Winners and Losers, A Look at 3 Letter (LLL) Domain Investments Over Last 10 Years
NEW YORK – Three letter .com domain names are pretty solid investments. They are often referred to as “liquid domains” – those which can be converted into cash quickly. Thanks to NameBio, it’s easy to see that the majority of three letter domain names which have changed hands at least twice in the last 10 […] - Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 17:21
The lady responsible for all those blockchain names and an idea for GoDaddy
So over the last couple weeks GoDaddy has reaped the rewards of one ladies’ efforts. An avalanche of blockchain related domains s...
The Domains - 3 hr 46 min ago
#IKEA impostor #domain lost in #UDRP at the #WIPO
When scammers use punycode to register impostor domains of famous brands, the UDRP outcome is an expected win for the Complainant. Inte... - 4 hr 18 min ago
‘Melt-Up’ Rally Propels Dow Above 26000 as Fear Turns to Greed; Ethereum will pass Bitcoin?
Blockchain or Bullshit? Simple App Ideas: How to Find the Next Big Thing; Stop trying to brand your city as the Silicon Valley of anyth...
The Frager factor - 5 hr 28 min ago
Get a cash advance against your domains... sold for $195k to the Binance cryptocurrency exchange
Last week Mike Mann sold the domain name for $194,888 but the buyer not yet known. Over the weekend Mike Mann revealed ... - 6 hr 4 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on January 21, 2018. If there is an a... - 6 hr 18 min ago
#Uniregistry partners with #Comodo to provide #SSL certificates
Uniregistry, the domain registrar and domain aftermarket, has expanded its offerings to SSL certificates. Uniregistry is a premium spon... - 7 hr 27 min ago
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How to avoid UDRP – John Berryhill – DNW Podcast #170
Attorney John Berryhill explains how to minimize the chances of facing a UDRP. Domain name investors fear bogus UDRP cybersquatting cas...
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 29 min ago
New gTLD revenue cut by HALF in ICANN budget
The new gTLD industry is performing terribly when compared to ICANN’s predictions just six months ago. ICANN budget documents pub... - 7 hr 43 min ago
Daily Poll: Do You Invest in Cryptocurrency?
Obviously one of the biggest topics in the world right now is cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokens, and anything else crypto related. Billion... - 8 hr 12 min ago
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Domain Movers:, + More
Domain Movers keeps track of company focused domain name transactions. These are often early indicators of new brands, new marketing an...
DotWeekly - 8 hr 57 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 1-22-18
Daily Domain Picks 1-22-18   Go Daddy Auction Picks 1-22-18 Powered by public auction, reserve not met.... - 9 hr 13 min ago
Dirty “Wedding Flea Market” guilty of reverse domain name hijacking
Like an angry bride that’s not getting what she wants, wedding flea market tries to hijack domain name. Wedding Flea Market, LLC,...
Domain Name Wire - 9 hr 17 min ago
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ICANN slashes millions from its budget
ICANN has cut $5 million from its annual budget, warning the community that difficult decisions have to be made amid a slowing domain n... - 10 hr 9 min ago
$95k in Sales on January 21st – sold for $7,500 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $7,500 at Sedo. NameBio recorded 172 sales for a total of $94,836 with an ave... - 10 hr 14 min ago
Day 6 – Take stock of your inventory
Week 2 and going strong on 21 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer. Today you’re going to want to pull up a list of all your domain names... - 12 hr 0 min ago
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Research finds homograph attacks on big brands rife
Apparent domain name homograph attacks against major brands are a “significant” problem, according to research from Farsigh... - 12 hr 26 min ago
DomainTools scraps apps and APIs in war on spam
DomainTools is to scrap at least five of its services as it tries to crack down spam. It’s getting rids of its mobile apps, its A... - 12 hr 59 min ago
241 Domain Discoveries for January 22nd
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 13 hr 5 min ago
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Trav’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, January 22, 2018
Well the AFC championship game was exciting, but the NFC championship game was about as boring as it gets – unless you love the ... - 13 hr 24 min ago
Domain Sales Analysis – Day 2
Domain Sales Analysis : Sold for $ 28,100 :  There exist a newly funded startup in the online payments sector called  “... - 14 hr 25 min ago
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