DomainSherpa Review – Mar 27:,,,,…
What do successful domain name investors think when they value domain names? In this show: • We learn what the Sherpas bought or sold recently:,, portfolio • An investor’’s portfolio is appraised:,,, • Get your bids in soon for, ... - 11 hr 15 min ago
If You’re Not Paying for It, You’re the Product
Control your own leads and For-Sale landing pages at a safe and confidential sales platform where your data is your data only. Efty increases leads, sales and revenue, and makes organizing and managing a domain name portfolio easy. Become a better investor with Efty. - 10 hr 3 min ago
King Souq .com UDRP now relevant, as Complainant gets $800 million dollar windfall
The recent UDRP against now makes sense, as the Complainant,, has received a sizable acquisition offer. DubaiR... - 1 hr 16 min ago Changes Hands for $406,000 in 2017's 3rd Biggest Domain Sale to Date
Dubai based broker Sharjil Saleem has closed the 3rd biggest domain sale reported so far this year....
DNJournal - 2 hr 12 min ago
The Internet of Things – DNW Podcast #129
How will the Internet of Things impact domain names? This week I talk with my wife and Internet of Things expert Stacey Higginbotham ab...
Domain Name Wire - 2 hr 46 min ago
Domain name appraisal: Are yours valuable?
Mike Mann’s crowdpricing domain appraisal system will have 4 appraisers
Mike Mann shared some details on how the upcoming appraisal system will work. He calls it a “crowdpricing domain... - 3 hr 0 min ago
A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on March 26, 2017.  If there is an as... - 3 hr 9 min ago
Marlboro + Marijuana domain = UDRP
Marijuana domains attract many domain investors, and there is substantial evidence that mainstream tobacco companies will be 420-friend... - 3 hr 16 min ago
Domain name appraisal: Are yours valuable?
Radix Announces Largest Domain Name Sale With
Radix, the portfolio registry behind 9+ popular new domain extensions, announced the sale of to an anonymous buyer for $ ... - 3 hr 51 min ago
10 Things That Will NEVER Change In Sales; Branding is Commerce. Commerce is Branding.
Apple’s App Store Gets a Makeover; SoftBank Drops $100 Million Investment in iPhone Rival; How auto dealers can use GPS and "starter in...
The Frager factor - 4 hr 16 min ago
Sophomore Jinx ?
Dominic Belley who I interviewed last year around this same time, detailed his second year in the business with a post on Namepros. Dom...
The Domains - 4 hr 22 min ago
Domain name appraisal: Are yours valuable?
Registered in 1996, is Subject of UDRP
I saw an interesting UDRP filing I want to share with you. A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization involving F... - 4 hr 55 min ago
Does a Trigger-Happy Industry Deserve Good Leaders?
Over the years, I’ve seen beginners get scammed time and time again. By people who sell them dreams, by registries which release ...
Domaining Tips - 5 hr 6 min ago
$84k in Sales on March 26th – sold for $5,900 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $5,900 at DropCatch. NameBio recorded 141 sales for a total of $84,404 with an avera... - 5 hr 31 min ago
Domain name appraisal: Are yours valuable?
Choosing a domain, building subscribers, and SEO
I like to read.  I read blogs and news feeds, but I really enjoy reading books.  I like to learn new things and get new perspectives or... - 6 hr 13 min ago
Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday March 27th
  I talked the other day about ending our relationship with Flippa due to lack of communication from the company. Since that a fe... - 7 hr 31 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 3-27-17
Daily Domain Picks 3-27-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 3-27-17 Powered by A wide variety today, 3L names in net, o... - 8 hr 17 min ago
Domain name appraisal: Are yours valuable?

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