Day 6 – Take stock of your inventory
Week 2 and going strong on 21 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer. Today you’re going to want to pull up a list of all your domain names... - 12 hr 4 min ago
Day 5 – Reach out to 3 domainers / bloggers you respect
Day 5 – 21 days to becoming a better domainer You’ve been busy. See what you have already accomplished in just 4 days? Even you’r... - Friday, January 19, 2018 - 6:59
Day 4 – Keep a journal or notes on what you are learning
If you’re still hanging in there with me, we’re on day 4 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer. Today’s focus is t... - Thursday, January 18, 2018 - 7:0, the domain name appraisal service.
Day 3 – Join a domain message forum
We’re into day 3 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer and just building on the foundation we already started. Again, this isn... - Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 7:1
Day 2 – Comment on 3 blogs you haven’t commented on before
Welcome to day 2 of 21 days to becoming a better domainer. Nobody said this was going to be difficult. In fact, the steps are easy, act... - Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 7:2
Day 1 – Read Daily
Alright, really?  We’re going to start out day 1 0f 21 Days to Becoming a Better Domainer with the most obvious tip of all?  The ... - Monday, January 15, 2018 - 7:0, the domain name appraisal service.
21 days to becoming a better domainer
 When I started in the domain name industry, I knew no other domainers.  None.  I had no idea what I was doing or where to turn for ans... - Friday, January 12, 2018 - 16:21
NamesCon 2018 – FREE
As you’ve likely seen on other domain blogs such as Konstantinos’ and Kevin’s post today on DomainIn... - Friday, January 5, 2018 - 17:35
This is the season to beware of scammers
What a great time of year. Kids are all looking forward the gift giving season and getting a couple of weeks off of school.  Parents ar... - Saturday, December 9, 2017 - 21:52, the domain name appraisal service.
5 Available Hand Regs Valued at over $500 Each – Can you Flip These Domain Names?
This post isn’t going to make you rich, but it demonstrates that there are still opportunities even if you are just entering the ... - Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 9:55
With 3 Million Monthly Page Views, Finder is a Keeper
As an author, blogger, award-winning digital marketer, media commentator, mentor and active member of the startup community, Fred Scheb... - Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 8:0
The Domain Sales Email that Caught my Eye
My email inbox certainly could have gone without seeing this email come through and still lived a clean and happy life.  But life isn&#... - Friday, August 25, 2017 - 9:16, the domain name appraisal service.
Is this the future of domain names?
James Stevens was born in Singapore, the son of a military chaplain. Educated at boarding school in England, James (who had always exce... - Monday, June 12, 2017 - 7:20
Passion and Grit over Profit
Ethan Schmidt is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of, a new online community dedicated to fitness. On GymBull, gyms... - Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 11:25
Domain Emails – Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Last week, I talked a bit about domain sales emails and I promised to tell you two ways to get past the gatekeeper when sending to end ... - Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 7:30, the domain name appraisal service.

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