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Friday, April 18, 2014 Another domain gem changed hands for $xx,xxx
Conan Pravasi is on a roll; the proud owner of has sold yet another top notch domain on DNForum: It’s a little known secret that people buy Lego kits from estates and resell them individually on eBay; domain portfolios acquired in the same manner can bring lots of profit when sold separately. This [&#... - 12 hr 46 min ago
Millionaires. Centimillionaires. Billionaires. (All Gathered at the ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year‘ Gala)
How Neil Young Won Kickstarter- The rock legend's PonoPlayer portable music device raised $6.2 million, becoming one of the most successful campaigns ever on the crowdfunding website; 3 Unconventional Ways to Inspire Employees; 7 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Harmony and … Tweet-a-Coffee: Another example of Starbucks' brilliance ...
The Frager factor - 13 hr 11 min ago
Calzone: Sunrise Periods Ending
  Time is running out to participate in six Sunrise Periods ending this week.  One TLD, .wed, is also ending its Landrush Period in conjunction with its Sunrise End.   Calzone allows you to subscribe to any TLD phase, category, or script.   If you subscribe to Calzone, you will receive tailored alerts in your mailbox.  [... - 13 hr 24 min ago
.Club Outfits a Bus in Vancouver
Watch out for the new .CLUB bus on the streets of Vancouver! #gtlds #newgtlds #dotclub #domains — .CLUB Domains (@getDotClub) April 18, 2014   According to this tweet made by the .Club Registry, there is at least one bus driving around Vancouver with .Club branding. This might not be the most targeted ... - 13 hr 51 min ago
Uniregistry to Sponsor T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 at Las Vegas
Uniregistry will be sponsoring the luncheon on May 29th at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. West 2014 at Las Vegas. Here is the announcement from Rick Schwartz: T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is excited to announce that Frank Schilling’s UNIREGISTRY will be sponsoring the luncheon on Thursday, May 29th, at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. … Continue reading → - 14 hr 12 min ago
Infographic: LinkedIn hits 300 million member milestone
LinkedIn announced today, that they have 300 million registered users worldwide; 100 million of which reside in the US. The social network for professionals started in 2002, at a time before Facebook, filling the void for professional networking. “To get there, we are delivering personalized experiences built around members and... - 14 hr 13 min ago
.guru first new gTLD to 50,000 names
Donuts’ pioneering .guru yesterday became the first new gTLD to surpass 50,000 domain name registrations, according to today’s zone files. DI PRO makes today’s total 50,210, having added 209 names yesterday. Technically, that means .guru passed the 50k mark on Wednesday, but I’m excluding some infrastructural ... - 14 hr 32 min ago
Stephanie Adams on Brandable and Geo Business Domain Names
Stephanie Adams has been featured in and on numerous magazine covers as well as various newspapers such as New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, and many more.  She is a model, author and business owner.  Stephanie answered a few questions for DNA on the domain names she has for her businesses. DNA:  You own a... Read more » The p... - 14 hr 47 min ago
First .london anchor tenants named
The forthcoming .london gTLD has earmarked its first 28 domain names, most of which are going to some famous, and not-so-famous, local brands. Judging by the list of names, registry Dot London Domains is going for a relatively classy bunch of anchor tenants, which is probably why I wasn’t invited to the launch event earlier [&#... - 14 hr 54 min ago
TRAFFIC receives Uniregistry sponsorship
It’s Phriday! No pumping here – just domain news done right. TRAFFIC announced the immediate sponsorship of its Las Vegas show by Uniregistry – Frank Schilling’s uber-registry and affiliate megacorp. In an email sent out earlier today, Rick Schwartz stated: “T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is excited to announce that Fra... - 15 hr 10 min ago
Afilias’ new top level domain names have very slow first day
Color me surprised. Afilias launched its first six new top level domain names yesterday, and I’d rate it as the worst first day performance of any portfolio applicant. I’m basing this on changes to the zone files. Here are the six domains Afilias’ launched in general availability yesterday with how many domains they...
Domain Name Wire - 15 hr 16 min ago
SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on April 18th, 2014
I’m going to have to admit it.  Many of the articles on the domaining feed are down right unreadable.  We all pump.  We get paid to pump.  But due to the sheer number of new gTLDs coming out there is a much bigger need for pumping.  The competitiveness had also turned things ugly as readers and customers are getting tired of th... - 17 hr 10 min ago
What Are Some Myths About SEO ?
By: Raymond Hackney Matt Cutts did a webmaster video and answered some of the existing myths related to SEO. One of the biggest Matt said is that if you use Adwords you will rank better. He said others have a conspiracy theory that its the reverse. Matt says Google is really just about getting return visitors, its that simple they ju... - 18 hr 47 min ago
Domain Name News: April 19 Week in Review
The Week of Domaining In Review: April 19, 2014. The latest domain name news, hand-picked for you. Makes Five-Year Deal to..., Rightside's First Two Domain Names..., Panelist Digs Up Key Fact..., .marketing and .holiday Each Pick..., .rich Promises New Marketing After..., How One Guy Games New..., Dotbest Cancels Land... - 19 hr 17 min ago
The White House Unveils A New Privacy Policy
WhiteHouse Updates its Privacy Policy Martha Mendoza wrote a piece for the AP on the White House updating their out dated privacy policy. The administration has been criticized from all sides after Edward Snowden exposed sweeping U.S. government surveillance programs. This policy aims to address at least some of those concerns. From ...
The Domains - 19 hr 36 min ago
EURid will be the registry of the .eu top-level domain for the next 5 years
EURid has been confirmed as the registry manager of the .eu top-level domain for the next five years, with the European Commission Decision (2014/207/EU), published in the Official Journal of the European Union (L109). “We feel honored to have been … Continue reading → - 21 hr 32 min ago
Daily Sales Recap 4-17-14 sells for $11,100 on Sedo
By: Raymond Hackney Daily Sales Recap April 17, 2014 Sedo Sales (11,100 USD) (1,380 USD) (1,000 USD)gewerbeflä (16,500 EUR) Afternic $ $ $ $24, $1, $ $6,675giuseppezan... - 22 hr 20 min ago
Powered by CAX: List of all available 3 to 8 letter Dictionary Word dot .Link domains from Unireg...
Single word, dictionary domain names stand a better chance of being used as brands, or to be resold. Who was the ‘smart’ guy that said all the good dot .link domains are taken? (LOL) Here’s the list of all available 3 to 8 letter dictionary words (in English), presented below for the dot .Link gTLD […] - Friday, April 18, 2014 - 0:19

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Will The NFL try to stamp out love ?
Will the NFL try to stamp out love ? The domain name was registered last month, the domain is under privacy.  The website is already up and running and actually got a bit of press on Yahoo Sports today. Anwar S. Richardson wrote, It is hard being single and searching for the perfect companion. […]
The Domains - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 22:39
Domain Shane’s Weekly Book of 10…,, TwoBuckChuck
The list is back this week after taking a sabbatical last week.  Per usual, there are a few names at auction and a few names at BIN prices. If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know.  Here are today’s names.  Not a lot of State.nets come up for sale.  And I’m surprised by the low price eMOOC.c... - Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 22:24

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