Domain tools
DomainEye is a domain research platform operating a database of 300+ million active domain names, one of the largest in the world. If offers Reverse Whois, Reverse IP, Reverse NS, Reverse MX and keyword/trademark search in all domains. It works to merge all domain data with website data such as Analytics IDs, Adsense IDs, Affiliate program footprints, CMS, technology, design and finally - language, location, niche and content. All with custom combined search and contact data for outreach to the results. The parent company Tool.Domains operates also (a Whois checker), Seo.Domains (an SEO value expired domains provider), (a domains database shop).
Dofo is the place to search and find domain names. With Dofo, users can see 350 million registered domains, their whois data, sale status, statuses of other extensions, website status and more. Dofo lists 40 million domain names for sale on various marketplaces. Dofo users can filter all registered domains by price, sale type, extension, length, language, registration date and much more. With its registrar and extension pages, Dofo provides its users with detailed data about registrars and extensions. With custom lists created by Dofo Team, users can discover various niche of domain names. Check domain name availability, find a domain to buy and see all information on domain names on It's free!