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New gTLD Categories?
Yesterday, I wrote a post about the fact that in my opinion, geo new gTLD (especially city new gTLDs, as Christopher Hofman pointed out in a comment) are clearly outperforming niche new gTLDs (such as Dot Furniture) but wait a second… what’s a niche new gTLD? Ok, in some cases, it’s obvious that an extension can
Domaining Tips - 10 hr 43 min ago
Google Authorship Comes To An End
Eric Enge wrote a very detailed and lengthy post about the end of Google Authorship, I remember when this first came out and everyone was telling me how important this was and to get on it. Bill Hartzer wrote an excellent piece about it on back in March of 2013. This is one of […]
The Domains - 11 hr 17 min ago
"To Make 7 Figure Sales, One Has To Turn Down 6 Figure Offers" ~~George Hong
PLUS: Should You Ever Turn Down An Investment Offer? If You Lose Your Job….Google Exec Megan Smith Might Be The Next CTO Of The USA; The New Rules of Selling; CEO: The Loneliest Job in Business; Google Has Been Working On A Top-Secret Drone Program and.. Marketing Automation Can Help Startups Sell Like the Big Brands Google ...
The Frager factor - 11 hr 30 min ago
Domain Name News: August 29 Week in Review
Hand-curated, no-B.S., important domain name industry news, including: • Quickly Find The Top Websites Built On New TLDs • .HIV's Innovative, Dangerous Business Model • Domain Name Investor Sentenced to Jail for Tax Fraud • Apple Goes in Heavy On .DISCOUNT • $55,000 a Year for a Domain Registration: .ATTORNEY... - 12 hr 4 min ago
Mixture Keywords in .COM and Some People Names in .COM 45+ Items Available for Reg Fee Keywo...
Drops - Hand Selected More than 45+ items – Available – Grab for Reg Fee JustBuyTOYS RoadFinding DeepGardens RoamOutdoor FutureZonez RiverTowner EcoHouseGuy EcoHomeGuys GettyTravel GettyHealth EndPetAbuse FindAValuer BooshieBags JoyInTheSun Add Me On Twitter @DropGrabs - 12 hr 39 min ago
Nominet: 674 DRS Complaints in 2013 (complaints down 17%, 55% of domains transfered)
Nominet published a summary that shows that the number of domain name disputes handled by Nominet fell by over 17% in 2013. The summary provides an overview of all the complaints that were filed with the organisation’s lauded Dispute Resolution Service … Continue reading → - 13 hr 46 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 8-28-14 sells for $4,300 on NameJet
Daily Sales Recap 8-28-14 sold for 7500 GBP on Sedo, ($12,437) and sold for $5,000. got in on the cctld sales train today and sold for $4,900. sold for $4,300 on NameJet, earlier today I put out a post of the 51 sales reported to DN Journal for 2014. [&... - 14 hr 22 min ago
Let the Drone Wars Begin – Google vs. Amazon
It’s official, we are living in the future. Just when we thought the battle over Smart TV’s was making us feel darn futuristic Google had to join Amazon in the battle for drone supremacy. Today Google announced what it is calling “Project Wing” in this post on Google Plus. Here’s a video of Project Wing ... - 15 hr 17 min ago

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SeatGeek (.com)— Peyton and Eli Manning, Nas & Boston Celtics CEO Wyc Grousbeck
Super Bowl MVPs making money from ticket sales—  what an idea as SeatGeek Raises $35 Million From Accel Following my earlier post about and the impact of adding celebrities and marketing to the domain game, SeatGeek is the leading ticket search engine that enables fans to quickly and easily discover the best deals for spo...
The Frager factor - 18 hr 7 min ago Proves Yet Again: If You Want a Successful Auction, Have Numerics
Here’s another sales report that most likely isn’t going to show up in DnJournal’s weekly report despite the fact it was one of the most successful auctions of the year. is wrapping up it’s summer showcase auction and once again the prices didn’t disappoint.  Here is a list of some of the most not... - 18 hr 40 min ago
Jessica Alba’s $180K Honest (.com) Now Worth $1 Billion (& gets $70 Million More Funding
We've always speculated on a factor that Estibot never considers: what happens when you add Hollywood star-power, television advertising and a bright idea to a short, memorable dictionary domain that is already engrained with meaning in the hearts and minds of people and popular culture. Take the case of which, according t...
The Frager factor - 19 hr 28 min ago
The spiffiest infographic of all
Hey there, #GenXYZ. We can’t believe August is almost wrapping up and Fall is right around the corner. What was the highlight of your summer? Ours was hands down launching .xyz in June, and watching it continue to expand as the world’s largest and fasting growing new domain extension. And that’s all thanks to your […]
Gen.XYZ - 19 hr 36 min ago
Domain Picks Dropping on Aug 29th 2014
I am not going to sell that new gTLD that is stalled out at $1500, I want more so I think I will hang on to that one for a while, but I do think I am going to take a final $1k offer on another... - 21 hr 44 min ago
Despite Competition from New gTLDs .ORG Continues to Grow with Registrations Passing the 10.4 Mil...
When the new gTLDs began arriving in the first half of this year a lot of people predicted that the new competition would hurt the original non .com gTLDs, .net and .org more than .com. So, it was interesting to see that PIR reported continued .org growth in the first half of this year.
DNJournal - 21 hr 58 min ago
Google terminates Authorship Program in search results!
The much hyped Google Authorship Program that promoted the use of personal Google+ credentials, is now officially over. The shocking news was delivered by John Mueller who spear-headed the project at Google Webmaster Tools, in an emotionally charged blog post: “We’ve gotten lots of useful feedback from all kinds of webmasters and use... - 22 hr 6 min ago Sells For $18,500 At Sedo (Sold For The 3rd Time In 2 Years) sold for $18,500 at Sedo after it was previously sold for $6,640 at Namejet back in November 2013. The domain has been auctioned 3 times in the past, selling twice, before being sold at Sedo: $6640 Namejet November … Continue reading → - 22 hr 56 min ago
Geo New gTLDs Are Clearly Outperforming
The first results for the newly launched Dot Hamburg (large German city) are in and after the first day of General Availability, there are 13,793 domains. Solid results and all in all, I can’t remember any geos about which you can say that they were a flop. In contrast, Dot Furniture for example only has 605
Domaining Tips - 23 hr 5 min ago
Domain Movers Special Addition Domain Name Sales
Ron Jackson of posted’s Q2 reported domain name sales and these are always very interesting sales IMO, because DNS always maximizes domain name sales and will often produce domain sales prices many wouldn’t ask for specific domain names. So, I spent a little time and did a little digging ...
DotWeekly - 23 hr 16 min ago
Poll: What is Worth?
This afternoon, I published an article about the upcoming domain name auction that will be held in November. In my opinion, this is one of the top travel domain names, and domain names of this caliber do not come on the market all that often. I thought it would be interesting to see how much readers believe this domain na... - 23 hr 40 min ago
My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 8-28-2014
This list is beyond late today! This is because I spent my morning trading GPRO. I did pretty well. I sold out of my complete position and now only have
JasonThompson - 23 hr 44 min ago

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