Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why Mailchimp Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017; Groupon shares soar after big quarter; Now sites can fingerprint you onl...
The Frager factor - 23 hr 9 min ago
gTLDs: The luck of the .IRISH - Lexology (registration)
gTLDs: The luck of the .IRISH Lexology (registration) The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched the appl...
Reporter - 23 hr 10 min ago
GoDaddy Partners with WP Elevation and OSTraining to Provide Free WordPress Education Resources
Web Developers & Designers Have Immediate Access to New Educational Content NEWS PROVIDED BY GoDaddy Inc. Feb 23, 2017, 09:00 ET SC... - 23 hr 29 min ago, the domain name appraisal service.
Marlboro maker wants another marijuana domain name
Company claims owner of is cybersquatting. Philip Morris USA Inc., an Altria company that makes Marlboro cigarettes, h...
Domain Name Wire - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 9:59, a domain with a long history, might have just sold
Domain name was deleted in 2013 and registered again in 2015. is an extremely valuable two letter domain name. It’s not ju...
Domain Name Wire - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 9:36
Do LLLL.coms Have End User Potential? prices have skyrocketed from late 2015 to early 2016, then fell as of that point and have pretty much stagnated since. The pri...
Domaining Tips - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 9:22, the domain name appraisal service.
$196k in Sales on February 22nd – sold for $32,100 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $32,100 at NameJet. NameBio recorded 295 sales for a total of $195,671 with an avera... - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 8:45
Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday February 23rd
  A few pretty good names today.  The first names of our auction close today and just wanted to say thank you for all the support... - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 6:14
Daily Domain Picks 2-23-17
Daily Domain Picks 2-23-17   Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-23-17 Powered by email marketing is a pret... - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 6:4, the domain name appraisal service.
162 Domain Discoveries for February 23rd
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 5:54
Chinese Market Daily Report on 02-23-2017
DOMAIN SALES was auctioned for ¥240,000 CNY (approximately $34,833 USD), but didn’t meet it’s reserve price. was auct... - Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 4:50

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Don’t be afraid to drop some domains, just make sure to do this one thing when you do
This might end up being my shortest blog post of the year, at the same time it emphasizes one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned... - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 22:56, the domain name appraisal service.
Get em While they Last! NP’er NameClerk Serving up (free) Available .com Lists
I subscribe to several types of threads on NamePros forum and one of them has become quite active in the last few weeks.  Bill E, of Na... - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 20:12 pattern – Average values
Today: Registrars available disagreement / Why are some domainers still considering Estibot Appraisal? / Do everybody a favor: Report w... - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 19:59
Another Short .Com Tops This Week's Domain Sales Chart But This One is Different
We are used to seeing short .com domains at the top of our weekly sales chart but the one that hit #1 this week is out of the ordinary....
DNJournal - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 19:44, the domain name appraisal service.

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