Saturday, July 23, 2016

[BUYING] – Domains
Today: [WANTED] – Websites with traffic / Opinion on what to do with domain name / Sold for $5,555; for $5,201 / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught my... - 6 hr 47 min ago
Chinese domain market report : Chips are selling still
The Chinese domain market is delivering a performance spike, just a few days after the World Domain Conference ended in China. The event was organized by This is great news for domain investors willing to part with their “Chinese premium” domains, also known as “Chips.” We’re witnessing an incr... - 8 hr 53 min ago
Elliot Silver About to Bicycle 163 Miles for Cancer Care & Research + DomainX Conference Update
On August 6 & 7 Founder Elliot Silver will be riding a bike 163 miles over a two-day stretch to help raise funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is closing in on his $10,000 goal and here's how you can help push him over the top!
DNJournal - 9 hr 18 min ago
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Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago:,, More
Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal. 1. sold for $140,000 Domain is parked and under privacy protection. 2. sold for $90,000 A service for used car inspections prior to purchase, “BlueStar is a technology-based online platform and network of nationwid... - 10 hr 3 min ago
How About Getting Paid $10 To List Your Names
So you don’t like paying $10 to list your brandable domain on BrandBucket ? You don’t like paying 30% commission ? Well one website would like to pay YOU $10 to list your brandable names on their website. formerly, will pay you $10 for every domain they accept for listing on their website. [... - 11 hr 0 min ago
Series A Saturday: FLEXE raises $14.5M Series A led by Redpoint Ventures
This week FLEXE announced a $14.5M Series A round led by Menlo Park-based Redpoint Ventures. If you haven’t heard of FLEXE don’t feel bad, you probably just haven’t been in need of warehouse space. Founded just three years ago, FLEXE helps find extra space in warehouses for companies looking for warehouse space. ... - 13 hr 56 min ago
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NamesCon to Donate 50% of Ticket Revenue to Dana-Farber
NamesCon is thrilled to lend our support to Elliot in his Pan-Mass Challenge Ride, fundraising for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He’s raised 80% of his goal amount of $10,000, and we’d like to encourage our domaining community to get involved and help raise that final $2,000! So we’re willing to go a step further beyond our initi... - 14 hr 35 min ago
I Will Answer One Question Thoroughly
If you guys want to pick my brain, now’s the chance to do it: I will answer one question you have for me thoroughly and privately. Some of you might want to ask me something about issues you wouldn’t like others to know about (your current business model, a future project idea and so on), so
Domaining Tips - 14 hr 45 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeout purchases and more from the auction list posted on July 22, 2016.  I’m trying a table format for the GoDaddy auctions so that it is easier to see the bid and price data for each name.  I hope this works out better for everyone.   If there is an asterisk (*) next to a pr... - 15 hr 22 min ago
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Top 10 Company Brand Names; Would You Spend $800 for a Haircut?
Facebook now has a whopping 4 products that more than 1 billion people use every; Trump Camp Belittles Importance of Data, Again; How To Get Rid Of The Virtual 'Dead Dog' In Front Of Your Business; Man behind web’s biggest illegal film site arrested following (legal) iTunes purchase; How Facebook Messenger clawed its way to 1 billion...
The Frager factor - 16 hr 50 min ago

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