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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Acme Billing Company files federal lawsuit for 14 stolen domains
A federal lawsuit has been filed by Wiley Rein, a law firm specializing in intellectual property matters, on behalf of Acme Billing Company of Florida. The lawsuit is brought against several Defendants, for a total of 14 domain names that have been stolen, and are being monetized by individuals in China; the lawsuit is seeking [̷... - 13 hr 2 min ago
Shark Tank ‘spinoff’ to go live without securing the dot .com
The highly entertaining TV show, Shark Tank, utilizes the different personalities of five angel investors, judging the viability of entrepreneurs seeking capital. Yesterday, ABC that it was moving forward with a spin-off titled Beyond the Tank, which will follow up on the results those that received investments by the show. Beyond th... - 13 hr 26 min ago
“What Have We Learned From .Com?” Apparently Not A Lot!
Rolf Larsen, founder and CEO of dot GLOBAL, wrote an article on “Innovation Insights” of Some people will not like what I have to say about the article, including Rolf. These kind of articles are misleading at best and … Continue reading → - 13 hr 40 min ago
Copywrong; This $10,000 Car Runs On Air; Vintage Apple-1 Computer Fetches $905,000
The top 20 US cities for tech startup funding; The top 20 US cities for tech startup funding;Their lives were big. Their dreams were bigger. See how the spirit of the Dodge Brothers lives on.  Now this is a GREAT commercial (so rare these days); How to Say No to Working for Free  and Evidence Facebook's revenue is based on fake li...
The Frager factor - 13 hr 59 min ago
October 2014 Great Domains Auction Results
Sedo shared the results of its October Great Domains auction, and there were 11 domain names that met the reserve price and sold. The sales were both in USD and EUR, and over $100,000 worth of domain names were sold during this month’s auction. A trio of three letter .com domain names were the largest sales at this auction, and... - 14 hr 16 min ago
.NYC Landrush Auctions Are Underway
The landrush auctions for .NYC domain names are underway at according to someone who is involved in the auctions. We previously announced that the auctions would start today on a staggered 3 stage basis going through November 6th. We understand that not everyone who submitted a landrush application went ahead and establ...
The Domains - 15 hr 12 min ago
.Realtor Launches Today But Geographic, Generic Terms And Initials Are Not Available
The National Association of Realtors launches .REALTOR today October 23 offering 500,000 domains to its members but geographic, generic terms and initials are not available. For example if you are named John Cooper Smith you can’t register the domain name … Continue reading → - 15 hr 12 min ago is now 2 years old
Hello and Assalamo Alaikum, Time really flies and it’s over 2 years since the launch of and when it completed the first year I wasn’t aware at all. But this time I thought to remember it and still missed the shot. I still can’t believe it’s over 2 years and it’s an amazing journey. […... - 15 hr 37 min ago
How you can (and can’t) justify recent Top Level Domain auction prices
In this post, DOT TBA founder Christa Taylor considers the payback period for new TLDs based on recent auction prices and current registration volumes. The October 22nd ICANN new top level domain name auction resulted in the resolution of several TLDs selling for substantial amounts of money: .Realty $5.6 million .Salon $5.1 million ...
Domain Name Wire - 16 hr 46 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 10-23-14
Go Daddy Coupon dcus149r in the USA for one new reg dot com – $1.49. How big was the recent Penguin update ? has some good research for those interested, just posted today. Go Daddy Auctions Where the action is at today – 7 year domain that is already over $2,000. Go Daddy […] - 16 hr 50 min ago Domain Name Sold for Over $200k
A week ago, many mainstream news articles were quite critical of Blue String Ventures and its owners for trying to sell the domain name. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, a company called Weed Growth Fund, Inc. (formerly Ovation Research, Inc.) has acquired the domain name “for $50,00... - 16 hr 57 min ago founder Divyank Turakhia learned how to pilot helicopters in a week!
A new article in the economic section of The Times of India describes Divyank Turakhia‘s passion for flying airplanes and helicopters. The founder of Directi and has a passion for flying which materialized in 2008, when he bought a Cessna172 plane and learned how to fly for that very reason: “I didn’t know... - 17 hr 13 min ago
Apple Rips To A New All-Time High, Different Ghosts For Different Folks: Why Snapchat’s New Adver...
Brilliant Advice on Online Haters from Three Surprising Sources, See what makes the iPad Air 2 so skinny, What Does Your Brand Sound Like?, Survey: 80% of Premium Publishers Want to Sell Ads Based on Time, Melissa Rivers inherits over $100m of late mother’’s estate…
The Frager factor - 17 hr 25 min ago
A Rumble in the Bronx over a Couple .Nyc Domains
Two .nyc domains are at the heart of an online turf war in The Bronx. and are being used as digital bargaining chips as one Bronx blogger wants another to retract statements and stop harassing An online dispute rooted in the Bronx has turned into a battle of domains. Blogger Ed Garcia Conde...
The Domains - 17 hr 38 min ago
Fegistry Wins .REALTY Auction For $5.6m, Outer Orchard .SALON For $5.1m & Amazon .SPOT For $2.2m
On 22 October 2014, an Auction conducted by ICANN’s authorized Auction service provider, Power Auctions LLC, was held to resolve string contention sets for three new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) strings; SALON, SPOT, and REALTY. String contention occurs when ICANN … Continue reading → - 17 hr 39 min ago
Daily Picks for .Pro Auction at SnapNames 10/23/14
Here are today’s top picks for .Pro auctions at SnapNames: HANDMADE.PRO PETERBURG.PRO FREEZE.PRO - 17 hr 43 min ago
Dot .Crap LLC to bring equilibrium in the Domain industry as a new, affordable gTLD
The apparent collective failure of gTLDs to deliver meaningful domains for end-user web sites, is leading to the creation of even more gTLDs. Despite the huge success of dot .XYZ – a top level domain with more than a billion active web sites – the total numbers of all other gTLDs combined are quite paltry. […] Copyr... - 18 hr 48 min ago
$5.6 Million A Good Buy For .Realty To Compete with .Realestate, Realtor, .Property., .MLS & .IMMO?
Last night the highest priced paid for a new gTLD of the three that were at the ICANN last resort auction yesterday was .Realty at $5.6 million purchased by domain industry veteran Jay Westerdal’s company. (The exact price paid was $5,588,888) .Realty joins .Realestate; .Realtor; .Property, .MLS,  .Immo, (which is short for imm...
The Domains - 18 hr 59 min ago
Breaking: The Register – Building your site on a new gTLD may provide SEO benefits
One of the big questions in everyone’s mind surrounding the new gTLDs is how they will fare in search engines like Google and Bing. Yesterday The Register took a deep dive into two SEO studies that were done on the new gTLDs that show there could be some meaningful SEO benefits to putting a site on a […] - 19 hr 1 min ago
17 more end user domain name sales
Here’s a list of some of the end users that bought domain names last week. Sedo handled a total of 484 transactions last week, representing $1.4 million in total sales. Yes the most expensive sale they reported was just $16,200, suggesting there was at least one big sale that is not public. Before I run […]
Domain Name Wire - 19 hr 4 min ago

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