Meet your perfect match this Valentine’s Day with our #WebsiteWednesday: – Namecheap customer Happy February, #GenXYZ! It’s a good thing we have a leap day this year, because this month has been jam-packed with excitement. With the Super Bowl, college football National Signing Day, and NBA All Star Weekend all in February, there is plenty to keep us entertained in the sports world...
Gen.XYZ - 7 hr 6 min ago
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Top 10 Trending Keywords in .COM & .NET Registrations in January (China Related Keywords Dominate...
The top 10 trending keywords registered in .COM and .NET during the month of January 2016 were published by Verisign. China related domain names dominate the .com list. "Smith" and "Lock" are the only common keywords in the 2 lists. … Continue reading → - 7 hr 9 min ago
Verisign’s Top Trending Keywords for January were dominated by China
Verisign released their top trending keywords for January. Chinese terms dominated the .com list while .net was led by inter, heart and beach. Jin, Fang,Yun,Bao and Rong were the top 5 keywords in .com. The keyword Smith was actually in both com and net. - 7 hr 24 min ago’s – Hold or Sell?
In the last few weeks I have been receiving a lot of inquiries on my’s domain names. I own about 15 of them. Most people are only interested in 6 of them which would be my Chinese Premium ones … Continue reading → - 7 hr 30 min ago
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Feel The Bern? Is For Sale W/ It’s 18K Visitors A Month: We Chat With The Owner
Yesterday Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic primary of the 2016 election beating Hillary Clinton by over 20%. What has become the rally phrase for Mr. Sanders supporters is “Feel the Bern”. I reached out to the owner of the domain name last night who confirmed the domain name was for sale, which was ...
The Domains - 7 hr 32 min ago
$140k in Sales on February 9th – sold for $10,087 – Daily Market Report
Sedo had the top two sales yesterday. The top sale of the day was which sold for $10,087. NameBio recorded 183 sales for a total of $140,463 with an average sale price of $768. Compared to the previous day there was a decrease of 21% in the number of sales but the total dollar amount increased by 20%. […] - 8 hr 21 min ago Introduces Referral Program and Curated Search
I want to share an update from that will likely be of interest to their customers. The company is bringing back its referral program that provides financial incentives for customers to get people they know to use products and services. I don’t have many names registered with, but the company offers a ... - 8 hr 51 min ago
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Donuts Partners With The MPAA To Reduce Online Piracy
Donuts and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) jointly announced an agreement to help ensure that websites using domains registered with Donuts are not engaged in large-scale piracy. Under the terms of the agreement, the MPAA will be treated … Continue reading → - 10 hr 50 min ago Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday, Feb 10th
I got one of the best gifts I’ve received in quite a while in the mail yesterday from   Yesterday was Fat Tuesday or the end of Mardi Gras as well as Directnic’s 15th anniversary.    One of the local traditions of Mardi Gras is the King Cake. A cinnamon bun tasting, circle of breadd with a plastic baby Jes... - 11 hr 48 min ago
325 + .COM Two Word Domains Keyword RICH and Some Shorties in .COM
Some Short Names and Lots of Two Word Domains didn’t take the time to type the capitals of the second words Contact: Come See the List… - 13 hr 18 min ago
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Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-10-16
Go Daddy Auction Picks 2-10-16 Powered by There are some good two word .coms and a few one word brandables on the list today. and are the two one word brandables I like the most. I think I may be in there on one or both of these auctions, I will be […] - 13 hr 44 min ago
Domain Discoveries for February 10th
Every day we scan more than one hundred thousand domains across all the major marketplaces and pending delete lists to find domains you can buy that have sold in the past. Sale history, like the age of a domain name, is a great proxy for quality to help the cream rise to the top. Today’s list has 101 domains for sale with histo... - 13 hr 45 min ago
How To Pick Two Word Domains
Two-word domain names are one of my favorite types of names. To me, the brand ability of a powerful two word .com is unparalleled. However, if you are going to invest in two-word domain names, you need to think it through first. There are key attributes that separate high end, two-word domain names from low-end pigeon manure. This is... - 15 hr 10 min ago
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Auction Recap, 9th of February 2016
The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 9th of February Auction Quick Recap I got this email today, The old university trick lol. Maybe that works with a random name but I doubt he has much success with liquid stuff. He says that he want’s to use the domain for his “pet project” There’s hundreds of... - 16 hr 31 min ago

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Give her inches or chocolate? Two Flippa domains for Valentine’s Day
For Valentine’s Day, she might appreciate one of these two fine gifts: inches, or chocolate. Many a domainer wife loves to receive those gifts, and you might drag your mind out of the gutter right now! 😀 We’re talking about two premium domain names, that for one reason or another, failed to sell at Flippa […] Copyr... - 19 hr 33 min ago
3 Interesting Auctions at NamePros
There are more and more daily posts popping up that focus on domain auctions.  Maybe the first and most consistent is Shane’s List of Auctions.  I read his post every morning along with my first cup of coffee.  Shane does a great job of researching and putting together relevant lists and then adding a bit of commentary... - 20 hr 24 min ago
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Happy 15th Birthday, Directnic!
It’s Mardi Gras today, and New Orleans-based domain registrar Directnic is also celebrating its 15th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, my friends at Directnic sent us a King Cake, Mardi Gras beads, crowns, and festive masks (which my daughter refuses to take off). Happy birthday, Directnic! Wishing you many more happy occasi... - 23 hr 1 min ago
Domain crime : has been stolen from eNom
The domain has been reported as stolen by its owner, who became aware of the theft today. According to our research, a cybercriminal unlawfully removed the domain from an eNom account, and transferred it to the Chinese domain registrar Ename. The theft of appears to have taken place in early December; the domain [&#... - 23 hr 21 min ago
I’ve included the running volume and dollars spent chart to highlight the pre Chinese New Year flurry of activity that quickly dissipated. FYI – I’ve got some requests that I would like to get to and a lot of enhancements / modifications that I would like to make to this data, but that will take some development tim... - 23 hr 56 min ago
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.Movie Registry Donuts Strengthens Film Industry Relationship With New Anti-Piracy Agreement
If you were paying attention to the Super Bowl ads in Sunday's big game you saw a new gTLD featured in one of the spots seen by the 3rd largest audience in TV history. The domain was a .movie name from Donuts who continues to build a solid relationship with the film industry.
DNJournal - Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 16:46

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