Domain parking
No one knows parking like us. For accounts optimized by, Rook Media is the number one parking provider by revenue in 2012. Having over 55 years of combined experiences at 4 different monetization providers, we know how to get the most out of your domains. Our lean structure allows us to pass on a much more aggressive share of your revenue than most parking companies, plus people love our customer support. Sign up today!
There are dozens of domainparking platforms out there. None of them really impressed the founders behind Having been part of the domain industry for a decade they decided to build their own platform. It specifically caters to a professional domainers needs: PPC feed with the highest coverage and clickprices worldwide, 2nd tier feeds and a broad direct advertiser base for adult and blocked traffic, highest revshares thanks to low overhead costs, clearly arranged frontend, transparent stats per domain, autooptimization of proven templates, custom template modification, API and multiple for-sale banners.
Park Logic has been established to provide professional domain owners with an advanced domain management and optimisation platform. ParkLogic approaches domains as valuable asset that need to be managed like any valuable security. To this end the ParkLogic platform has developed upon the architecture that is widely regarded as the most sophisticated and reliable development platform in the world and has currently been adopted by many of the Fortune 500 as the web services technology of choice.
Founded in 2005, Dopa is a domain parking service provider dedicated in global traffic monetization, especially the Chinese one. We monetize more than five million domains for our publisher partners and have more than 100 million unique visitors per month. Rich experience in domain parking makes us understand how to optimize and deliver maximum revenue for your domains. You are welcome to work with our goal -- an industry-leading provider of domain monetization.
DomainSponsor® is the pioneer and leader in monetizing direct navigation traffic on undeveloped domains, serving parked domain owners since 2002. It monetizes millions of third party domain names every month, plus over one million domain names owned by its parent company
How high will your RPMs increase by having parking companies and premium direct advertisers compete in real-time for your traffic? Switch to our name servers and find out. Our free AutoPilot technology will find the highest paying monetization channel for each domain visitor. You will be surprised to see which channels win your traffic on a domain by domain basis, and how high your RPMs will increase. Don’t forget, we are NOT a parking company. Visit our website to learn more about AutoPilot and our low cost Registrar and Marketplace.