Sold: HeadstonesDirect com $10k
Today: sold for $12,250 / Buying 4L .com – Budget: Up to $500.00 / GENESIS.XYZ SOLD 21,399 / and more… Here are the ne... - 49 min ago
NameJet and SnapNames combine for $495k in sales and top the charts. Newfold Digital’s domain name aftermarkets NameJet and SnapNames combined for...
Domain Name Wire - 5 hr 51 min ago
This Domain Name is Subject to Repricing
When I am discussing the sale of a domain name with a prospective buyer, I let them know that the domain name is subject to repricing. ... - 7 hr 11 min ago
Should domain companies worry about this #trademark?
Domain companies form the domain industry where domain name investors, also known as “domainers” operate. There are hundreds of domain ... - 7 hr 37 min ago
DomainSherpa Digital Fortune – April 12, 2021: Fire In The Booth
Josh Reason is a successful domain investor and entrepreneur with an fantastic podcast on domain names and digital entrepreneurship - D... - 7 hr 51 min ago
More domain investing competition w/ Braden Pollock – DNW Podcast #333
How increasing competition is changing domain investing dynamics. Domain auction prices are going through the roof. What does this mean...

Domain Name Wire - 9 hr 47 min ago
Exclusive interview with Michael Castello on the launch of
I originally met Michael over a decade ago, at that point in time I just knew him as this legendary figure who owned some of the world&... - 9 hr 54 min ago
A look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the domain auction list posted on April 11, 2021. If there is an asterisk&... - 9 hr 58 min ago
Highly Unlikely to Attend an In-Person Event in 2021
Traveling has been the thing I have missed most during the last year or so. Just a couple of weeks after a trip to Costa Rica last year... - 10 hr 7 min ago
Ahead of GoDaddy acquisition, MMX to scrap premium fees on 725,000 domains
MMX plans to remove hundreds of thousands of domains from its premium list later this month, and reduce prices on a hundred thousand mo... - 10 hr 7 min ago
#Domains and trademarks: Fry’s files for, finally
Fry’s Electronics has done it, finally, filing for the registration of the mark FRYS.COM. The trademark application with the USPT... - 10 hr 20 min ago
Norwegian blonde taunts you about the parked #domain
Did you search for a domain name and it wasn’t available? Worse still, is that domain parked with a Norwegian registrar such as W... - 10 hr 54 min ago
This domain investor has rocked it with .XYZ
Swetha Yenugula has built a name for herself with .xyz domain names. Domain name investor Swetha Yenugula has found success in an area ...
Domain Name Wire - 11 hr 37 min ago
180 Domain Discoveries for April 12th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you... - 12 hr 22 min ago
Who Bought Them? 5 more Domains Off The Market...
Another 5 x Domain Names that have been acquired by Waitley Consulting, Rental Beast, WebsiteBoston, ThinkCEO, Employee Management Solu... - 13 hr 14 min ago
$258k in Sales on April 11th – sold for $21,399 – Daily Market Report
The top sale of the day was which sold for $21,399 at SquadHelp. NameBio recorded 393 sales $100+ for a total of $223,400 w... - 13 hr 22 min ago
From High Volume to High Quality Domain Investing with Roman Edmond
Domain investors often share and agree the buying domains is the easiest part of domaining. What’s the most challenging task that’s nea... - 13 hr 27 min ago
Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Monday, April 12th, 2021
I don’t think I’ve ever seen an economy like this. The growth acceleration is so fast and so strong, the infrastructure can... - 14 hr 22 min ago
ICANN threatens to seize gTLD after Whois downtime
Are we about to see our next gTLD registry implosion? ICANN has whacked the company behind .gdn with a breach notice and a threat that ... - 14 hr 50 min ago
Did Clubhouse Just Acquire
It’s amazing to consider that Clubhouse, the audio-based social network, has been operating for less than a year. Clubhouse has a... - 15 hr 27 min ago
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