Domain tools
DomainTools offers the most comprehensive searchable database of domain name registration (Whois) and hosting data, across new and old gTLDs and ccTLDs. Combined with their other data sites such as, and, users of can review millions of historical domain name records from basic Whois and DNS information, to homepage images and email settings. The Company's comprehensive snapshots of past and present domain name registration, ownership and usage data, in addition to powerful research and monitoring resources, help customers by unlocking everything there is to know about a domain name.
It's the best tool to query the zone files. Search for example what domains are already registered starting or ending by a specifi term. A good tool to can find potential buyers for your domains. is a tool for domain investors that search large domain names lists. You can spend hours in a day looking for the best domains in those lists and time is money. Until now, there was no service that allowed YOU to input your own database (domain list) and use a search tool on that list to find what you are looking for in that list! allows you to input by copy/paste or load a file you have saved, then search the list with the tools provided. Using the Quick Search will yeild some of the most popular and best domains. You can also you the Basic Search and seperate the lists by keyword, length, extension, with or without numbers or hyphens etc. is a tool that simplifies the process of selling your domains. With the domain portfolio script of you get access to a professional domain portfolio management solution. Some of the features are unlimited categories and domain listings, bulk domain upload, auto email follow-up, standard IDN domain name support, Paypal payment integration, Adsense and other revenue possibilities, state of the art content management tools and so much more. is the fast, accurate, and secure whois service for domainers by domainers. We offer 128 SSL encrypted whois lookups, a variety of domain name sorting and modification tools, and easy access to domain name data from Compete, Estibot, Google, SEMRush, Alexa, and more. We deliver live results so that you can track changes of ownership and your own whois updates in real time. iWhois is built on trust, we do not monitor searched domains and log files are emptied every day. That means only you know the names you’re interested in. Use with confidence for your domain name whois.
We help companies protect their intellectual property including domain names and trademarks. is one of the best sites for domain investors. You can watch trading activity and transaction price (including auction, fixed price, backorder price and more). A Whois Lookup service that recognizes E-mail as many others information items. A Whois Reverse Lookup, Whois history, a domain buying guide, domain news, articles, ...
Google Keyword Planner
To find new keyword and ad group ideas, use Keyword Planner just like you would the Keyword Tool. You can search for ideas related to a keyword, your website, or a category. A new feature in Keyword Planner also allows you to ‘multiply’ keywords, or combine two or more keyword lists to generate new keywords. Unlike Keyword Tool, where you were only able to target countries, you'll now be able to target individual cities and regions within a country. Also, for each keyword idea you'll only get statistics that are specific to that exact term. To decide what keyword match type to use, you'll have to add the keyword to your plan and look at performance estimates for each match type.