A Power Packed Webinar by LogicBoxes that Demystifies ICANN Accreditation
For any business that hopes to not only get successful but also leave a mark in its respective industry, upgrading plays a pivotal role in getting to the next level. When we think about Web Hosting and Domain Name Resellers who […]...
Domain Name Wire - 19 hr 0 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 11-15-18
Daily Domain Picks 11-15-18 PayID.com closed at $4,400 to lead the way on Wednesday. I like the name, Pay has been a strong keyword thi...
TLDInvestors.com - 13 min ago
200 Domain Discoveries for November 15th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you...
NameBio.com - 29 min ago
$121k in Sales on November 14th – PayID.com sold for $4,400 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was PayID.com which sold for $4,400 at NameJet. NameBio recorded 214 sales for a total of $120,786 with an aver...
NameBio.com - 1 hr 29 min ago
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Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday November 15th, 2018
I’m almost clean.  I’ve spent the last 6 months dropping the junk from my portfolio.  Stuff that I was pretty sure was neve...
DSAD.com - 3 hr 35 min ago
Domain vs Kiosks. The Hole in the Donut Theory. A River of New Found Cash!!!!
Morning Folks!! We have all seen those small Kiosks scattered throughout malls in previous un-rentable, un-profitable  and just public ...
Rick Schwartz - 3 hr 41 min ago
Coaching and Life Step Related Domains Available Plus 2 Dozen People Names Available
Today’s Treat List 75 + Items Available for Reg Fee Researched Availability for .COM and .NET domains releated to the following k...
DropGRABS.com - 4 hr 55 min ago
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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Short Domains and Joining the Dots …….
GRGG.com has a much publicised quarterly report on the market for short domains. The stand out performer in terms of sales volume in a ...
Domaining Tips - 10 hr 51 min ago
Pair of .Com Sales Totaling Over $817,000 Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
Our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart is led by one of the year's five biggest sales with a second 6-figure transaction in the r...
DNJournal - 11 hr 1 min ago
The power of phone number domain name assets
Today: How to know when you have a great domain asset / Opinions about the new gTLD .luxe / TD.de sold for $11,288 / And more! Here are...
TNTNames.com - 11 hr 49 min ago
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ICA Lays Ground for Compelling Argument Even the Most Bias of Opinion Cannot Deny
NEW YORK, NY – Two things happened on November 1, 2018, when the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) anno...
StrategicRevenue.com - 14 hr 59 min ago
Here it is – my interview with Giuseppe Graziano on investing in liquid domains
Many of you already know Giuseppe, but in case you don’t, he’s one of the top minds in the liquid domain space and publishe...
MorganLinton.com - 15 hr 14 min ago
What's the Deal with Christmas.com?
With Christmas in just forty-one days, consumer activity in preparation for the big day is increasing day by day. Estimates show that s...
NamePros.com - 15 hr 17 min ago
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Twice Sold for $22k, Undergraduate.com in “On Hold” Status
At the top of NameJet’s “The Drop” list of domain names that are pending delete is the Undergraduate.com domain name....
DomainInvesting.com - 16 hr 11 min ago
From $132 to $100M: Was YellowPages.com The Smartest Domain Name Grab Ever?
NEW YORK, NY – Back in April of 1996, Dane Madsen registered YellowPages.com, an idea that popped into his mind after being demanded to...
StrategicRevenue.com - 17 hr 47 min ago
TIP: Don’t Only Rely On Daily Market Reports
I check the NameBio Daily Market Reports each day. However, it is also important to periodically look back on a weekly or monthly basis...
NameTalent.com - 18 hr 48 min ago
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#HugeDomains redefines the #kilogram in “Planck constant” #domain!
HugeDomains maintains more than 4.4 million domain names in its inventory; the company was among several being chastised in a Verisign ...
DomainGang.com - 19 hr 10 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on November 13, 2018. If there is an ...
DSAD.com - 19 hr 31 min ago
Bad.monster? Two more gTLDs have been acquired
Two more new gTLDs have changed hands, DI has learned. XYZ.com has picked up former dot-brand .monster from recruitment web site Monste...
DomainIncite.com - 19 hr 56 min ago
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DNW Reader Survey: Participate now
This reader survey will help me write the content that most interests you. I’ve been writing DNW for nearly 14 years. The stories...
Domain Name Wire - 20 hr 41 min ago
First non-brand gTLD to go dark
The number of new gTLDs to voluntarily terminate their ICANN contracts has hit 45, with the first non-brand calling it quits. It’...
DomainIncite.com - 20 hr 54 min ago
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