Have some valuable .xyz domains you want to flip? We created a vertical marketplace to trade them. You are welcome to sell or buy.
Cax.com - Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 6:9
Looking for a verb.com or a verb.me that makes sense
We have a client looking to quickly acquire a pair of verb.com or a verb.me that makes sense, the buyer is an investor, so he is only interested if you domain is priced for resellers. Don’t contact, simply list the name with a BIN under $10K. If your name is appealing and well priced you could definitively make a sale today!
Cax.com - Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 3:34

Busy-Moms-Tips-Blo... $150 1
SeoServiceSlinks.com $65 6 5m
MobileWebRockStar.... $365 26 17m
CosmeticSurgeryBas... $50 1 19m
Kisses.io $70 6 23m
VehicleFishing.com $115 17 23m
Obese.io $30 4 24m
Usajob.info $6 1 25m
SocialCavalier.com $50 1 52m
OtsSoftware.com $150 2 1h 25m