Why simplicity is crucial to rebranding.
Snapchat illustrates the power of rebranding Rebranding is a powerful strategy that can boost media exposure, help launch a new product and pull a company together to overcome new market challenges. Snapchat was in the news late last week as … The post Why simplicity is crucial to rebranding. appeared first on Media Options.
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DSAD.com: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, September 28th
  Had someone hit a BIN at my Efty account because I put in a name at 12,000 and it went through at $12.  Immediately someone saw it and put in a BIN and an escrow request.  It was a great letter LLLL.com and I can’t believe they thought they would really get it but they must have had a little hope that someone didn’...
DomainShane.com - 1 hr 43 min ago
Domain Discoveries for September 28th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 99 domains for sale with histor...
NameBio.com - 2 hr 1 min ago
Chinese Investor Bought Tens of 5N.com | Chinese Market Daily Report on 9-28-2016
DOMAIN SALES Chinese domain investor Mimayi bought tens of 5N.com domains (without 0 4) yesterday, the total price was high six-figure CNY. Mimayi just bought Meirong.com (means “Beauty”) with a seven-figure price in August, and bought jnb.com last week. According to whois records, he also owns a lot of LLL.com and LLLL.com domains. ...
DNQueen.net - 2 hr 48 min ago
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Google launches Hindi advertising on AdSense network - The American Bazaar
Google launches Hindi advertising on AdSense network The American Bazaar Google launches Hindi advertising on AdSense network. By AB Wire | December 15, 2014. To reach 500 million Hindi speakers globally. Raif Karerat. WASHINGTON, DC: Google has launched Hindi advertisements across its AdSense network with the goal ...
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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WTF seriously? 21 year old domain VisualVoice.com was challenged in UDRP
Twenty one years! That’s how long ago Michael McGloin – the registrant of the domain, VisualVoice.com – decided to get this domain. In 1995 domain registrations cost $100 for two years and Network Solutions was the only domain registrar. Since then, VisualVoice.com has been used to host Michael McGloin’s perso...
DomainGang.com - 8 hr 44 min ago
Salvaging A Domain Name Sale
Today:   Indian Call Centers Targeting New Domain Buyers! / Watch out for this escrow site / Huiyi.com Was Sold For Seven Figure CNY / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news that...
RobbiesBlog.com - 11 hr 30 min ago
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“Would you accept sex ?”
So this might be the oddest email I have received by someone looking to buy a domain name. Them: Hello Sir, I wanted to know if TabletLabs.com was for sale ? Me: Yes, it is for sale Them: Would you accept sex ? Now I am thinking maybe they made a typo and meant six, […]
TLDInvestors.com - 11 hr 31 min ago
US Stocks Bounce Higher - Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal US Stocks Bounce Higher Wall Street Journal Technology and travel companies boosted U.S. stocks. Some investors and analysts said markets received a bump from indications of increasing consumer confidence and Monday night's U.S. presidential debate. Major U.S. indexes snapped a two-day ... and more &...
Reporter - 12 hr 31 min ago
SEO and New dot Brand gTLDs - CircleID
SEO and New dot Brand gTLDs CircleID According to a recent study carried out by Custora in the USA, search engines — paid and organic — represent close to 50% of e-commerce orders, compared to 20% for direct entry. A dot brand domain has the potential to boost direct entry, as it can be ...
CircleID.com - 12 hr 46 min ago
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Sedo weekly sales led by StarWorld.com at $35,000
Sedo reported their weekly sales and StarWorld.com was the top sale. The domain sold for $35,000. This is a week where you did not have to have a premium name to make a 5 figure sale. I do like StarWorld.com, I would say names like FansBet.com and Secupay.com got great prices. Oranginar.xyz sold for 2,350 […] The post Sedo week...
The Domains - 14 hr 33 min ago
Radix Registry's Startup League Gives New Online Businesses a Reason to Build on Their TLDs
Radix Registry, the operator of new gTLDs like .website, .tech and .online, has come up with a new way to encourage new online businesses to set up shop on one of their domains. The Radix Startup League helps support early stage startups that use any Radix TLD.
DNJournal - 15 hr 22 min ago
StarWorld.com for $35K and Other Sales at Sedo This Week
Another week of names that are getting prices higher than you would think considering the content and quality of the names. I’m sure the owner of Influence360.com was happy to get $8000 for his/her name. Or Hoobby.com, yes two Os and two Bs. Here’s a list of the public names sold this week at Sedo.    Congrats to the sell...
DomainShane.com - 15 hr 39 min ago
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Hot.com…or not? This late-night snack destination has an odd name.
It’s Hot.com, but they don’t own the domain name. Bill Sweetman just returned from DomainFest in Hong Kong. While there, he stopped in a french fry and froyo establishment and was surprised by what he saw. His surprise wasn’t just that the place specializes in frozen yogurt and french fries. It was the name of [R...
Domain Name Wire - 18 hr 23 min ago
Behind The Keyword – Spotlight on “Media”
Welcome to Behind The Keyword, I will be taking a look at the most popular keywords that sell, get listed and get developed. Whether it be on big marketplaces like Sedo and Afternic or specialty sites like BrandBucket. Today we are looking at the keyword – Media Some Labs related statistics: 7,740,000,000  results for the [R...
TLDInvestors.com - 18 hr 32 min ago
The URS: cheap, fast but not necessarily easy - Lexology (registration)
The URS: cheap, fast but not necessarily easy Lexology (registration) The disputed domain name was <360.marketing> and it was being used to point to a website offering online marketing services. Both parties argued their case in July 2016. Under the URS, to obtain the suspension of a domain name, a complainant must ...
Reporter - 18 hr 51 min ago
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babymusic.in $4,888
arenas.in $1,500

SeoW3.com $4,000 78 23m
MobilesCloud.com $55 6 26m
Noodl.io $550 6 1h 25m
ReleaseFund.com $6 2 1h 32m
Iaggo.com $16 4 1h 34m
SauceWorld.com $2,500 6 2h
Cmuse.org $2,050 21 2h 12m
Okaf.com $400 10 2h 44m
BuyBeerItems.com $21 7 2h 47m
AllegedMafia.com $3 1 2h 58m
Xlnt.co $6 2 3h 9m
ChecksDomain.com $2 1 3h 24m
TechnologyLowdown.... $7 2 3h 25m
PhillySeo.org $100 1 3h 26m
StandInFame.com $55 3 3h 30m
TechNewsEngine.com $99 5 3h 45m
Egolds.com $200 1 4h 2m
Givez.com $210 5 4h 7m
PetsShop.net $106 5 4h 9m
FViral.com $84 2 4h 15m
ThemeLiners.com $50 1 4h 17m
JobLiners.com $105 3 4h 17m
JewelryOfficial.com $79 1 4h 19m
TopHotelBookers.com $79 1 4h 22m
BuyElectrics.com $15 1 4h 22m
Doctorate.io $20 2 4h 31m
The.deals $88 3 4h 33m
Vrpov.io $1 1 5h 5m
Cplus.io $6 2 5h 5m
DailyGroceryMarket... $67 1 5h 10m
DomainFinderTool.com $59 1 5h 15m
SeoRowSer.com $5 1 5h 17m
Transit.io $200 5 5h 17m
Europa-Moon.com $1 1 5h 46m