$178k in Sales on April 23rd – 4734.com sold for $15,688 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was 4734.com which sold for $15,688 at NameJet. NameBio recorded 230 sales for a total of $178,171 with an aver...
NameBio.com - 25 min ago
I try and go through the pending delete list everyday to make a list of names that I like. Sometimes I backorder them, other times I t...
DSAD.com - 1 hr 59 min ago
Calling all AI startups – you can now easily buy expired .AI domains
When it comes to getting a good deal on domain names, expired domains are often one of your best bets. While this likely won’t be...
MorganLinton.com - 8 hr 12 min ago
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Monday, April 23, 2018

$30,000 offer out of the blue – Now what?
Today: Forgotten domains sell for $5,000.00 2 years later / Providers.com sold for $100,000 USD / Owners of the single letter A.com / A...
Domaining Tips - 10 hr 10 min ago
Is #Poker .com the next multi-million dollar #domain sale?
Poker is an internationally acclaimed game of skill and luck. Millions of poker players engage in one form of poker or another, for fun...
DomainGang.com - 13 hr 28 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on April 22, 2018. If there is an ast...
DSAD.com - 15 hr 57 min ago
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TLDs.com : Generic #domain about #TLDs ends at five figures!
As we predicted, the domain name TLDs.com ended at five figures at DropCatch. After a long auction, the domain ended up at $11,161 doll...
DomainGang.com - 16 hr 21 min ago
Is Bulk Hand-Regging Domains Worth the Time and Money Invested?
From Ali Zandi to Josh E to Rick Schwartz, it’s alway interesting and entertaining to watch industry vets do their thing — especially w...
The Domains - 16 hr 42 min ago
Providers.com Sold for $100k via Buckley Media Group
According to a tweet from domain broker Kate Buckley of Buckley Media Group, her company brokered the sale of Providers.com for $100,00...
DomainInvesting.com - 17 hr 7 min ago
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College Students: How To Make $10K to $1000K A Month
Today: Selling your company to prospects; San Francisco housing makes Silicon Valley less attractive; Turning Failure To Success; Makin...
The Frager factor - 17 hr 44 min ago
Park.io starts drop catching .AI domains
Service known for ccTLDs adds .ai domains. Park.io has begun offering drop catching services for .AI domain names. .AI is the country c...
Domain Name Wire - 18 hr 29 min ago
Some domain name investors are being idiots
Some domain name investors are being idiots. Plain and simple idiots. Well, most are probably idiots, including myself, but regarding t...
OnlineDomain.com - 19 hr 25 min ago
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Providers.com : Twenty year old #domain sold for $100,000 dollars
The ultra-generic domain, Providers.com, has been sold for six figures. According to a statement made by independent domain broker, Kat...
DomainGang.com - 19 hr 55 min ago
Canadian Tire Acquires Triangle.com from McClatchy
In early April, I noticed that the Triangle.com domain name had changed hands. I had made a couple of offers to buy the domain name, an...
DomainInvesting.com - 20 hr 8 min ago
#Indonesian scam : #Natixis mark squatter gave ridiculous reason for NatixisCoin .com registration
The Indonesian registrant of the domain NatixisCoin.com squatted on a famous bank’s name, then produced a fake identity card to v...
DomainGang.com - 20 hr 12 min ago
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Kicking Butt & Selling Names! Uniregistry Reports Q1-2018 Aftermarket Domain Sales Top $13 Million
Uniregistry has closed the books on the 1st quarter of 2018, racking up $13 million in sales including at least 4 previously unreported...
DNJournal - 20 hr 47 min ago
Muslim world still thinks .islam isn’t kosher
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has repeated its objection to the gTLDs .islam and .halal ever seeing the light of day. OIC Sec...
DomainIncite.com - 20 hr 47 min ago
Meet Erik Bergman, who paid $900k for Great.com – DNW Podcast #182
Erik Bergman has great plans for Great.com Imagine this: you’re bidding in your first domain name auction. You’re traveling and are at ...
Domain Name Wire - 20 hr 50 min ago
Premium crypto domains for sale...
#CAGI .com : #Domain registered in 1995 challenged via the #UDRP process
The four letter domain Cagi.com was registered in 1995. Its registrant, Capitol Appraisal Group LLC, operates since 1982: “Capito...
DomainGang.com - 21 hr 1 min ago
Daily Poll: What Do You Call Yourself?
There are a few common terms for people who invest in domain names. The ones I hear most regularly are domainer, domain investor, and d...
DomainInvesting.com - 22 hr 10 min ago
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