Top Real Estate (RE) Insurance Domain >>> INSU.RE >>> Now at (an Editor’s Choice)
This is a premium insurance domain. was acquired for $30,000 by Shopify.
Auction - 5 hr 27 min ago
GoDaddy will continue publishing most domain owner data
Registrar is more selective about which Whois records will be redacted in wake of GDPR. With the GDPR deadline quickly approaching, the...
Domain Name Wire - 32 min ago
TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 5/22/2018!
Here is TNT’s Handpicked Best of the Drop and Auction List for 5/22/2018. The Auction items are all Hand Picked NamePro’s Auction Lists... - 44 min ago
7 Ways I am Preparing for GDPR
GDPR is coming this Friday, May 25. Unless there is a last minute reprieve (litigation or something else unexpected), the Whois system ... - 51 min ago
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94 Domain Discoveries for May 22nd
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 1 hr 1 min ago
$105k in Sales on May 21st – sold for $8,500 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $8,500 at Flippa. NameBio recorded 241 sales for a total of $105,098 with an aver... - 2 hr 1 min ago
Here’s something to watch if you have your names at Godaddy and don’t have auto renewal turned on. I don’t like auto... - 4 hr 41 min ago
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Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazon is powering their employee portal on a .WORK domain
It’s always interesting to see how companies end up making use of new domain name extensions and I came across a really interesti... - 13 hr 14 min ago
It only takes one domain to make a million bucks
Today: I’m looking for a Pronounceable 4L .com / Emphasizing subdomain possibilities in your pitch / sold for $2,32...
Domaining Tips - 13 hr 15 min ago
Maybe not the best way to secure the domain name you want
I came across an article that is actually 6 years old but I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned it. Just one of the millions of...
The Domains - 18 hr 21 min ago
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#Domain investor Sahar Sarid posts bond, maintains innocence in #Mugshots .com arrest
Domain investor, Sahar Sarid, has posted bond towards his recent arrest in Florida, in relation to his alleged relationship to Mugshots... - 18 hr 54 min ago
Google Chrome will downgrade positive SSL designations
Rather than focus on positive indicators, Chrome will focus on negative indicators for sites without SSL. Google has been on a mission ...
Domain Name Wire - 20 hr 39 min ago
Will this arbitrage play net a big profit?
It looks like sold on GoDaddy for $15,000 according to a poster at Namepros. This was a buy it now so I don’t think Nameb... - 20 hr 48 min ago
Premium crypto domains for sale...
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on May 20, 2018. If there is an aster... - 20 hr 59 min ago
#Domain crime : has been stolen since 2007
The three letter domain is still stolen, and the thief has set up a page faking its recovery. The stupid scheme to legitimize t... - 21 hr 30 min ago
#DigitalTown secures $2.4 million dollar investment from #Pithia
DigitalTown, the blockchain-driven geodomain solutions company, announced that it has secured a $2.4 million dollar investment from Pit... - 21 hr 54 min ago
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More details on the case and Sahar Sarid (plus a video)
The arrest warrant for the 4 people (including Sahar Sarid) involved in the case is circulating the internet and here are ... - 22 hr 16 min ago
Domain Investing Ethics
About a year ago, I wrote an article about ethics in domain investing. That article primarily covered buying and/or registering names t... - 22 hr 23 min ago
Building an Ecommerce business on your domain name – DNW Podcast #186
How to easily create an online store. How can you turn your domain name into an ecommerce store and sell it? Our guest today, Caroline ...
Domain Name Wire - 22 hr 26 min ago
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ICANN board talking GDPR “litigation”
ICANN’s board of directors is meeting today to discuss its “litigation strategy” concerning the General Data Protecti... - 22 hr 33 min ago
Bohemian Rhapsody : 20th Century Fox bought the .com from #domain investors
The saga of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the Queen biopic movie, came to an end in January, when shooting of the much delayed film ... - 22 hr 48 min ago
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