Domain Name Sales 2015-2019: Part 2 Average Prices
Over the past five years the average price for domain name sales listed in the NameBio database is about $1473, compared to $1306 for y... - Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - 16:0
Top Topics: What's Your Opinion on the GoDaddy Logo?; Is This the 3L .COM Market Bottom?...
In this week's Top Topics, there is intense debate about GoDaddy's new logo, and we discover what domain investors learned in 2019. E... - Sunday, January 19, 2020 - 14:18
Domain Name Sales 2015-2019: Part 1 Volume
In recent years the total domain name sales volume reported in the NameBio database has ranged from just under $110 million in 2018, to... - Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 14:52
Top Topics: Sold for $2.68 Million; Are You Attending NamesCon 2020?...
If you are looking to bid on any domain names that are being auctioned off in the NamesCon 2020 auction event, DomainSherpa has compile... - Sunday, January 12, 2020 - 16:54
Domain Investing by the Numbers
A year-end domain portfolio sales analysis can help inform possible changes to implement. In this article, I consider numerical measure... - Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 16:16
Top Topics: A $16,000 Declined Offer; How to Register Good Domain Names...
In the first Top Topics of the new decade, we feature a discussion in which domain investors are asked to share the offers they have re... - Sunday, January 5, 2020 - 11:54
Domain Investing Predictions for 2020: 25 Perspectives
I contacted a number of prominent domain industry people to ask what they saw for the year ahead. I suggested ten questions, ranging fr... - Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 14:55
Top Topics: I Sold a $37 for $25,000; Your Predictions for 2020...
Last week, we brought you news of the likely sale. At the time, we had no official verification of the sale, but thanks to ... - Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 8:3
Eleven Great NamePros Topics from 2019
So much happens every year on NamePros that it is possible to overlook noteworthy content. In this post I draw attention to eleven topi... - Thursday, December 26, 2019 - 11:34
Top Topics: Did National Gun Trader Rebrand to; Things New Domainers Should Consider...
A tweet from Shane Cultra (@Domain Shane) prompted me to look into a possibly monumental domain sale. Earlier this year, Lumis was brok... - Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 7:10
New Extension Domains Reach 30 Million Registrations
In early December new extension domains reached the 30 million registration point according to nTLD statistics. The previous high of ab... - Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 12:22
Top Topics: From a $3,000 to a $26,000 Sale; What's the Best Pricing Strategy?...
In this week's Top Topics, an investor shares their story of negotiating their way from a $3,000 offer to a $26,000 sales price. Elsew... - Sunday, December 15, 2019 - 13:48
Premium Two-Word .COM Domain Sales in 2019
It is not surprising that single words and short acronyms attract most of the attention at the high end of the domain name sales news. ... - Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 13:42
Top Topics: The Sale; Did I Sell Too Cheap?...
In this week's Top Topics, the sale of is announced. Yesterday on Twitter, I posted some information about another domain sa... - Sunday, December 8, 2019 - 8:4
A Look at Domain Name Twins
Memorable domain names have great value. Among the domain names that are most easily remembered are situations where the name and exten... - Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 15:48

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