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As New gTLD Registrations Hit 2 Million Domains, Here Is Our Take On The New G’s
We have been talking about the new gTLD program for well over 6 years and over the weekend we noted that the number of new gTLD domain name registrations passed the 2 Million mark. So we thought this would be a good time to give some thoughts about where the program is at and where […]
The Domains - Monday, August 25, 2014 - 19:49
2 Lettter .com Market Report
View a key report of the 2 market including % of investor ownership, end user values, historical price trends, most common letters, and more - by Giuseppe Graziano. - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 13:2
CashBackCards.COM - Super Premium & Exact Match Domain Name
This is your opportunity to own one of the world’s most sought after exact match keywords on the most appropriate domain extension for the cash back industry. Those of you who are credit card/financial affiliates will know right away that this domain has tremendous potential for big profits. Estimated keyword cost-per-click (CPC)...
Auction - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - 14:7
Confirmed (Again): Was A $4.8 Million Dollar Domain Sale founder Bill Kimberlin confirms that the $4.8 million sale to eHealth was not for anything other than the domain. In a podcast which is linked to within this article he gives a very close look at the sale, and a bit of history on the origin of - 4 hr 12 min ago
A Domain Name Association - part 6
I had an interesting question in one of the forums about the topic of a domain industry association. The question was, 'Why is Michael doing this?' This question really caused me to think why I was spending time thinking about a domain association and it justified an answer. I looked at the two associations ( and ICA) and i...
Michael Gilmour - 52 min ago
NamePros New gTLD Marketplace Section Added
I wrote a post entitled “Should Domain Forums Have a Marketplace Section for New gTLDs?” on Monday and the following day, a reader noticed that such a section was just added over at NamePros. Here’s a link to that section (Marketplace – Domain Names – New gTLD). I got a chance to take a look and it
Domaining Tips - 3 hr 27 min ago
Shorties and More in .COM 45+ Items Available for Reg Fee On
Shorties and More in .COM 45+ Items Available for Reg Fee On Lots of Five Character .COM’s Add Me on Twitter @DropGrabs ~Patricia - - 4 hr 19 min ago
Largest .org sale of 2014 sells for $45,000 just crossed the Sedo sales tape as sold at $45,000. This will be the highest .org sale of 2014. The domain was registered in 1994 and had been owned by a Miles Fawcett of SAI Comm. The domain is currently parked and the whois is currently Sedo. Congrats to the seller.
The Domains - 5 hr 0 min ago
Just Added: Five New TLD Delegations
Five new TLD Delegations have been published on Calzone. Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.   If you subscribe to Calzone, you will receive tailored alerts in your mailbox.  Free subscriptions also include calendar updates automatically sent to your personal calendar on your computer, smart phone, ... - 5 hr 26 min ago Owner Receives 40,000 Uniques A Day Thanks to
New York Times covers .tv with the recent sale. Noam Cohen wrote a piece about .tv and he emailed me for some comments which went to spam and I did not see until after his deadline, never the less it is a good piece that Noam wrote on the .tv extension. Noam talked about […] - 5 hr 37 min ago
Divyank Turakhia: How to remember the hardest names in Domaining
Some domainers have nearly unpronounceable names, and when you first meet them at a domain conference you might take a second look at their business cards. Memorizing these difficult names can be made easier though, if one utilizes a series of tricks that involve visualization. Let’s take, for example, domain investor and entre... - 5 hr 38 min ago
Warning: Phishing Email
I want to share an email with you that appears to be a phishing attempt to gain access to a customer’s domain names and account at I am quite sure I would not have fallen for this for a variety of reasons, but Gmail marked it as spam just in case. If you receive an email like this that purports to be from Register... - 5 hr 53 min ago
Lavish Camps, Billionaires, A/C and Power Players Like Serge, Musk and Zuk Have Crowd at Burning ...
Lavish Camps, Billionaires, A/C and Power Players Like Serge, Musk and Zuk Have Crowd at Burning Man Burning Mad Private jet arrivals, Gourmet chefs. Air conditioned dwellings and "sherpas." The Google guys may help fund this annual extravaganza, but money is not welcome after that! Burning Man, the annual gathering of hippies and ...
