36Names : Domain leasing project goes live
During NamesCon 2016, the founders of 36Names shared with us their plans for a domain leasing platform, targeting start-ups and corporations. We have been notified that the project ended its testing phase, and is now live. Lauren Smith, co-founder of 36Names stated: 36names.com is live and and accepting domain names from the domainer...
DomainGang.com - 34 min ago
Chinese domain market report : Cancer patients make their own meds!
China‘s massive size presents challenges at a scale unknown to the West. Everything is spread across a land relatively small for the 1.4 billion people it accommodates. Despite its rise from a nation of rice farmers to a technological and manufacturing giant, China is still held back by bureaucracy. Lack of proper regulation, e...
DomainGang.com - 13 hr 51 min ago
Chinese domain market : Have China’s PPC practices gone too far?
The Chinese domain market has exploded in recent months, and attendance at the World Domain Conference is expected to triple next year. One company, that will remain anonymous for the time being, has crossed the line with regards to how it recruits domainers for its domain parking (PPC) program. An email is making the rounds, […...
DomainGang.com - Friday, August 26, 2016 - 17:53
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Lowballing investor : The hell with dot .Blog domains!
The upcoming launch of .Blog domains by WordPress makers Automattic, is already creating some huge backlash within the domainer community. Jefferey LaDouche is an enterprising minimal risk domain investor, a title he prefers over the less complimenting “domain lowballer.” The launch of dot .Blog throws one of LaDoucheR...
DomainGang.com - Friday, August 26, 2016 - 13:29
NameCheap : Bugging domainers until two factor authentication is added!
One’s choice of domain registrar is quite personal. We rarely use NameCheap, as we consolidate our domains elsewhere. Still, NameCheap offers good value for domain investors and it provides an easy to manage domain platform. NameCheap also offers discount coupons and deals quite often, via Twitter. Having recently logged in to ...
DomainGang.com - Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 14:49
Qycell Corporation : UDRP denies transfer of domain Qycell.com
Domain dispute 101 : The UDRP process is not the proper place to resolve contractual issues, or other disputes between disagreeing parties. Qycell Corporation filed a UDRP against the registrant of the domain, Qycell.com. There was, however, an ongoing legal feud between the two parties, going back more than 10 years. The Respondent,...
DomainGang.com - Thursday, August 25, 2016 - 12:38
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Hillary.com : Domain for sale, if you have $2.5 million dollars!
Eagle-eyed domain professional, Joe Alagna, caught an ad in the print version of the Wall Street Journal today. The 101Domain VP shared a photo of the newspaper, listing the domain Hillary.com for sale! At the tune of $2.5 million dollars or best offer, Hillary.com has one serious potential buyer at this point: Hillary Rodham Clinton...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 22:27
Rightside during NamesCon : Music That Rocks Vol.1
NamesCon 2016 was by far the largest domain conference ever, in terms of attendance. Attending a large domain industry conference, such as NamesCon, has its perks: lots and lots of freebies. Even to this date, seven months later, we’re finding gems in the 2 bags of freebies that were given away by sponsors and exhibit […]...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 16:52
One party UDRP : Alienware or NVIDIA – who gets the domain?
An interesting situation surrounds the UDRP against the domain alienware-nvidia.xyz that was dealt with at the National Arbitration Forum. Alienware is a computer brand owned by Dell Inc., while NVIDIA is a cutting edge computer hardware manufacturer, including popular video cards. The domain’s registration contains two marks, ...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 13:59
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Chinese domain market report : Would you buy aftermarket domains from China?
During the past 2 years, the Chinese domain market has exploded with activity. While self-sufficient, China’s domain investors more often buy domains from Westerners liquidating their domain portfolios. This is particularly common with short, “coinage” domains, particularly the “Chip” kind. Chinese domai...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 13:3
NameBros : Aftermarket domain marketplace
To succeed with private aftermarket domain sales, one needs a great brand, and NameBros caught our attention recently. Stemming from a slight typo of a popular domain forum, NameBros.com ended up being a pleasant surprise. 😀 The web site displays a grid of catchy domains, showcased with a relatively related logo image. Visualizing t...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 11:41
DollarCity.com : Central American company files UDRP to get Mike Mann’s domain
A UDRP has been filed against the aged (2001) domain DollarCity.com, owned by domain investor, Mike Mann, for about a decade. The UDRP has been just filed by Centroamerica Comercial, Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable (CAMCO). It appears to be a discount retail store company, with 25 locations in Guatemala and 39 in El Salvador ...
DomainGang.com - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 0:17
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Chinese domain market report : DD.com and a bunch of chips
China’s domain market has grown remarkably in recent months, as thousands of domain “Chips” were made available, sold primarily by Westerners. If it weren’t for the game of QXZJ domains that a Hong Kong based fund started, millions of dollars would remain in Chinese pockets. Likewise, tens of thousands of shor...
DomainGang.com - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 23:24
Kimmel Scrap UDRP : Never let your developer own your domain!
When you hire a developer for your business web site, make sure that you register the domain yourself first. In numerous cases, the task of domain registration was incorporated into the web development services, which might seem convenient at first. Then, the relationship might go sour, and in the case of KimmelScrap.com, the domain ...
DomainGang.com - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 15:3
Rob Monster : Epik.com announces international expansion, record earnings
Epik, the multi-disciplinary domain registrar, announced its international expansion today. Founder and CEO, Rob Monster, stated: “It took Epik several years to build a world class domain name management platform. We believe the market conditions are right for a new leader to emerge for full-service domain registration services...
DomainGang.com - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 10:6
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Divyank Turakhia on Media.net sale : Why we sold to a Chinese group
The recent sale of Media.net and its business by the Turakhia brothers, for $900 million dollars, arrived as a shock on a busy Monday. Co-founder, Divyank Turakhia might have a hard to pronounce name, but that did not stop the enterprising 35 year old from building a media empire – on a .net domain, no […] Copyright Domai...
DomainGang.com - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 9:33
All the Gawker Media domains on a list
Gawker bid farewell to its fans yesterday, closing down officially after 13 or so years of active gossip stories. The only part of the Gawker Media empire to shut its doors despite being profitable is Gawker.com, the result of a lawsuit by Hulk Hogan. The other parts were sold off and Univision bought the lot, […] Copyright Dom...
DomainGang.com - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 - 8:40
Gawker closes down; will the .com be sold?
Gawker, the scandal-seeking, celebrity-unmasking web site made its swan song post today. Titled “How Things Work,” the farewell post by founder Nick Denton ends 13 years of stories and coverage that sought to unveil the private lives of public figures. The result of a lawsuit by Hulk Hogan thanks to a sex video Gawker sha...
DomainGang.com - Monday, August 22, 2016 - 21:3
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Chinese domain market report : eName news “cock up” with copied parody story
The Chinese domain market is busy, despite the drop in volume and average prices, for the “domain Chip” category. China’s brightest domain investors gathered last month to discuss the present and future of domain investing, at the World Domain Conference. Recently, the Chinese government ordered popular portals to n...
DomainGang.com - Monday, August 22, 2016 - 18:12
Brannan’s domain newsletter : Trisha, gene research and her new baby
David Clements, domain broker for the Brannan’s brokerage outfit, sent out the latest domain newsletter. There are many worthy domains on this current list, and some clearly stand out for their generic nature, or potential. Take, for example, Trisha.com. For $25,000 dollars it’s a great name – if your name is Trisha...
DomainGang.com - Monday, August 22, 2016 - 16:56

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