Friday, May 18, 2018

Daily Poll: Have You Used a Domain Industry Lawyer?
There are quite a few exceptional domain name lawyers who assist domain owners with a variety of needs – from contracts to disput... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 10:5
165 Domain Discoveries for May 18th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 8:55
Registrars want six-month stay on new Whois policy
Registrars represented the majority of the gTLD industry want ICANN to withhold the ban hammer for six months on its new temporary Whoi... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 8:44 co-owner Sahar Sarid arrested over extortion charges co-owner Sahar Sarid was arrested on Wednesday over extortion, money laundering, and identity theft charges. His bail was ... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 8:25
$187k in Sales on May 17th – sold for $16,100 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $16,100 at NameJet. NameBio recorded 283 sales for a total of $187,213 with an aver... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 7:55
Lauded domainer arrested over $2.4 million “extortion”
Noted domain investor Sahar Sarid is among four men charged in California yesterday with an alleged extortion scam related to the web s... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 7:54
Domainers not welcome in this Whois database
Inquiries from domain investors are specifically barred under one registry’s take on GDPR compliance. The Austrian ccTLD registry... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 7:17 Co-Owner Sahar Sarid Arrested on Extortion and Money Laundering Charges
Sahar Sarid, a well-known figure in the domain industry for many years, has been arrested on charges of extortion, money laundering and...
DNJournal - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 7:11
ICANN approves messy, unfinished Whois policy
With a week left on the GDPR compliance clock, ICANN has formally approved a new Whois policy that will hit all gTLD registries and reg... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 6:48
Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Friday May 18th , 2018
 You ever wonder who is the world registered all those type names that are dropping?  There’s not just one every ... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 6:12
.Top shares over $3million in sales data with Namebio
I saw a tweet from Namebio tonight that .top shared over $3million in sales data. I have not had a chance to go through it all yet. App...
The Domains - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 4:26
Daily Domain Picks 5-18-18
Daily Domain Picks 5-18-18 Top sales/closes from yesterday: 16,100 USD 2018-05-17 NameJet 13,250 USD 2018-05-17 GoDad... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 4:6
#GoDaddy : Latest #domain rebranding drops the face
GoDaddy delivered its latest domain rebranding, tossing out its old stylized logo for a new one. Gone is the smiling geek face, along w... - Friday, May 18, 2018 - 0:1

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The fastest domain flips from acquisition to resale
Today: Selling domains without a bank account / When your domain name is also a slogan / Senate Barely Passes Resolution to Restore Net...
Domaining Tips - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 22:42
Pair of 3-Letter .Com Sales Totaling Nearly Half a Million Dollars Top This Week's Chart
After being away on vacation last week I have a double dose of sales data for you this time out, led by two 3-letter .com blockbusters....
DNJournal - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 22:2
.App domains can now be listed at Sedo
One of the problems with .app domains is the https requirement and some websites would not list them. Sedo has now updated their offeri...
The Domains - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 18:43
If you are looking to sell your 3L.coms cheap this guy will help
From the get your comedy at Namepros instead of or file, there is a domains wanted thread that you wou... - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 18:31
Sahar Sarid arrested on charges related to
California AG files criminal charges against Sarid and three other people it says were behind extortion scheme. The alleged owners of M...
Domain Name Wire - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 16:31
Now is the time to join ICA
There’s a lot worth fighting for in 2018. This year is going to be an important one for the domain name industry and domain inves...
Domain Name Wire - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 15:4
Mike Mann sells 11 domains in April for $247,364 (BetterFuture .com, TotalDesign .com, etc.)
Mike Mann reported selling 11 domain names in April for a total of $247,364. Prices started at $4,200 and went up to $65,000. All 11 of... - Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 14:3
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