What site would you visit for IBM?!

And for PalmSprings?! ...

And which site would you visit for domaining?!

This is the #1 reason why can have a fantastic impact on your business.

Think of the name of any other domaining web site:
Would the people know the name of that web site without having to search for it? Of course not!

On the other hand, over 70% of's visitors come straight to us without using a search engine.
This is because they intuitively associates with domaining!
And that’s why is the best place to promote if your target audience are domainers.


Sponsored Headlines

We will stick your headline over the latest news headlines for maximum visibility, for 3 days maximum.
And at top of our daily newletter sent to thousands registered members.
Cost: $200/day

Publish your sponsored headline

- Sites showing our "" award or "I Love Domaining" button benefit of a discount for sponsored headlines:
  - 15% if the badge is present into the homepage or 20% if the badge is site wide.
  - 10% bonus when the badge is visible without have to scroll down.
To benefit of the discount please contact us BEFORE purchase so we can check your site and update your account with the appropriate discount rate.

Banner Ads homepage:

The #1 spot of the right pane!
300x250px ad space located at top of the right pane of our home page, depending your screen resolution it is allways visible without have to scroll down!
This spot will be equally shared by 4 sponsors maximum.
Cost: $1,200/month

Contact us for availability

Spot #2 and over
300x250px ad space located in the right pane.
This spot will be equally shared by 4 sponsors maximum.
Cost: $400/month

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Native advertising

A short text slogan linking to the URL of your choice is placed each 3 headlines.
Cost: $1,200/month

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Gutter ads:

In the “gutter” space of the's pages, we have a background where we can place a graphic overlay that is clickable. The width of the gutter varies from visitor to visitor, depending on the size of the person’s browser window.
You can purchase this ad space to show your static logo and/or a tag line while is not too flashy or may disturb our site visitors. It's a good choice to make a high impact.

SOLD OUT until Dec 2015

Top Domain Sales page:

A leaderboard 728x90px is available at top of the page.
You can purchase this ad space and rotate as many creatives (static or animated images) you want to different landing pages.
Cost for 50% page impressions: $300/month

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Direct email

We can send a direct email to all the members with your your offer/proposal/announcement/...
Cost: $2,000/issue

Contact us for purchase
- Banners must not have weight exceed 100KB and the only supported format are GIF, PNG or JPG. Optional animation must not exceed 3 loops.
- We don't offer any discount for volume except for banners where we offer 1 extra month for 11 months purchased.
- Full prepayment is due before the begining of any ad campaign, no exception.