Greatest Benefits of New gTLDs is PR, Temporary “Buzz Factor” “Link Equity”
NEW YORK, NY – A long time ago, say, 8-10 years ago, to effectively market a website on the Internet you needed to know how to do some very basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you needed to acquire lots of inbound links to your site – from just about anywhere you could find them, […] - 7 hr 45 min ago
Cryptocurrency lovers : Time to move to for your news
Do you love Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? There’s a new aggregator in town, The brainchild of French domain investor and entrepreneur, Francois Carrillo, aggregates news and information about Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrencies du jour. Francois has just rebranded his service from the domain Bitko... - 4 hr 21 min ago
Advertising firm thinks is cybersquatting
Company files UDRP against common term. You can’t make this stuff up. A marketing firm that helps people target new parents under...
Domain Name Wire - 2 hr 26 min ago
5 Steps to More Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns; Sling TV extends cloud DVR to iOS devices
Video Killed The TV Star; Mobile Marketing Strategy: Essential Guidelines To Drive Mobile Conversions; Reddit Looks to Lure Advertisers...
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Click for FREE domain appraisals... UDRP : Case added to Hall Of Shame for RDNH activity
Rick Schwartz has followed up on his promise to add Danish company, Knud Jepsen A/S, on In a monumental case involving... - 5 hr 29 min ago : 18 year old domain lost via the UDRP process, a domain registered in 1999, has been taken away from its registrant via the UDRP process. The Complainant is Outdoorsy,... - 5 hr 57 min ago
$153k in Sales on June 23rd – sold for $16,000 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $16,000 at Sedo. NameBio recorded 231 sales for a total of $153,134 with an avera... - 6 hr 14 min ago
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I didn’t realize that people still go bowling until the other day when I took my daughter. We decided to go for something to do ... - 8 hr 38 min ago
Daily Domain Picks 6-24-17
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157 Domain Discoveries for June 24th
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trains – Trainer Locations and More .COM and Other Extensions 275+ Items Reg Fee Opps
Exclusive Research List by You Won’t See These Domains Anywhere Else We found more than 200+ Items Available Now Re... - 18 hr 48 min ago
I need a broker Broker for a few single word ccTLDs
Today: The floor value of 4 letter alphanumerical .com domains / Just laid off – thinking about selling names for a living / 13 I... - 19 hr 5 min ago
Uniregistry Market : Android app updated to version 2.3 – What’s new
Uniregistry has updated its Market app, bringing the Android version to 2.3. The application allows domain investors and registrants to... - 20 hr 38 min ago
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Here is how high reserves can help You and the Market
As you all know, Chinese domains have shed more than 50% of its value from its peak. How would you tackle this situation? You have thes...
DN.Domains - 20 hr 49 min ago
Do you do any affiliate marketing?
I had a reader ask me a question that I don’t think I know the answer to anymore. They asked me if a lot of domain investors also...
The Domains - 21 hr 13 min ago
The Untapped Online Marketing Asset You Might Not Be Aware of
Introduction What if I told you that there is a marketing asset, at your disposal, which can increase your business, in many cases for ... - 21 hr 33 min ago
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One Spot Remaining!
Our 2017 Pan-Mass Challenge jersey is almost ready! We need support from one additional domain industry sponsor, and John Berryhill and... - 21 hr 35 min ago
Top Topics: I Know How Much You Paid; Showcase Your Crypto Names...
Last week, we brought you the news that James Booth sold the three-letter domain to a Marksmen client. Yesterday, Jamie Zoch (@... - 21 hr 56 min ago
Top 100 “Hosting” and “Host” Related Domain Names Sold Over Last 5 Years
NEW YORK, NY – Have a domain name with the word “hosting” or “host” within it? Maybe its worth something, or maybe it isn’t... - 22 hr 4 min ago
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Second Day In A Row Trump Administration Again Stifling And Screwing Around With The Media - Deer...
Second Day In A Row Trump Administration Again Stifling And Screwing Around With The Media Deerfield News (press release) (blog) Howard...
Internet News - 22 hr 9 min ago
Breaking: Richard Dynas of Dynas Domains Sells for $150,000 to Milo Yiannopoulos
Not many of you know Richard Dynas but you will after his $150,000 sale of   A name I told him would be difficult to sell b... - 22 hr 36 min ago
20 Older >> $5,000
♻.net $1,116 $1,100
MMAFIGHT.IN $6,365 $750 $20 $150 $750 $50 $1,500