53 min ago
Last week’s end user domain name sales at Sedo
Some end user sales…and some probable end user sales. Sedo handled 573 transactions last week for a total of about $1.0 million of domain name sales. This week’s end user list is shorter than usual, but that doesn’t mean there were fewer end user sales. For one thing, there are a lot of domains still […]
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 11 min ago
Human glitch lets hackers into ICANN
It’s 2014. Does anyone in the domain name business still fall for phishing attacks? Apparently, yes, ICANN staff do. ICANN has revealed that “several” staff members fell prey to a spear-phishing attack last month, resulting in the theft of potentially hundreds of user credentials and unauthorized access to at least ... - 8 hr 45 min ago Will Remain Suspended
An Education Advisory Committee recommended that should remain suspended. The Education Advisory Committee was convened in April 2014 to consider the ongoing suspension of the third-level namespace, as well as to contemplate future initiatives and principles through which … Continue reading → - 9 hr 39 min ago

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