GoDaddy tests new branding on Afternic landers
Company tests putting its logo on landers promoting domains for sale. GoDaddy has added its own branding in addition to Afternic branding on some For Sale landers as part of a limited test. Here’s an example: So far the test is being run on a subset of GoDaddy’s own domain portfolio. Customers have asked for […] © D...
Domain Name Wire - 10 hr 11 min ago
Guide to Using NameBio: Part 1 Basic Searches
One key to success in domain name investing is to know the types of domain names that have sold previously for good prices. Sales price... - 2 hr 25 min ago
Media Options acquires super premium #domain name
The super premium domain name,, is now in the hands of Media Options; Andrew Rosener’s company appears to have acqu... - 5 hr 8 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on December 17, 2018. If there is an ... - 5 hr 33 min ago
Why This Company Paid $150,000 for
In October 2018, UserEngage made the monumental decision to pay $150,000 to acquire the domain in a transaction brokered by Se... - 5 hr 48 min ago
#FactoryTalk .com : A 1999 #domain registration challenged via the #UDRP process, a domain registered in 1999, was challenged via the UDRP process at the National Arbitration Forum. The Complainant, R... - 6 hr 46 min ago
#Uni – #Uniregistry – #Uniregistrar : The live #trademarks of the popular #domain company
Uniregistry operates Uniregistrar, the registrar services department of the Cayman Islands based corporation. The company founded by do... - 7 hr 33 min ago
Why the GoDaddy Acquisition is Newsworthy
Last week, I shared the news about NameFind (GoDaddy) acquiring a domain name portfolio from Yummy Names (Tucows). Although I could onl... - 7 hr 45 min ago
Uniregistry is dropping Topcoin
Customers have until the end of March to use Topcoin at Uniregistry. Domain name registrar Uniregistry is dropping Topcoin from its pla...
Domain Name Wire - 8 hr 8 min ago
Another bundle of joy for XYZ as Johnson & Johnson throws out the .baby seems to have acquired the .baby gTLD from Johnson & Johnson. ICANN records show that the .baby registry contract was assig... - 9 hr 1 min ago
Daily Poll: Will New GoDaddy Landers Perform Better?
Andrew Allemann reported that GoDaddy has (finally) added its logo to domain name inquiry landing pages on a subset of domain names in ... - 9 hr 5 min ago
103 Domain Discoveries for December 18th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 9 hr 46 min ago
Now even parked domains will have GDPR notices
Sedo will soon start showing privacy notices and cookie warnings on parked domains using its service. The company told users today that... - 10 hr 9 min ago
The School of Thought. The Power of the Mind!
Morning Folks!! I hate to exercise. I don’t believe in it. I think it does more harm than good. I think the fitness industry is b...
Rick Schwartz - 10 hr 36 min ago
$148k in Sales on December 17th – sold for $18,750 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $18,750 at GoDaddy. NameBio recorded 228 sales for a total of $148,234 with an ave... - 10 hr 46 min ago
I saw an article the other day about FB negotiating with premium cable channels, like HBO to offer their content in a pay format. I... - 12 hr 28 min ago
ICANN budget predicts small new gTLD recovery and slowing legacy growth
The new gTLD market will improve very slightly over the next year or so, according to ICANN’s latest budget predictions. The orga... - 14 hr 5 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 12-18-18
Daily Domain Picks 12-18-18 was the top close on Monday, closing at $18,750 on GoDaddy. Fair in Italian, there was a company ... - 14 hr 12 min ago

Monday, December 17, 2018

Which is the most important domaining metric?
Most people would answer this question with a smirk on their face and that the obvious answer is “revenue”. Although revenue is vital...
Michael Gilmour - 19 hr 42 min ago sold for $3,878
Today: Newly registered domains redirecting to someone elses website / Bunch of 3L .tv domains about to expire / 1 or 2 Word Dictionary...
Domaining Tips - 20 hr 22 min ago
#BCIT : Four letter #domain registered in 2002 lost via the #UDRP process
These days, even old domains get challenged via the UDRP process;, a four letter .com domain registered 16 years ago, changed ... - 22 hr 56 min ago
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Mike Mann sells 8 domains in November for $122,788 (LungCancerCenter[.]com, AfricaPartners[.]com,...
GoDaddy Acquires Another Portfolio from Tucows
Uniregistry removes TopCoin

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