VipDomains.LA Grand Opening With 2000 Premium Names - Pre-Launch Open House
If you live or do business in LA you want the best, and we have the best VIP, Reserved and Premium .LA Domain names in one store, searchable by price or subject. See names like Tech.LA, Pools.LA, JumboMortgages.LA and over 400 First and Last Names in the Vanity Section, plus 200 Dictionary Words, Finance and Insurance, Real Estate an...
For Sale - 6 hr 10 min ago
Greenberg & Lieberman acquires EscrowHill online escrow application
Domain escrow veteran, Andee Hill, announced that her company, Escrow Hill Limited has moved forward with some corporate changes. In particular, Escrow Hill Limited and have announced that the law firm of Greenberg & Lieberman has acquired their online escrow application. Andee Hill stated to DomainGang: “I a... - 6 min ago
Flippa Recap: for $112,000 (website),,,, More
Some Domains That Sold @ $17,566 (Domain Holdings Exclusive) @ $9,750 (Domain Holdings Exclusive) @ $6,000 (via Flippa Portfolio Section) // [Confirmation Pending] @ $5,500 (via Buy It Now) // [Confirmation Pending] @ $5,000 (Editors’ Choice via Post-Auction Negotiation) TopT... - 1 hr 9 min ago
Weekly Domain Brokerage Listings – 7/1
There are quite a few domain broker submitted listings this week. Domain names were submitted by brokers from Outcome Brokerage, Sedo, Domain Holdings,, and Media Options. If any of the domain names are of interest to you, contact the broker directly. Visitors are permitted to list one of their own domain names for sale i... - 1 hr 52 min ago
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DomainX 2015 Conference
Hello and Assalamo Alaikum, It’s the second annual DomainX Conference 2015 coming up this year which will take place from 7-8th August in Banglore, India at The Taj West End, voted as the number one business hotel in India & number two in the world by the Conde Nast Traveller UK. There will be some key […] Related pos... - 5 hr 8 min ago in Escrow at Sedo
I learned that has been sold via Sedo. The domain name registrant is currently listed as Sedo, and the registrant email address is the one the company uses for its domain brokerage escrow service. The price for the domain name is not going to be shared due to a non-disclosure agreement. The seller of the domain name is a dom... - 5 hr 59 min ago Lawsuit: company demands domain name over copyright and trademark claims
Company demands ownership of to settle claims of trademark and copyright infringement. is one of the most valuable and storied domain names of all time. A battle over its ownership has resulted in multiple lawsuits, a fugitive hunt and millions of dollars in transactions. The domain name most recently sold for $13 mil...
Domain Name Wire - 6 hr 37 min ago
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Fox Buys Fox.Today For $12,500 & 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Buys Flowers.Today For $12,500
The New gTLD domain name sales report is back. Courtesy of Sold.Domains that now has more than 500 secondary market sales in its database. Donuts is releasing during the summer thousands of previously reserves domain names because of ICANN collisions. … Continue reading → - 6 hr 38 min ago
You might be surprised how many new gTLDs have changed hands already
At least 86 new gTLD registry contracts have changed hands since the end of 2013, I have discovered. ICANN calls the transfer of a Registry Agreement from one company to another an “assignment”. Global Domains Division staff said in Buenos Aires last week that it’s one of the more complex and time-consuming tasks th... - 6 hr 56 min ago Starts Selling Premium .Science, .Party and .Cricket Domains Starting At $230 just send out an email announcing they are starting to sell the premium domain names of three Famous Four Domain extension .Science, .Party and .Cricket. These are domain name reserved by the registry and were not available for registration. There are several price points for the premium domains: $230 $575 $1,150 $2,875 ...
The Domains - 7 hr 5 min ago
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Lawsuit filed over stolen numeric domain
An “in rem” lawsuit has been filed in Virginia to recover the domain name, alleging that it was stolen in December 2014. The lawsuit, details of which were uncovered by domain investor George Kirikos, is filed against the property itself. According to Wikipedia: “In rem jurisdiction (Latin, “power abou... - 7 hr 34 min ago
How To Get From Cost Savings To Business Value; Sorry It's Over (.com) Offers on-Demand Breakups
When To Cut Your Losses On An Online Marketing Campaign; Clickbait alert: These are the words people can’t resist in a headline; How Companies and SEOs are Winning With New TLDs; The “Paperless” Workplace. Not as Green as You Think?’s ‘Made in the USA’ claims lead to fireworks; Five Ways To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile; Th...
