Shaving My Head for Charity
Whatever hair I haven’t pulled out of my head from dealing with the domain business will be shaved off in a charity fundraiser for the WaterSchool. Please click this link […] Related posts: Twitter to expand usage of HUGE Deals Will Be Happening Real Soon Toby Clements Upgrades Daily Domain Newsletter
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Another 2 letter .Com Just Sold
People ask if I still buy names. The answer is always that it depends on the domain and the price. With that said I found out that one of the […] Related posts: Use – A Great Tool for Domain Auctions The Reason Why Sold For $1,000,000 – How would you like to Own this 3 letter domain n...
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Use – A Great Tool for Domain Auctions
I’m at a computer most of my day. Like most of us, I use the internet to shop, bid on auctions and other things that we used to have to […] Related posts: Becomes The “Christies” of Domain Auctions – Perfect Name For A Great Site Heritage Auctions To Hold 2nd Domain Name Auct...
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Adam Dicker sells
A recent transaction that I am aware of was the sale of Adam sold the domain name in the past few days. The purchase price was $40,000. I think […] Related posts: The Multi-Million Domain Auction That No One Knew About – Part 3 Sells Another Six Figure Domain Sells for $50,000...
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Just turned down a 7 figure offer
Most deals that I work on require complete silence due to NDA’s. As such, almost all transactions and negotiations are not reported or discussed by me. However, I do get […] Related posts: Let’s Discuss – The Future Of Domains and Internet Companies Here Is A $300,000 USD Sale That I Can Mention Domain Spamme...
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