Five lessons I’ve investing in .IO domains for the last five years
I just looked back on when I bought my first .IO domain and I’m pretty sure my first .IO investment took place on March 2nd, 2015... - 5 hr 43 min ago
Efty made two big moves this week that I’m really excited about
One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Efty is their commitment to innovation. Since I started using the service years a... - 20 hr 44 min ago
Will sell for more than $10,000 on
I remember the good old days when buying .IO domains on meant shelling out $99 and competing in auctions against thin air. Back... - Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 0:50
Google’s new update is freaking out SEOs, what will it mean for your site?
Well look what happens when I unplug for four days in the wilderness, I come back and Google seems to have changed the Internet. Great.... - Monday, August 10, 2020 - 22:23
Don’t forget, you can buy expired domains without battling in an auction
I think we’ve all seen prices for expired domains skyrocket at Go Daddy Auctions lately. Rewind ten years ago and there were good... - Friday, August 7, 2020 - 11:23
There is no room for hate in this industry – this tweet should be deleted and an apology issued
Yesterday a very disturbing tweet was sent from someone within the domain industry. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the threa... - Thursday, August 6, 2020 - 13:2
I’ve decided to take Afternic landing pages for a spin
Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different solutions for putting “For Sale” landers on my domain names. To-date, Ef... - Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - 23:31
You might know about, but did you know just raised $66M?
There has been a lot of buzz here in the US about a new email service, started by Jason Fried and the team behind Basecamp. I&#... - Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 19:8
Why did this Crypto-related domain name sell for so much more than the last 100?
Last week I was pretty surprised to see that an auction I was following on Go Daddy Auctions, CryptoCustody(.)com sold for a whopping $... - Monday, August 3, 2020 - 23:34
You’ll never guess what Adam Strong flipped before domain names
Adam Strong is one of the domain investors I heard about very early into my journey in domain name investing. If you haven’t hear... - Sunday, August 2, 2020 - 20:58
What if I wrote about my stock investing adventures once a week?
For the last thirteen years I’ve been writing almost exclusively about domain names. There’s a good reason for that, the va... - Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 21:7
From $7,500 to $550,000 – how John Chen pulled off the ultimate flip on Flippa
I’ve always been fascinated by people that buy websites/online businesses on sites like Flippa, apply some serious magic, and fli... - Friday, July 31, 2020 - 11:58
Getting started with the Go Daddy API: Part 1 – Creating an API Key
I’ve been starting to play around with Go Daddy’s API using my go-to programming language, Python. If you don’t know ... - Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 11:9
The world’s first domain flipping competition kicks off in three days, are you in?
A couple of weeks ago I announced what I think might just be the world’s first domain flipping competition. I happened to announc... - Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 0:28
Do you use any metrics to buy expired domains or is your gut all you need?
There are two schools of thought in the domain investing world – one says, using metrics and data you can find investment grade d... - Monday, July 27, 2020 - 22:20

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