The Frager factor - 6 hr 43 min ago
Paint It .Black: New gTLD Registries And Registrars Have A Long Way To Go
New gTLD registries and registrars have a long way to go trying to make New gTLD domain names available to everyone. There is no consistency and every registrar has it’s own confusing  rules that most of the time are not … Continue reading → - 7 hr 19 min ago
ICANN terminates billion-dollar gTLD applicant over unpaid $3,000 bill
Telefonica Brasil, part of the massive Telefonica group of telecoms companies, has lost its registrar accreditation after failing to pay its ICANN fees. The company, which had revenue last year of $14.6 billion, is facing termination of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement over the pitiful sum of $3,082.12. It’s also embarrass... - 7 hr 26 min ago
My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 8-27-2014
If you are looking for air duct cleaning geo domains, then today may be your lucky day. Someone is dropping so many of them that I can’t put them all
JasonThompson - 7 hr 26 min ago
Guest Post – Inside The Mind Of A Flippa Super Seller
From Morgan: This is a guest post by Ali Zandi, a Flippa Super Seller. Ali has built a solid business selling domains on Flippa and he has taken the time to share some of the tips and tricks that have helped him become successful with all of you. Huge thanks to Ali for putting this together […] - 7 hr 43 min ago
AI Robot Called Amy; Three-Parent Babies And Smart Capabilities To Entire Car Fleets
Names for those headline ideas.. PLUS: Car detects if drivers are falling asleep at the wheel, wakes them up; Service offers luggage-free travel to frequent fliers; The Case for Public Relations; Facebook Targets Ads Based on Cell Signal Strength... and AT&T to purchase DirecTV Facebook Targets Ads Based on Cell Signal Stren...
The Frager factor - 8 hr 11 min ago
Reach Out to a Registry
I think fairness has always been an issue in the domain space. People and companies are often able to cut private deals with registries, registrars, parking companies, and other industry companies, and the results of their deals may be looked upon by others with some jealousy and perhaps disillusionment. Whether you agree with privat... - 8 hr 14 min ago
Yoyo Email Ltd: Six UDRP cases in 2 months for the same Respondent!
It’s turning into an epic disaster of sorts: Yoyo Email Ltd is setting new negative records, by losing no fewer than 6 UDRP cases that we’ve covered, in two months’ time no less. After making the mistake of registering major brands in the dot .email gTLD, Yoyo Email Ltd was hit by one UDRP after […] Copyright ... - 8 hr 30 min ago
UDRP: Girls Do Porn, but company Doesn’t Do Trademarks well
Company runs site that is rather descriptive of its services. BLL Media Holdings has lost a UDRP it filed against Infinitoria Ltd over the domain name (in which “girl” in singular). The complainant purports to run the site (in which “girls” is plural). BLL failed to show the Worl...
Domain Name Wire - 8 hr 42 min ago
.discount, .fitness, .global, more available at EnCirca
General Availability – open to everyone, first come, first served: .discount – $30 .fitness – $30 .furniture – $50 .schule – $20 Landrush – Premium priced, open to anyone: .global - $150 Early Access Program – no trademark needed, premium priced: .claims .credit creditcard gratis Find out mor... - 9 hr 0 min ago
Christine Jones’ gubernatorial bid ends in primaries
Former GoDaddy exec places third in Republican primary. Christine Jones, former general counsel for GoDaddy, lost her bid to become the next governor of Arizona in the Republican primary yesterday. Doug Ducey, current Arizona treasurer and former CEO of ice cream franchise Cold Stone Creamery, took 37% of the vote in the primary. Jon...
Domain Name Wire - 9 hr 15 min ago
A Few Thoughts On The TRAFFIC Awards Nominations
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. announced the Nominees for the 2014 T.R.A.F.F.I.C. AWARDS today. Here a few thoughts I had after I read the nominations list: People seem to be tired of awards. Not a lot of votes were sent. And just 2 months … Continue reading → - 9 hr 21 min ago

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