The Roman Business Juggernaut
It’s good to be back from ICANN and a couple of weeks’ vacation in the south of France. I must admit that there’s nothing quite like ...
Michael Gilmour - 1 hr 10 min ago
USPTO and #domains : How long does it take to register a #trademark?
Domain investors with registered trademarks are familiar with the lengthy registration process at the USPTO. How much time does it take... - 4 hr 51 min ago
GoDaddy / NameFind Wins UDRP, But It’s Worth a Read
When I first saw the UDRP filing, I thought it would be a slam dunk for GoDaddy, which is the registrant of the domain name... - 6 hr 45 min ago
List your domain service in our directory... owner fails to get in cybersquatting dispute
Company faces the challenge of operating with a descriptive name. An incorporation and trademark filings company has lost a cybersquatt...
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 53 min ago
#Legally .com : Aged #domain saved from the clutches of the #UDRP process, a generic domain registered in 1997, was challenged via the UDRP process. The aged domain was offered for sale via Afterni... - 8 hr 0 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on November 11, 2018. If there is an ... - 8 hr 35 min ago
List your domain service in our directory...
Brewing up – DNW Podcast #210
Learn why bought and what they plan to do with it. Today we talk to the buyer of, a domain name that...
Domain Name Wire - 9 hr 51 min ago
Sale of FB .com to #Facebook was an example of #domain scalping, says #Tumblr specialist
Domain scalping is an outdated reference to domain name investing, as perceived by the industry’s outsiders. Simply put, those wh... - 10 hr 0 min ago
Where we see Crypto & Domains Today… and Tomorrow – with Charlie Shrem & Andrew Rosener
Bitcoin pioneer and superstar Charlie Shrem joins domain name expert Andrew Rosener to discuss crypto and domain names: their intersect... - 10 hr 21 min ago
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One Thing I Look at When Bidding in a Domain Auction
I am currently involved in a domain auction with a handful of bidders. I want to share a relatively common sense tip that can sometimes... - 11 hr 16 min ago
#VeteransDay .com : Another great #domain going to waste!
Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served. Great generic domains, such as, attract a lot of direct type-in traffi... - 11 hr 23 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 11-12-18
Daily Domain Picks 11-12-18 Thank you to all Veterans, present and past, thank you for all your service. closed at... - 11 hr 27 min ago
List your domain service in our directory... appears to have sold
Domain name is in escrow at The domain name appears to have sold and might be on a payment plan. iEstates, LLC p...
Domain Name Wire - 11 hr 43 min ago
#Domain ganja : Is #ICANN a new #cannabis dispensary?
ICANN is known for its function as a – mostly – bureaucratic organization overseeing all things related to domain names. Th... - 11 hr 56 min ago
118 Domain Discoveries for November 12th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 12 hr 26 min ago
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$115k in Sales on November 11th – sold for $16,750 – Daily Market Report
GoDaddy had six of the top ten sales yesterday led by which sold for $16,750. NameBio recorded 214 sales for a tot... - 13 hr 26 min ago
Negotiating Contracts Can be Expensive. Have the Buying Party PAY for YOUR Attorney!!
Morning Folks!! When I negotiate a multi faceted domain deal I don’t even START the final negotiations until they agree to pay my...
Rick Schwartz - 13 hr 44 min ago
Starting up with Dot io
I recently came across an article I thought was interesting.  I’m a but of a productivity enthusiest and I enjoy hearing how othe... - 15 hr 19 min ago
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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday November 12th, 2018
I wanted to start the day by thanking all those that served in the armed services.  Combat and war is an awful thing but I do realize t... - 15 hr 46 min ago

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A few interesting things I’ve learned after watching Twitch for over a year
So I have now been watching Twitch for over a year and for those wondering, yes – I do watch people play video games more than tr... - 21 hr 29 min ago
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Is 2018 Shaping up to be a Good Year for Top Reported Domain Sales? Short Answer “Not Exactly”.
Two-word .COMs continue to be some of the most powerful branding assets on the planet
Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday November 8th, 2018

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