The Frager factor - 7 hr 47 min ago for $89,000 and 18 other end user domain name sales
Company buys for new product line. Sedo’s top public end user sale for the past week was, which was purchased by a company changing its name and introducing a new product line called Filament Network. The company had some other notable end user sales, including an IOT domain name purchased by a company...
Domain Name Wire - 7 hr 49 min ago
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Plumber’s special : Two out of three NAF panelists root for RooterRooter in UDRP
If you ever ended up using the services of a plumbing company, you might be familiar with Roto-Rooter. The company has been around since the early half of the 20th century, providing plumbing services in America under the Roto-Rooter brand. Roto-Rooter is also a trademark, having been registered in 1954, or over 60 years ago, […... - 8 hr 51 min ago
Impact of Falling Chinese Stock Market on Domain Names
There is quite a bit of instability in the world markets right now. Outside of the US, one of the biggest markets for domain names during the past several years has been China. The Chinese stock market has grown at a tremendous rate, and similarly, the value of Chinese-favored domain names like short numeric and acronym .com domain n... - 9 hr 1 min ago
Go Daddy Auction Picks 7-1-15
Go Daddy Auction Picks 7-1-15 A couple decent on the list would be by favorite. is a public auction over $300, double letter to start, no vowels should be a fave among the Chinese buyers. we probably have some readers who fall under that category, pretty decent name for a designer […] - 9 hr 18 min ago
Need a domain broker? Click for the best ones! An Interesting UDRP
I noticed that an interesting UDRP was recently filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization for the domain name. It appears that the domain name is referencing a street address, 510 Pacific Ave. The UDRP is WIPO Case D2015-1105, and the complainant is listed as Lindeva Living Trust / Kim W. Lu Trustee. The... - 9 hr 26 min ago
Proposed Domain Name Rule Threatens Website Owner Anonymity - BuzzFeed News
BuzzFeed News Proposed Domain Name Rule Threatens Website Owner Anonymity BuzzFeed News The proposal would accomplish this by limiting the use of proxy registration, services that allow bloggers and site owners to keep their personal information private. ICANN rules currently require all domains to list contact information, but ...
Reporter - 9 hr 27 min ago
Sedo Introduces Domain Name “Owner Self-Verification”
Sedo announced today that they launched a new feature  today. With the new domain name Ownership Self-Verification, the ownership status of your domains won’t have to be checked manually anymore. This way they have eliminated the risk of domains being … Continue reading → - 9 hr 30 min ago
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Khloe Kardashian Files UDRP TO Get The Domain Name
Khloe Kardashian has filed a UDRP TO Get her matching .Com Domain Name The actual complainant is listed as Khloe Kardashian; Khlomoney, Inc;  Whalerock Celebrity Subscription, LLC. The domain name was registered back in 2007. The domain registered under privacy at The last time the domain ...
The Domains - 9 hr 49 min ago
Khloe Kardashian demands her .com domain name
Better late than never, a Kardashian files request for her .com domain name. Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star and sister of Kim Kardashian, has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of, demanding that the domain name be turned over to her. The case was just filed with the World Intellectual Property ...
Domain Name Wire - 10 hr 17 min ago
Bulgaria looking for an IDN registry operator
The Bulgarian government is looking for a company to run the registry for its recently awarded .бг internationalized domain name. .бг is the Cyrillic equivalent of .bg, the nation’s existing ccTLD. After a tortuous battle through ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track process — where it was repeatedly rejected for looking too... - 10 hr 31 min ago
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CentralNic sells $1 million domain name portfolio
CentralNic sells more domain names from its domain trading business. CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) announced today that it has sold a group of domain names for US $1 million, to be paid over the coming months. The sale comes from CentralNic’s portfolio of over 20,000 domain names. The company started buying and selling domain names in...
Domain Name Wire - 10 hr 32 min ago
CentralNic Sells $1 Million Dollars In "Domains" Was It
CentralNic stated they have sold a premium domain name that is very likely
The Domains - 10 hr 42 min ago
DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
They usually say that nothing happens in the summer in the domain and stock market.  So much for that.  Was a volatile month for both and volatility means profit…….for some.  I purchased as much as I’ve purchased in years.  I also sold a bit more than normal.  And my sites hit their peak income levels because now is... - 11 hr 41 min ago
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Cisco Systems, Inc. To Acquire OpenDNS To Expand Its Network Security ... - Bidness ETC
Bidness ETC Cisco Systems, Inc. To Acquire OpenDNS To Expand Its Network Security ... Bidness ETC OpenDNS, founded in 2006, has a huge network of domain name servers that grab traffic from websites, competing with the web servers provided by various Internet service providers and telecom companies. OpenDNS offers a unique differentia...
Reporter - 12 hr 7 min ago

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