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Great selection of mostly no reserve and low reserve domains from NameGala, available at NameJet for early bids/backorders. Names like,,,,,,,,, and many more.
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Reporter - 10 hr 38 min ago
MMX stung for $7.7 million by crappy .london contract
Did MMX take a $7.7 million accounting hit to renegotiate a crappy .london gTLD contract? It looks a bit like that to me. Found in the ... - 33 min ago
Domain Movers:, + More
Welcome to Domain Movers. DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. The follow...
DotWeekly - 1 hr 16 min ago
Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday April 26th
When you don’t have to pay your bills with money you made from domain investing you have a distinct advantage over full time pros... - 1 hr 36 min ago
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112 Domain Discoveries for April 26th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 2 hr 2 min ago
Hey, you! Listen to the ICANN board webcast more private sessions
ICANN’s board of directors is to live stream two sessions during an upcoming retreat, and if you’re at all interested in IC... - 3 hr 46 min ago just changed hands, auction final price was about $50k! | Chinese Market Daily R...
DOMAIN SALES changed hands, but the price was not disclosed, according to other news, the price was close to a seven-figure CNY ... - 5 hr 39 min ago
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Formerly stolen domain returned to rightful owner
The domain is no longer stolen, as it’s been reunited with its rightful owner. Thanks to the efforts of hawk-eyed Name... - 7 hr 32 min ago

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It’s official, Rick Schwartz is having more fun tweeting than blogging
Rick Schwartz, aka the Domain King wrote one of the most-read blogs in the domain name industry, aptly named “Rick’s Blog&#... - 9 hr 6 min ago
Market Day Holiday Money .COM Domains at Reg Fee Opps
. Today’s List of 35 .COM Items Available at Reg Fee Opportunities Keyword Rich… Enjoy the List I have also Gathered a List... - 11 hr 2 min ago
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The Secrets To Investing In .US And .UK
Today: Negotiating with multiple interested buyers / ‘Unrestricted’ ccTLDs – The truth about them /  Best practices f... - 11 hr 21 min ago
Domain offers are binding, but contact form abuse is rampant
I believe it’s about time to add some legalese to domain name offer forms, such as those at the Uniregistry Market that I use pri...
Acro - 14 hr 24 min ago
XYZ : One year anniversary of “penny” mega sale approaching fast
In a little over a month from now, the .XYZ registry will be facing the one year anniversary of the “penny” mega sale. Almo... - 14 hr 46 min ago
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Sedo’s May Great Domains Auction: ” The Future Edition”
Sedo is hosting a special auction for next month’s Great Domains monthly auction. The auction is billed as Great Domains + The Fu... - 15 hr 10 min ago
New gTLD study: a new domain name with enough content and links can compete with .com and .org
The Domain Name Association (The DNA) announced today the results of its commissioned study titled “Hidden Advantages of a Relevant Dom... - 15 hr 21 min ago
Sedo weekly sales led by
Sedo published their weekly sales led by at $18,000. Always one of my favorite keywords so I was glad to see this one. ...
The Domains - 15 hr 46 min ago
Click for FREE domain appraisals... Weekly Domain Name Sales List 04/17/2017 – 04/23/2017
Just released is Sedo’s weekly sales list, a weekly list of public transactions above $2,000. This weeks highlights included the top .c... - 15 hr 50 min ago
Video - Thoughts on Development
As a part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations I discuss my thoughts on development. I hope you enjoy this second video in the ...
Michael Gilmour - 16 hr 15 min ago
MMX annual shareholder letter gives a great overview of new TLD business
Deep insight into the past and present of the new TLD business. Minds + Machines Group Limited, aka MMX, released its final results for...
Domain Name Wire - 17 hr 46 min ago
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Here's why Google went to Burning Man to find its next CEO; Brutal, Scary Lessons of Yahoo's Demise
Billionaire Investor Holds 10 Percent of His Life Savings in Bitcoin, Predicts Price to Hit $2,000; Will Blockchain Technology Be the U...
The Frager factor - 18 hr 2 min ago
How to Keep Your Personal Information Private When Registering Domain Names
When having our delicious Indian lunch in celebration of Don’s birthday on Friday, domain names found their way into the conversation (... - 18 hr 35 min ago
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